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Monday, November 2, 2009

Dry Spell

Sorry loyal followers. I have had a dry spell- not for adventure- just for story telling! Been very busy with Uni and life. Will Blog as soon as. Will have more time coming. I will be making a few changes though. I will not go through every day- but only the adventurous ones! Hope to fill your eyes with many story's soon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Caboolture Placement- Mangina- Phone Trauma

Monday August 17th

I was up early for my first placement. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there, but luckily I spent quite a bit of time on google last night and got a real life visual of how to walk there from the train station. I was lucky also, that Janice, one of our teachers, offered us a ride. She drops her son off at uni in the morning and it was convenient for her to grab us as well. Adog and Rachel go to Nambour- where Janice just happens to be working as well, but she lives by Woombye. She drops me off at Woombye train station where I got the train for an hour ride to Caboolture. After dropping me off, she takes the girls to her home for a bit since they are a bit early. After Janice and her daughter eat breaky, they go to Nambour Hospital.

The trains here are interesting. They have a variety of different kinds. Some are more subway style, whereas some are long journey style. This one in particular, was the comfort long journey style. It was hard to find a seat as it was pretty full up. This hippy girl- who I assumed was from a far away distant land, had her big pack on a seat. I asked her if she could store it away so I could sit. She did, and I sat contently. If it is one habit I am bad for, its people watching! I put my sunny’s on and hoped she could not tell I was looking at her. I even turned my head but kept my eyes in her direction- so she would be fooled with the direction of my gaze! Haha Sneaky or creepy?? Hmmm… don’t answer! She was writing some stuff down in a journal kind of thing. Looked like some finances and reminders, and then some journaling. She had dread rolls in her hair, and wore a long skirt with a scarf around her neck in a warm way, not fashionable. She wore no make up and looked low maintenance. She eventually closed her eyes. I wish I would have had the guts to strike up a conversation, but it was too early! Everyone was sleeping and chatter didn’t seem to be favoured at this early hour. She must have been back packing across Australia. I sat and thought about the different experiences her and I were getting from our adventures, mine as a uni student, and her’s as a drifter- getting money from odd jobs here and there. I think both ways are incredible. I wish I had the time and freedom to see the world that way, but I also value the friendships I am making this way. I also think I get to see Australia in a way that many Aussies do, where as a back packer lives it through the eyes of a tourist. One day I will travel abroad like this! Maybe it will be the second volume of my future book! Who knows?

My very first day of placement. Yay! This should be interesting. Its only one day a week. Already I was feeling the impact of such a long trip to the Hospital. I left my house at 630am and didn’t arrive at the hospital until 815am. The google directions didn’t help too much, but I did find it ok by asking students where to go, plus I had written down the names of the streets. I was told by my preceptor to meet at the front of the main doors. I wasn’t sure if I was to meet at 0800 or 0830. I was smack in the middle. I knew I was doing community and thought maybe I had missed her, and that everyone had gone out already for home visits. I waited for a couple of minutes until the main admin desk was free. I wondered over and asked where HBACS was. ( Home Based Acute Care Services). The lady phoned someone and she directed me to where it was, or so I thought. I ended up getting lost in this tiny little hospital. Then I asked a janitorial maintenance man where it was and he told me it was the building through this door. So I listened, being naive and all. I went through the door and walked into this building. I asked a lady using a microwave if this was indeed HBACS. It was mental health, and she was rude! I went to retreat through the same door I had entered in. I needed a little fob or whatever they are called. No good. I tried wondering out around the buildings, as I was outside. I was trapped. There was no way out! It was a little prison, and I was starting to worry because I wasn’t sure what time I was suppose to meet my preceptor! Finally, some people came through the evil door and I caught it just in time. I came back through the hallway and the maintenance man was there. He saw me and told me that he realized he had sent me the wrong way. Thanks guy! He then redirected me in the right direction and I soon found myself ringing the doorbell of a little building that said HBACS! SIGH!

