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Monday, August 24, 2009

Canada- Winter/Summer Getaway!

June 20th- July 25th

I have decided not to write about my adventures in Canada during my semester break. I will dedicate this blog completely to my Aus adventure… and what ever foreign land I leave my footprints on. Canada is home, and therefore a whole book in itself.

Canada consisted of many things. Some highlights included surprising my Nieces on Kelsey’s 15th birthday. I dropped Justin off at work and continued to drive to Lamont where I met Kelsey and Julie on Mandy’s bus. I was talking with Mandy on my mobile walking towards the bus when they ran off and hugged me with tears in their eyes.

I also had the pleasure of getting to hang out with Julie quite a lot. This 10yr old escorted me to the Kenny Chesney- Taylor Swift concert where she told off a 24 yr old guy. He was cocky and deserved it, leaving him confused and silent. Young Julie also accompanied me to Capital X. It was Justin, Mark Kremzar, Julie and I. We ate caramel apples, climbed rock walls, had virgin margaritas, watched a horse race, went crazy on rides, and ate CORN DOGS!! Julie was also introduced to mini doughnuts which I am sad to admit, she is now addicted to. Thanks Kremzar!! We watched the boys play some games, and lose. Julie even turned out to be braver then I on the drop of fear! There are even pictures to prove it. Justin was shocked at how much I was screaming on the way up! Julie just laughed at me. We concluded the night by riding home in the car with all the windows down, blasting country music. We would pull up to other cars with their windows down, and the people would look at us and chuckle. All four of us were singing all the words- screaming all the words, all the way home! Then we played cards, Julie showing us that we are assholes- while she is president. Julie made us laugh at how good she was at drawing bumholes when we lost. The Julie fun didn’t end then. In the morning, we had a steam shower and went go carting! She had never been go carting before and loved it! She was let out first and was quite a bit ahead of me. I had to catch up. This wasn’t hard. What was hard was getting past all the cars that were held up by my mini race car driver! There were probably about 6 of them between us. I made my way to her and we raced along together. At one point she even hit the pile of tires on the side because she was looking at me! It was sad to take her back to Mark at the end of our fun.

I enjoyed a spontaneous Thursday night trip out to Jasper with my man, and all because he just had to go and buy this jacket he had seen there a while back. We had been in West Edmonton Mall shopping for a jacket, not able to find the perfect one, when he offered the idea. Instead of going home- 5 minutes away- Justin bought us clothes for the next day and off we went. We spent the night in a hotel and the next day walked in the town of Jasper. After doing a bit more shopping, buying a beach towel, shorts, jackets, and playing cards, we enjoyed some bud light limes on the balcony at Earls. Then we packed up and drove to a small beach on the side of the highway. We played cards, listened to music, ate spitz, and had some beer. Just so you know, I kicked his butt at rummy, as per usual! On the way home, we stopped here and there to explore and take pictures. We even went under the Pembina bridge which was super cool and scary! Very high up! We finished the night out at a friends parents place, swimming in the pool and playing cards.

I was able to visit the girls at work which was a treat. I was very excited to see everyone and tell them of our adventures. I showed them my smuggled products- roo poo excepted. I showed up bearing gifts of tiny koala’s and pictures. It was nice to see familiar faces and to be in my former place of work. I do miss my job. Unit 42 is kick ass! Pegasus and I are enjoying Aus- but cannot wait to come back and pick up where we left off- with some minor changes.