Once in, I was informed that it didn’t really matter what time I arrived as it was a pretty laid back environment. The preceptor assigned to me was off on sick leave. I was taken in by pretty much everyone else. In this HBACS team, were physio’s occupationals, nurses, personal carers, social workers, and more. It is quite a multy disciplinary team. I don’t want to go too much into it because it is one of my assignments this semester, and it is too repetitive to have to it twice! Lol

I was soon taken up to the third floor and paired with an RN Julie, who was a CHIP nurse. We spent the day going around to different patients assessing what kind of home care they would need if any. We breaked in the HBACS room for tea and lunch. It was a good day, but there was not much for me to do. I wanted to try an assessment, and Julie thought this was a good idea, but the patient refused. Not very compliant. Boo!

At the end of the day, my facilitator came in to see if I was doing alright. They come to visit every day we are on placement. I was the only one to visit in Caboolture on this day, as I was the only Monday student. The others were on Tuesdays. Mt Facilitator is Elizabeth. She is an Irish lady. She went over some stuff with me concerning my project and other course content. I informed her that I had sent her an email a couple of days before asking if she knew of any students who I would be able to car pool with, as it is quite tedious getting to prac. We discussed options and she offered me a ride home since it was close to hers. Yay! On the way home, we talked about her family and mine, and of course, some school orientated work.

When I got home, I was way too tired to go to the gym. Also my calf was still hurting. I made some dinner and sat on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. I checked FB and email and went to bed soon after! Tomorrow I would be getting a lot of things done! Soo much to do!

Tuesday August 18th

I woke up and realized my mobile was not working!!! This is not good! How am I suppose to talk to Justin! I haven’t had the best mood lately- still a bit emo. I got up and ready slowly. I spent a lot of time on the computer emailing Justin messages back and forth. Finally he was going to sleep. I wasn’t able to talk to him, and so this motivated me to get off my butt and go to the plaza to fix my phone!! I bused it all the way there wishing I would have left a lot sooner. I hadn’t gotten anything done! What a waste. As soon as I got to the plaza, I went to Optus to look at new phones. It was time! I was looking when a man came to assist me. I told him of my phone and gave it too him to see what he could do. He called Optus help line, and it didn’t work. Then he tried calling the store, and suddenly, just like that- BAM- it worked! He wasn’t sure as to why it wasn’t working. He said it could have been the network, but that that wasn’t likely. I told him of the previous problems I have had with the phone and how old it was- as it was Shonleighs for a couple years before it was mine- and that I had also given it a rain bath one night- all night. He agreed that maybe it was time for a new phone. Haha.

I looked over all the ones on the wall for pre-paid. I started asking a bunch of questions and was pretty interested in a white one, until he of course told me that they no longer came in white. I guess I would have to settle for a boring black phone. He kept saying that this other phone that I wasn’t really looking at had all of the features that I was interested in. I started to ask about this one. He informed me that it was very hard to get as it was priced in a non accurate way. It was a $100 phone but should have actually been about $200. There was no list I could put my name on for the phone, but since I am soo persistent and sweet and kind, this nice man filled out an order form for me. This was something he was not suppose to do, as it was in high demand. Teehee

After looking for this prize phone at a couple of different stores, and having no luck- except for one little kiosk that I also talked the lady into putting my name on a non existent list, I went home. I was happy and hopeful that I would get this phone, but also that mine would work in the meantime while waiting! Fingers crossed!

When I got home, I readied myself for the gym. The bunch of us Canadian girls did RPM- or spin class, and our other day to day regimes, then went home. At the gym, we are regulars. The staff is getting to know us and vice versa. One manager type guy calls Adog and I the water bottle girls because we both have these neat water bottles from Canada- thank you Mandy. It is getting a lot of use and is a tad lumpy from excessive use! The one girl at the front counter eve knows who’s keys belong to who. ( we give them our keys in exchange for a locker key). I enjoy the gym.

When I got home, Benny, Brock, and Yates were over. I made myself some fish, with green beans and zucchini steamed on the side. It was delicious. It was cheap Tuesday and everyone else was eating pizza! Haha

We sat around and talked after watching Taken. It was a lot of fun too. Those boys are pretty funny. Benny let us draw on his chin – two eyes and a mouth! We covered his face except his chin and took pictures and a video!! Sooo funny! Hahaha I also got my ipod out, the one I got in Canada, and tricked people into thinking it was broken and needed fixing. Im soo sneaky. I shocked at least 3 people in the same room with it! HA! Eventually, Joel was over, as well as Wooley and her cousin who we had never met before. He must have thought we were pretty weird, especially when Benny came around the corner with his pants down- full on Mangina!! No he was not drunk! It was just a random Tuesday!! For those of you who are not familiar with Mangina’s, it is when the guy places his man bits away between his legs, making it appear like he has girls bits!! It was unexpected and we all laughed in disgust!!! He did it very well. Just from the stretching, it actually looked like he had a landing strip! Hahaha GROSS!

They were all still downstairs, but it was getting late and so I snuck off to email my man. I washed up and went into bed!

Wednesday August 19th

Today was not quite as eventful as yesterday! I woke up for lecture and texted Justin the entire time. It is a class that I am well familiar with, so I was still able to listen at the same time. After class I caught up with some friends from school. Everyone seemed to have a good holiday. It was nice to see them as well.

When I got home I spent the main part of the day- blogging. Its no walk in the park you know. It takes an incredible amount of effort!! ( This is why I like to know who reads it…). I had my window open as it was a nice day out. I saw Kirstenne walking outside. I said hello and she came around for a quick visit. She has never seen our place, although similar to hers, it was different. She had lots of stuff to do and so she went on her way.

I went to second lecture. Came home and got ready for the gym. We were all going to go to circuit, but I got the time wrong and we missed it. Instead we did RPM with Katie! She is the drill sergeant of the gym! She is not afraid to yell and scream at you and tell you that you are cheating yourself. Once in a body attack class- her class, she said that if anyone fell out of this one exercise, she would make everyone start over. My arms gave away just as we were almost done. She pointed me out and the whole class had to start over from the beginning! It was brutal! The RPM class was not soo bad since you can fake the amount of resistance you put on. The problem is, if you put too much on, there is not taking it off! She can tell! I never will make that mistake again!

I went home and made some food after a well needed shower. We sweat soo much in our workouts- and then twice as much afterwards in the sauna. I walk home drenched most of the time! Haha I ate dinner and made some apple crisp from scratch. Im still learning and there are improvements to be implemented, but it was still pretty good. ( especially the next day when I ate it as cereal and added soy milk to it!!! ) I watched Gilmore girls and did my usual FB and email check on the computer. Bed!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lock Me Up- My Room Is Clean!

Saturday August 15th

Woke up at 0800 to go work out. We wanted to go to the beach and the gym closes early on weekends. Boo! Lately my calf and shin on the left leg has been hurting quite alot. its a dull throbbing sort of pain. It hurts more when I am running and afterwards. I have been usuing A535. No help. im thinking it is a shin splint, but never have I had one bother me soo long and like this. We will see what happens. I was going to do an easy run today. Maybe just 20 min instead of 30. maybe just run at a speed of 9.5 instead of switching between 11.5 and 10 for two minutes each. I was running, approaching 10 minutes, when all the sudden- BOOIIING!!!! My bra had worked its way undone. It is a bra that has a zipper down the front middle, and so you can see- or imagine just what would happen if it came undone! COMPLETLY!! I pulled the stop rope on the tread mill and ran to the washroom. I zipped up concealing the ladies. I lectured them on how it wasnt time for them to come out and play yet, and made my way back to my machine. By time I got there- 3 seconds- my leg was pretty sore. I hopped up anyways and kept on truckin! I only went for another 20 mins. made me a bit sad. :(

I forgot to mention, at 0700 in the morning, I recieved a phone call from Mark. He wanted us to go to Brissy with him to see the Dr. again for this "business" meeting thingy. I wasnt interested and we had our day planned as it was. While walking to the gym, he called again. He was very persistant and kept saying that Jamie- the doc- doesnt invite just anyone out and that we should feel privaledged. Jamie has a good radar on people and thinks we are good people. I spent most of the walk trying to explain to him how we were not interested in the business side of the health seminar. I ended up giving him a verbal rain cheque.