The Saskatchewan camping trip was poorly planned but ended up being loads of fun. Justin and I borrowed Mark and Mandy’s motor home and stayed on Cody’s familys lake lot on Jack Fish Lake. I met a lot of Justin’s boys family; really good group of people who know how to party. I drank Pilsner. When in Rome.,, We spent a lot of time on the boat. Justin attempted to wake surf, but was failing miserably. I was laughing- and trying to be supportive- but it was just too funny. He was a mess! He must have tried for about half an hour, then I gave it a go! I was up on the first try, and the second, third, and fourth time and so on. Justin immediately thought it was a silly sport. Ahah I showed up my bf!! It was fantastic! For those of you who don’t know, wake surfing is surfing behind the boat. There are no boots for your feet. You don’t need to hold the rope if you are in the right spot, unfortunately, every time I attempted this spot, I would fall. I could get up, but not be rope less. The next day, Keagan was wake surfing, and holding a beer. He was hilarious. He was using the rope to whip the pretend bull he was riding. If only you could have seen it! This big baheamith of a guy- soo silly on the water. Even when he fell it was comedy. During the nights, we would drink by the fire. Drinking margaritas from the specialized high end margarita maker! We also enjoyed fireworks. I met the infamous Uncle Archie. When I finally went to bed, he called me back to the fire. I was unsure what he wanted. I stood there waiting. Then he said “I just wanted to see you walk that way again!” and everyone chuckled. Uncle Archie! A short cowboy who’s hat is oddly tall. He wears a country dress shirt with the sleeves ripped off. Cowboys to finish ‘er off. Always seen with at least two drinks in his hand and a smoke out of his mouth. He is old school, but wont use anything that doesn’t have a motor! A show can be made featuring this man alone! He is country like I have never seen before. His wife Lana, this small little tough chick! Archie is a trucker. One night, he went on for almost an hour chanting all these old trucker tunes! They are amazing! I hope one day to learn them all! I would love a recording at least! I was very impressed. It was a very eventful and fun weekend. It brought Justin and I closer together as I met a new side of him. J

A nature hike with Mandy and Julie. One day, we decided to go for a hike in Elk Island Park. Kelsey was going to come with, but ditched out to see her bf! UGH! Teenagers! I only live on the exact opposite side of the country! What ever happened to my sweet little girl?? At least I still have two other nieces to enslave! We walked a loop on our hike, pointing out the various different poo’s we found, and being goofy, changing shirts, finding frogs, sword fighting with sticks, slicing plants in half, and slapping flies away like crazy! Yes changing shirts. For some reason, Julie and I changed shirts- realized it was a bad idea- and traded back! We continued on until we reached a fork in the road. I suggested right- Mandy insisted left. She said her Indian instincts were telling her to go in that direction. Not having these senses myself, I followed. We were starting to get a bit tired, and Julie’s feet were hurting when I noticed a sign. I asked Mandy to search her camera as I was sure we had already passed it, and sure enough we had! It was the sign that I made the joke “the beach is dat way”, in my best German accent I could muster. We had been looping around in circles. Julies was completely disappointed. We doubled our desired length of track! I thought it was a lot of fun. We were able to see all of the poo’s one more time!! YAY for us!

Justin came out to the farm for the weekend, No one planned it, but it ended up being a mini reunion. Melissa, Adam and the kids. Mandy, Mark and the kids- when Kelsey wasn’t ignoring us for her two bf’s. Other appearances were made by Kevin, Mim, Janice, Doug, Debbie, and even David- who I hadn’t seen in years. I also found out that he was a Arby blog follower some of the time. This made me smile! We spent the weekend playing with the kids, eating good food, playing cards, and drinking… of course! I was even there for Kelsey’s first tequila shot! ( that we know of…) Ethan clobbered my boyfriend, repeating over and over again “boy with a neck o lace, boy with a neck o lace” while picking at his necklace. It was soo funny! I was also the lucky Auntie. I was chosen to give our little barbarian baby Ryleigh her very first haircut. She now looked like a sweet little angel once again. Don’t let it fool you! She is still a little silly monster! Our weekend at the farm was cut short when I had the opportunity to meet my Dad’s wife Palm. Melissa, Adam, Justin, the kids and I hopped into our cars and made our way to the acreage. It had been years since I had been here, and was a little excited to show it to Justin! I even showed him the clawed foot bath tub which I was conceived in! Maybe one day I will inherit it…. *wink wink*. Once at the acreage, we- I mean I, made dinner. Dad bought a big roast. Justin helped Adam with some gardening. After, we all chit chatted and then I played ninja’s with Ethan swinging sticks around. Justin and I also wrestled chasing eachother around like sappy little love birds. It was like a triple date. We got to talk to Palm a bit, and I was happy to hear how well she spoke English. She was very pleasant and Dad seemed very happy. We spent the whole evening there and eventually dragged our butts home.

Spending the day with Stacey is always a good time. Going for breaky and then grabbing a blanket and some rockstars before hitting up a movie- My Sister’s Keeper- which made us cry like babies! Doing all my girly stuff with Stacey, like getting our makeup done for free and wearing fake eyelashes. We also had Julie who also had her makeup done- tastefully. I saw Stacey a couple times, and was able to briefly meet her bf too. He seems like a pretty good guy, and he makes her really happy. Hopefully he can continue to fill the void I left while I am gone. ;)

The Stampede. Justin and I hit up Calgary. We stayed in a hotel right across from the restaurant that we randomly met up at in September, before we were an item. Our plan was to go floating down the Bow River, but the weather was not permitting. Just a bit too chilly. We headed down to the grounds with Scott and Alisha after having dinner with a couple of friends who’s names escape me. While at the Stampede, Justin treated me to the skyscreamer ride. I was soo scared and the worst part was sitting at the top waiting for them to load people at the bottom. We went and had some drinks with some new friends that I met and eventually retired back to our room. It was a fun and quick trip.

I spent the summer catching up with good friends- Stacey, Dalida, Wade, Melissa, all the Spruce crew, including Marty, and many more. I was able to get to know Justin’s family a bit more as well, and celebrate Kelti’s birthday. I got to see my sisters and family a whole lot too, having many days hanging out at the farm with Mandy. It was good to see my mom and Kevin, Dad and Palm. It was incredibly sad to have to leave them all as well. I wish I would have had time to see my grand parents and many other friends. I had soo many other things that I wish I had tome to mention. As the end of my trip grew closer, my heart sunk lower and lower. It was a hundred times harder to say good bye this time around. As awesome as Australia is, Canada is home, where my heart is.

If you remember anything that seemed to be an adventure while I was there, please remind me and I can always update my footprints to include it. I know there are many many more times, but perhaps they have slipped my mind for the time being.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Longest Day In June

Saturday June 20th

Jason had me at the airport by 545. He drove off and I began my journey- the longest June 20th I have ever had! On my first plane ride, I sat alone. I had a nap and I read. I was full of anxiety still! On our decent, I was able to see the Sydney Opera house and the infamous Harbour Bridge. It was spectacular! I was very excited. Im glad I was by myself, as I am sure I looked goofy getting all excited over something still far away. Something that I could not truly appreciate from this distance! The Sydney airport is a bit strange. They have this bus that takes you from domestic to international. I waited to board the bus and 10 minutes later, I was in the international section of the airport. There was a long line at my gate, so I stopped to grab some vegimite and wine. I boarded my flight. My seat was actually a very good one, it was at the very front of the economy class. Window seat to boot! I sat beside a young Aussie bloke named Eric. Bright red hair and freckles to match. He is 19 and is taking nursing in Brisbane. Also a second year student. We had a nice chat here and there for the long flight. He was going to a family reunion- last minute. Our seats were nice because we could stretch our lags as much as we wanted. There was plenty room infront of us. I watched some movies and slept quite a bit, trying to adjust to the time difference. Traveling always makes me super sleepy!