After the gym, we did a quick shop. Its Vegan time! We bought lots of stuff with protein. We are back on meat. We are label reading machines! Oi! Its hard trying to challenge thy diet and be super healthy! Food isnt just good ol' fresh healthy food in this modern world! Things are added- and not for the good- most things your body does not need. The best thing for you is the- right out of the garden, off the romp of the cow- fresh! Then you dont have to worry about salts. Plus, there are a bunch of things found in natural foods that doo wonders for your body- but we dont know what they are and we cannot copy them ... yet. One day I am sure it will all be worked out. There, I just made you, my viewer, smarter!

We went home and showered and ate. The Amanda's met me at mine, and off we were to catch the bus. We finally reached Coloundra. Made our way to King's beach and set up camp- Amanda and my own towels, and Adog brought the surf board- but forgot her towel... hahhaa. I read text books all day just listening to the ocean and the happy sounds of family- and the cinese over sea's students who were playing games by hopping on one foot trying to knock each other down, which took forever because there were 30 of them. I also snacked on strawberry's, cherry tomato's, and nuts. It was a good day. A little breezy, and so I covered up with my light coat. Not really a tanning kind of day. Adog went in for a surf. When she came back, she just lyed in the sand! She is a trooper! :)

Amanda Long went home earlier than us. We wanted to keep on keep oning. After a while, we got hungry and decided to go home. On our journey home, we had to stop at Kawana Waters shopping centre- because the bus went that far. We needed to make a connection. It was going to be a little while and so we ventured into the mall- surf board and all. It was funny- but not different considering its normalcy! We happened upon Jess who worked here. We talked for a bit and I recieved a phone call from my over seas hunk a man! We talked for a bit and he let me go. Sounded like he was having a pretty good Friday night- but missed me! I guess he was out with all his friends for a dinner, and everyone was with their girlfriend and he was the only "single" because I was not present! :( Our bus came, and home we went.

I got home and made some healthy grub, and Adog and I watched a movie. Kirtenne was going to watch with us, but was called in for a night shift. Then my man called me again and we spent a while talking. I eventually went to bed.

Sunday August 16th

We slept in. In our seperate beds if that was a confusing sentence. Hmm sounds like I am starting to write like Adog and I are always together! lol I dont even know what time she woke up. Awesome! Anyways. When I finally dragged my butt out of my flat and stiff bed, I put barley anything on and went out for a tan. ( a bikini- but really, do they leave much for the imagination these days?) While we were by the pool, we tried to study, but it was hot! Sooo hot that there were some people out having a BBQ by the pool. So hot that Adog and I even jumped in the pool. I must be becoming a whimp if I am admitting that I dont jump in the pool during the "winter" in Australia! I know, I am sorry!

The guys having the BBQ began talking to us. Small chit chat. We met the two- Joel and Mat. We began talking and they asked us if we had ever been to Mt. Coolum. We have not. I saw an opportunity. They said that we should all go one of these days. I said " well what are you boys doing today??" hahahaha I want to see Australia, and I want peronal tours from locals! None of this touristy non sense! They were harmless! They agreed and said they would be back in 20 to pick us up.

We drove to Mt. Coolum. It was a pretty good hike. I purposly skipped out on the gym today to rest my leg, but climbed a mountain anyways! Good on me! hahaha It was a non stop hike and we were a bit out of breath, but we kept on going. It was the kind of hike that you thought the top was just right there- but it kept going. Once we got to the top, we went and looked out over the view. We could see Noosa, Double Island, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, and more. It was pretty awesome. We did some chatting and came upon the topic of root beer. One of the guys said that he had had it before and that he thinks it tastes just like this drink called sasperilla. This intrigued us and so we ventured down the mountain in hopes of finding some of this root beer wanna be drink.