I arrived in Vancouver after being on the plane for 14 hours. Thats right, I was on my way home for my semester break! Justin wanted to see me and bought me a ticket home as soon as he found out I had a break! Lucky girl I am! I just had one more plane ride to go. I had an hour to pick up my bags, go through customs, re-check my bags, and then freshen up and change. I wanted to look good for my man after all! Boarding was at 0815. While waiting for my bags, a young customs gaurd came up to me and asked for my customs pass. I gave it to him and he wrote stuf down on it with a blue highlighter while asking me questions. Where I live, why Im in Canada, and why I am living in Aus... those types of things. I thought nothing of it. Routine random check. He left. I kept waiting and was getting pretty nervous as my bags still had not come up. They did not come until 0820!!! I quickly went to the line to go through customs. I gave them my customs pass and they said " this way ma'am." Pointing to a door. No one else was going that way. I became nervous. I said that I really had to rush and catch my plane as it was already boarding. he said that if it was boarding, it was already too late. With this, I started my walk to go through the doorway. My heart sank into my stomach. I was missing my flight! I wasnt sure what was going to happen.

I walked in through the door to this massive room. They had people's suitcases layed out and were searching through them, not excluding underwear and sneaky places like the backs of camera's. My heart started beating faster from its new home in my stomach. What will happen when they find my Roo poo, eucalyptus leaves, and my red earth!?!?! I did not declare any of these items. I know that these items are not allowed. I began to over heat. A strange sensation that I have never felt, being a person who is forced to mooch heat from other people as I do not produce any myself. I have often seen people with this problem. They deal with it by taking off layers. I decided to see if it works. I took my sweater off and waiting in the line up. Things were going slowly. This made me nervous still, anticipating the moment when I would have to come up with some kind of story for each item. The roo poo, I was going to play the dumb blond card, " I thought it would be ok since the stomach acid eats away at things..." The red dirt, " people bring home sand from other countries all the time..." The leaves, " oh! How did those get in there?? I didnt realize I had packed those!" I had the leaves inside a fabric grocery bag, folded flat. I could have easily missed them. I knew my stories were weak, but I didnt know what else to do. It was getting nearer my turn. This one Customs officer was questioning this Asian man. Something was going on. She was being harsh- and scared the living day light out of me! She was a big lady too. I briefly wondered what her girlfriends name was. I wasnt quite sure what this man was trying to get away with, but it seemed I was also in for this treatment! I was hoping not to be questioned by her. She was saying things like " Im suppose to believe," and " your story doesnt make sense". I was now at the front of the line. Sweaty and trembling, my eyes full of stress fluid, my skin hot and red! I looked extremely suspicious! Then something happened. Two new officers came off of break. The young handsome officer came over and asked for my customs pass and led me to a table. I gave him my boarding pass. "OH!" he said. " Yup, I know. I missed my plane because of this." I couldnt keep it in any longer. The stress fluid spread over my face and took control. He looked up and his expression changed. I could see the panic in his facial structures. I was lucky he was young, and probably not used to women crying around him. I could tell he was uncomfortable. The fluid was not ceasing. It kept pouring from my vision holes. My sleeves wet from wiping at my face. He asked me a couple of questions. The same old ones, where I live, why Im living in Aus, what Im coming home for, how long. Then he asked what was in my bags. "Clothes and some gifts for my nieces." He cut me off, asking if I had food. " Just some,' sniff,' vegimite and a bottle of wine for my," sniff sniff * blows into kleenix and breathing deeply, " boooyyyfrrriend." At this he passed me back my boarding pass and informed me that I would be put on the next flight to Edmonton as there are lots back and forth all day. He pointed me out through a door and I thanked him. I instantly felt some of the heat rise away- feeling a little bit more like myself. The stress fluid was slowing as well. I was the only person who's bags were not checked! As I walked away, I could not help but to smile a sneaky little grin!
I kept walking with all my bags, slightly struggling. I made my way to the other side of the airport. Checked my bags and discovered I had plenty of time to freshen up! This worked out to my advantage. I brushed my teeth, changed completly, did my hair how Justin likes it, and put some makeup on after a quick wash here and there- the main spots! A few squirts of perfume and I was off to find a phone. I didnt have have Canadian money and so I had to use my credit card. I left Justin a message telling him that I was stopped in customs and that I would be on the later flight. I then read my book and waited for boarding. My last plane ride seemed the longest. I was eager to see Justin. I sat next to an older man, maybe in his seventies. He was bitter! At who? Im not certain. I was soo hungry having not eaten in hours. So when the snacks came by, I must have looked extremely pleased to get mine. The male flight attendant asked if I wanted more and gave me three. I was eating them when the old fart said I could have his and that I should be careful as they are bad for me and full of salt and that they would kill me. I told him I would be fine and gobbled them up! Only after reading the ingredients and acknowledging the fact that this small snack would be powerful enough to kill my boyfriend! Sesame seeds= bad!! The lady came by offering newspapers, and I said no when she looked at us. She walked by and the old fart was outraged! he made a huge fuss and the poor lady apologized. He recieved his paper and mumbled to himself. I couldnt be happier to get off that plane!

We landed and I walked downstairs. No sign of Justin yet. I know he got my messages. I went to the baggage claim and retrieved my bags. I then waited. I tried reading my books but was too excited to really read, so I pretended, and stole glances to see if He was there yet. Finally after 10 minutes, I called the bugger! He was just parking and would be right in! He had gotten stuck in traffic! UGH! lol When I finally saw him, I ran up to give him a hug and kiss. He looked good despite the fact that he had cut all his hair off. He now had a buzz cut! I wasnt used to it, but didnt mind it. It grew on me. He helped me with my luggage and we hopped into his truck. I looked in the back seat and it was full of bags from Hollister, HighGrade, and shoe stores and other places. He said he was going to wait and give me one present everyday, but instead started dishing them out to me! He said he couldnt wait!! I called him a crack head since it was his Birthday the day before and that he really didnt need to buy me any gifts! I ended up loving all of it! he bought us matching shoes too! hahaha

We went straight to Chilli's on Whyte Ave. Some friends were there having drinks and snacks. I was hungry too! I met Geordy, and Cody, Justins kids Uncles from Saskatchewan. Brett, Mark, and Rory were also there. Later on I met Whitey. I forget his first name, so it is now Whitey. lol We went back to Spruce Grove to Kelti's house. ( Justin's sister). I helped Justin pack the rest of his stuff up- a few bags of slothes and papers. We went to BP's for a function his friend was putting on. I had maybe three drinks the whole evening. I was talking and conversing and carrying on. I dont remember much, but Justin says one minute I would be talking and laughing, and the next, I was looking like I was completly hammered and passing out. I hit a wall! He took me back to Kelti's place and we went to bed. We woke up again at about midnight and went back to go pick Geordy, Cody, and Rory. We found Rory staggering back on one of the main roads, and the other two had taken a cab. I was still so exhausted. We went back to bed right away! I was sooo excited to be in bed after the longest day in June I have ever been through!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Axious Examinations

Wednesday June 17th

I got up and did some study. This last month is not the most interesting to write about, however, Im not about to start to skip a day due to borringness. I will attempt to make it some what interesting, or short if all else fails.

Anxiety, and lots of it. From what... this will be revealed in entrys to come.

Met up with Adog by the pool. I wrote a rough draft of my paper for my patho exam. It flowed well. Now to critique and add tid bits. Hmm, well, maybe I will enjoy the sun just a bit longer! Adog eventually went in. I stayed out longer, even switching to the other side of the pool to catch the sun at its greatest angle. I listened to my ipod for a long while, thinking about what was to come in just a matter of days!! Lots to prepare for. My brain was filled with preparation plans.

I went inside to select some photos that I needed printed, as well as some songs to make a CD with. I was also emailing Justin back and forth. I didnt have any more credit on my phone and so I couldnt text him back and forth. We had a little argument about nothing. It was not a big deal at all, but I was still grumpy about it. Needed a study break, ( even though I was picking pics and songs LOL).

Adog and I went to the gym. It was dark when we came back. It seems like my days are soo short, but compared to back home, they are. The sun goes down incredibly early here. That is one thing I miss. ( and all of you of course!!).