We drove into the small town of Coolum I believe it was, and what did I see? A bunch of lonely milk crates- calling my name! The boys werent soo into the idea of "borrowing" the milk crates. We wondered into the IGA - yes they have those here- and search for the sasperilla. ( here is a thought Kelsey- Maybe you can do some kind of work exchange- work at an over seas IGA for some experience... haha). After the wonderful and refreshing purchasing of this fine imitation, we hopped in the car. We poped the top and took a swig. That is surprisingly alot like root beer- but with this weird after taste that is not soo desired by moi! Adog seemed to really like it. I prefer the A&Dub brand!

As we were leaving, Mat stopped the car right in front of the crates. He asked if I was going to do it. Adog helped me. We jumped out and she grabbed ONE!!! A red one to boot. I was right behind her and swiped THREE- black ones. They go with my room decor more. As I was coming towards the car in a mad criminal rush type of dance holding these three crates, my door shut!! my hands were too full to open it, luckily Mat opened it up for me! I threw the crates in and yelled "HIT IT!!" I expected a tire screeching take off, instead I got a blank stare and a haulted vehicle! They were soo overwhlmed with the crates flying every which way, that they needed to sort it out before going. We finally found a spot for all four of them, and then we slowly took off.

On the way home, we stopped in a little town just on the coast. I dont remember what it was called, but the whale island is straight out from the beach. The whale island can be seen from the Mooloolaba beach. The boys informed me that it was not wise to swim near here as it was a hang out spot for sharks! That is certainly good information to retain!

When we got home, we fixed up dinner and ate. Then Kirstenne invited us over for a movie. We went over and Adog left early because she fell asleep. Kirstenne and I eventually gave up on the movie too- lets just say it wasnt Miss Jolie's best work. We talked for a bit and then I went home to hit the hay, but not before googling directions and realizing how far Caboolture reall was!! I did after all have my first day of placement in the morning and was unsure of how to get there.

Health Talk With Adog and Arby

Thursday August 13th

Up and to school. It was group picking day. This was trouble since us Canadians were all in the same class. Nothing against them, but I just did not want to be in a group with them. The three of them were in a group altogether last semester, and I had the opportunity to meet other people. Because they have all been in the same classes, they have not met a whole heap of new people. I have been lucky that I have not had any classes with them, giving me the opportunity to meet many fabulous people. Luckily, I was grouped with some newbies- and they seem pretty good. Thank god for that!

Later on after doing not much, I went to the gym with Adog, Amanda, and Kirstenne. We did body balance- the yoga, tai chi, and pilates class. Afterwards, Adog and I stayed for some cardio. We walked home, I ate some din din, and then talked to Justin via email once again. Bed.

Friday August 14th

Justin called at 230am! This was magnificent! This also means his phone is finally fixed! We only talked for a couple of minutes because he had to get back to work, but I think it was also the first good ( as good as it could have been) sleep I have had yet.

I went to class. Then home. Adog and I went to the gym. We had it all worked out. Mark wanted us to meet him at Chancellor Park Tavern for this health talk seminar. The Tevern was conviently placed next to the gym, and so we packed our stuff up and showered there- at the gym, not the tavern. We even did our makeup and looked a little nice. We got there and were one of the first to show. We met some of Mark's friends and soon were seated for the presentation. The presentation consisted of a Doctor- a retired veternarian who spoke about this deit. Although it was not so much a diet as it was a change in life style. Mostly eating. He reckons that if you eat three days of complete portein and no carbs or fat- you will lose a heap of weight. Ont the forth day, you slowly introduce carbs back in the diet, in the forms of fruit and veggies. He went on and on and on. It was a very good presentation. My nursing background gave me an advantage for understanding the content, which we then deciphered for mark afterwards. The presentation was good, but then after, he had people stand up and explain how it changed theirs lives and how fast they lost weight. It was sounding super corny and almost ruined it for us, and then Mark stood up too. He explained how he lost a bunch of weight and this and that. It didnt sell the system for us, but we were intrigued by it. He even made a comment about vegitarians, and how it doesnt make sense to be one. This is because we have sharp teeth made for cutting meat! ahahah So the seminar didnt get us to buy their products, but it did make us quit our veganism. It lasted about a week and was a good challenge. Fun too.