On our way back, we noticed an amblulance pass us by. We thought nothing of it untill we saw that it was parked up ahead by the round about, accompanied by two giant tow trucks. When we passed, we thought that someone had broke into a home or something. There was a paramedic going into a house followed by women and children wearing house coats. She was saying " well he sure seemed to make himself at home!". We were confused. It wasnt clear until we rounded the corner to find the brick wall centre piece of the round-about inhabited by a company Ute. ( Ute's are the small little Alcamino type trucks they have here. None of the big Alberta trucks that I soo froth over!). The ute seemed to have come from the direction of the out going traffic of the round-about. It must have passed through then gardened median, taking with it a large heavy duty steel sign- this I know because there was a great hole where it had used to be, and it was now under his back right tire. The brick was all over, the wall now only half erect. He must have gotten some air as he was roaring around the round-about from the wrong direction, as he was quite a distance from the actual road. Drunk off his tree no doubt! The humor of the situation- the words on the side door of this company Ute were ' People Taking Care of Property'- obviously not very well!! hahaha

We took photos and continued on our way and were home in 5 minutes. I had a shower and made a bite to eat. I then went on FB and was able to catch Mom online. We talked for a little while and I continued to do some studying. After a while, I went to bed. Tossing and turning all night.

Thursday June 18th

Justin called me a 0200. We talked for awhile, dissolving our little issue. He let me get back to my dreaming, and I slept in until 1100!!! Later in the day, I learned that I must have accidentally changed my clock in the middle of the night, because it was actually 1000 when I awoke! The whole day I spent thinking it was one hour later! I was happy to find that I actually had one more hour of my day!!

I spent the day doing running around for Justin’s Birthday. The plan was to get him 30 items for his 30th Birthday! Most of these items were going to be inside jokes and such. If you don’t know us well, the little doll George, a child’s toy train, a tampon, some authentic red dirt from Aus, a toy utility truck like in Aus that looks like an Alcamino, and a picture of Joey Moss will not make much sense to you. I asure you, these are all items worth being on the list. On the list also included things such as a bandaid- to fix his boo boo’s when his nurse is too far, a coin- so he never goes poor, and a tissue- for his many many issues. Some of my favorite items are as follows: a pen with a piece of paper taped on it containing the word “epinephrine” hopefully he doesn’t think it’s the real thing and I am held responsible for his death!! , an authentic Kangaroo scrotum- this is fashioned to be a change purse I believe, I gave it to him to hold his saggy… sac :P, and a belly ring for his piercing! Not all gifts were useless! I also bought him a pair of shorts, a pair of shoes, made him two CD’s with a sum of 30 songs, and I printed him 30 pics of us. Corning, but the deed will not go unappreciated! Some things were inside jokes, but simple. Gum, hugs and kisses- not actually a joke, but speaks for itself. A mini Koala . A beer snuggy. Deck of Cards. A Rockstar with vodka beverage, ect… I also brought back with me a bottle of our favorite Aussie wine. The stuff we drank when he was here.

These were all good gifts, but none of these were the instigators of fear to me. I had one gift that I wanted to get to Canada that may not be allowed into the country! I wanted to send Justin some Kangaroo Poo, because he is the SHIT!! This would be a tricky one!

So on this particular day, I still had not gotten all of my gifts. Cammy B came over to help me make some CD’s. Graham came over later to take me back to the shops to pick up a couple more items. I even bought some Bond undies for myself and Julie and Kelsey. These are the Aussie brand, and I thought it would be nice for them to advertise on the other side of the planet. Graham drove me home.

Adog made some muffins and gave me one. Ebony, Shon, Yates, and Brock were over. I didn’t stay long to chat. I headed to the gym alone instead. Adog did not accompany me because she was studying. One exam to go!