Mark drove us home. Adog was over after dinner to watch a movie. We watched FUBAR. Justin lent it to me so I can show the Aussie's. I worked on a gift for Justin and went to bed.

First Aid Fever

Wednesday August 12th

Up early for first aid. We had to go to Coloundra for it. Coloundra is one place I have been wanting to go to since I first arrived. I saw some very nice beaches on a post card, and this is where it said it was. I was very keen to explore.

Rachel told us that Bec got a new job that just so conviently happened to be in this little city. She quit subway, and now makes sandwhiches and such at a bakery. We were looking for our first aid building when we found her bakery. It was a cute little place and she seemed really happy. We stayed for a quick chat and then headed to our course.

Carl, a moderatly attractive Aussie paramedic was teaching our class for the day. His accent was one of the aussie accents that I felt was one of the better ones. It added to his moderate attractivness! We spent the class going over the usual CPR regime and then went over various other modules for first aid. This was probably the best first aid class I had ever participated in. Since we are currently in a counry where EVERYTHING can kill you at any moment, we went over what to do for snake and spider bites, as well as stings. It was very interesting. I now want to be ready at all times- I need to buy guaze- you never know what bush a funnel web spider will be hiding in!

When we finished up with our class, we were all hungry and so we dropped by to see bec again. Adog and I were temporarily vegans, and so this lead to my veggie wrap. I couldnt get away with a gluten free wrap- but was hungry enough not to care! The wrap was delicious. We went on to go catch the bus. We didnt have much time and so we were walking fast. I have been looking for a good shelf for my room for a little while, and as we passed a shop, I noticed some cheap ones. I told the girls that I was going to just catch the next one. We all decided to stop for a look and all catch the next one. This was a good plan since I dont think we would have made it anyways. On further examination of the shelf, I decided it was not what I was looking for. We hit up a few more shops but did not find anything special. It was time to catch the next bus. We would have to come back to beach explore another day.

When I got home, I was soo tired. I didnt sleep much last night- as per usual, and so I had a nap. When I woke up, we went to the gym. It was pretty late by time I got home. I showered and ate and then talked to Justin for a bit via email. We dont talk on the phone as much now that I am back from Canada. It was getting too expensive. It is not easy dating someone over seas and not being able to hear their voice at least once a day. I dont know how people did it way back when the technology was insufficient!

Dinner With The McGill's

Monday August 10th

I was up very early to drive Adog to work. Well, actually it was placement that I was driving her to. It was all the way in Nambour and to take the bus, she would have had to get up extremely early! I forgot that I lost my license and was not suppose to drive. Thank god I never got pulled over! Once I dropped her off, I had to find my way back. I did get lost going the wrong way on the motorway. I could not just turn around as there were no turn offs. I waited until there was one and made my way back. Somehow I managed to find my way home. I think more by luck then skill!

I hopped into bed. I was still pretty gloomy and cramped up. I slept for a while. When I woke up, I read my book, an actual novel. The one that Mark McGill from Airlie beach lent me. Its all about Australia and has taught me quite a bit about this country. I didn’t have placement today, because I am placed at Caboolture. For some reason, there is a public holiday on Monday August 10th. So I will have to make the time missed up. This is ok though. Lots of time. I only need ten days of actual placement. Its weird. On Mondays. But I chose to do some Tuesdays with it as well.

I finally got my ass out of bed and washed up. I then spent the day cleaning my room. It was well needed. I spent some time on the computer as well. Amanda came over and we met up with Adog too. Went to the gym. We had to speed walk to make it in time! I also almost lost $20 on the way and had to retrace my tracks to find it- then sprint to catch up! Oi! Its such a workout to go and workout! We were sweaty by time we arrived!