I came home and tried to study. Graham got off work and came over. He picked up the pictures from the plaza for me. I don’t know what it was, but Graham and I began talking, and the next thing I know, I was telling stories after stories after stories. Some about Justin, most about Justin, and some about this and that. I forget sometimes that I have a lot more experiences then these youngins! Makes me feel old when I say that. Hmmm…. Boo! By the end of the night, he was wishing that he would have been able to meet Justin. Graham and I did not really meet until Justin had left already. It was getting late, Eb and Shon came home. Eb was pretty drunk. It was after all Uni night. They came into my room and the four of us talked briefly. Graham left and the other two went to bed.

Went to bed… not too much studying was accomplished. I felt pretty good about it, but did not sleep well due to the anxiety! Not just from the test I was about to write either!!

Friday June 19th


I was up early! I went and wrote my exam. I had to write a whole essay paper about diabetes and the effects on the body. I also had 60 multiple choice to complete. I completed the paper first. It actually turned out well. Had I more time, it would have been perfected, but this was not the case. I started on the multiple choice. I ended up having to guess the last 10 questions without reading them due to the time constraint! Shitty!!

I talked with friends after the exam. I didn’t want to talk about the exam too much. I was just happy to be done! I was free!! Holiday time! Woot Woot!

I told Amy my plan to pick up the Roo poo. She laughed! On our way walking to the library, I got out my plastic baggy and scooped up a fine specimen! I could see in the distance Amy and our friends laughing at me! Ahhaha

I went into the library and printed off some information. Quickly went on FB and then home. Ebony was waiting for me. I packed up some stuff and she gave me a ride to Brisbane. She is an interesting character. I really like her. I can understand why a lot of ppl do not like her initially, or at all for that fact. She is taking her education degree and one day hopes to teach children in poverty in Africa. She genuinely wants to make a difference. This is something she said she does not like telling people. We had a pretty good time on the way in. She dropped me off at Jason Whitings place. He wasn’t home, but his room mate Cas was. Eb left and I chatted with Cas for a bit. I then had a nap since I was up late and didn’t sleep well. I got up and chatted with Cas some more until Jason got home.

He came from Melbourne. He had some work there in the south and brought home with him some very cool Australian artifacts. I want to buy some of the wine racks he had. They only hold one bottle of wine, but are so neat in their design. It’s a curved piece of wood with Aboriginal designs all over it. It balances with a bottle of wine in it. Very cool!

Frank, their friend came over. He was the one who came up with Jason that one random night. It is always kind of funny hanging out with Jason and his crew. They seem to be very anti- Aussie. This always strikes me as a bit odd. I see their point about some things, but I feel the same way about some Canadians as well!! I don’t understand why someone would live in a country for however long if they did not like the people who lived in it!! When you go to Jason’s, you usually find little treasures like kraft dinner, or other imported goods. Jason and Frank love their Copenhagen! Gross! Good luck with your ulcers! Frank was over to collect, as Cas and her bf had just come back from Canada. Cas and Frank were both tired and did not join us to a friends party.

We drove across town to Jason’s old work buddy’s 30th Birthday also on this day. He was from Fiji, and when we walked in, he was giving a speech. The room was filled with Oriental’s and Fijian’s. As soon as he saw Jason, he stopped his speech to say a few words about Jason. He joked around and everyone laughed! Some people came in behind us and didn’t receive a greeting by anyone. This was a very interesting party indeed. It is not all that common for a home grown Saskatchewan boy to have soo many non- white friends. Harsh but true! We mingled throughout the night and Jason had one beer that seemed to last the entire night. I was fine with this fore he was my ride. His one friend kept trying to make us drink more and more. While I was protecting Jason by saying I had just gotten him a new bottle, he was doing the opposite to me! I ended up doing a couple of tequila shots and some mystery shots- that were surprisingly delicious! I didn’t get drunk- thank god, and we left the party.

When we got back to Jason’s house, he went straight to bed. I made myself a bed on the couch and Justin called. It sounded like he was having a good time with his friends from Saskatchewan that had traveled up to Etown for Justin’s Birthday. We talked for a short while and I went to bed.

I woke up at about 4am to have a shower. I got ready and Jason and I left…..