When I got home, I made a super good stirfry. I am pretty good! Not bragging or anything, but DAMN! I went up to my room to see if I could catch Justin when he was at work. Luckily I was able to. I told him about how I had been blue and everything about Grams. I didn’t know what to do. He pretty much told me that I would be coming back to Canada to see my Grams! As soon as he made my decision, I felt relieved. I felt soo much better knowing that I would see my grams. It doesn’t hurt that I would see my family and Justin in the process! I cried again out of relief! PMS sucks! Or whatever you want to call it when you are menstruating, rather than the Pre menstral time!

I went to bed and slept well!

Tuesday August 11th

I slept in until 1130! I hate sleeping in late like this. Adog and I went out to try and study by the pool. We were both a little emo. Didn’t get much done. We messaged Mark to see if maybe he could cheer us up. He invited us over for dinner later. His parents were going to be over and he said it would be fine. We said we would bring a salad.

This made us get up off our butts and hit the gym early! We hit up Woollys after for supplies and then home to shower and prepare. When I got home, Shonleigh and Jarrah were there studying. We discussed briefly the differences between tampons in Aus compared to what you find in Canada. In Canada, ladies will tell you that there is really only about one brand that does not come with an applicator. We have had it easy being raised with such smoooooth inserting methods! Here in Aus, it’s the opposite. Like everything is, OppOsite! They only have one brand with an applicator, and its Tampax, the cardboard type! Boo! Anyways, to make things clear again, I decided to give the Aussie ones a go. There are soo many different types! They all also come in the cutest little packages and are better for the environment as they do not have soo much garbage- the applicator! I bought some that come in these cute little tins. I may have to bring those for gifts next time! Maybe even for the boys since they come in blue!!! :P Evaluation of product: they work just as well for absorbtion, but the insertion can be messy if you are of heavy flow. I don’t know what a girl would do in a public washroom! I like my smmoooooth upbringing ways!

We quickly made the salad and Shon- best roomie ever, offered to drive us. We got to Marks house and Entered. His parents were really nice. We did some chit chat and then ate. His mom had made some sausage stew on rice. It was good, but we were trying to be vegans. I guess we could start a later day. Better to do that then to be rude. His mom actually critiqued our salad saying that we should have done this rather then this. That was just fine. I agreed, but Adog wanted it that way. Its all good. Taste fabulous anyways!

His dad is quiet and shakes slightly. I had a few conversations with him and he was pleasant. His mom is non stop- typical mom! I guess whenever she comes over to visit, she reorganizes and he cannot find anything. She knows his house inside and out! That would drive me nuts! Haahh Boys! At one point, Mark mentioned that his Fart machines remote was missing. She spent 20 minutes going through his cupboards. She didn’t find it and then next thing I notice was that she was on the floor in a Homer Simpson kind of pose. The one where he is on his side and his feet are walking in air and he is spinning in circles, screaming woop woop woop woop! Hahah that is what she looked like, but the I realized she was looking for the remote under the couch! Hahah

We chit chatted some more over a glass of wine. His mom gave me some very good tips on what I could build a shelf out of in my room. I was very excited to find ways to gain more storage! She had some very good ideas!

Shonleigh came to grab us and we drove home after saying our good byes. I talked to Justin on the computer about RUGS. We actually talked for quite awhile. Finally bed time!

Noosa Night

Saturday August 8th

I woke up at 1100. I made some breaky and found out that we were going to go to the spit to eat some fish. I made some food before leaving because I was slowly intergrating my new vegan diet. I also had to go to the plaza to buy some stuff for placement.

Also, I received a text from Scotty. He informed me that Ron called him and told him that I Arby Campbell was uninvited to his cartoon character going away party. I wasn’t going anyways- didn’t even think about what I would dress up as if I were to go, but it didn’t feel right that I would be “uninvited”!! I went and talked to Rachel. I guess he had said that Adog and I were speakin gill of him, and that he was upset that we went to the Gold Coast to see HIS friends and didn’t invite him. What a drama queen! When we were in the Gold Coast with Ron the first time, he ditched out, or so he led us to believe. He left us with his friend- who we then became good friends with! This friend- Scotty, was the one who invited us. If Ron were to go, that would be on his own invitation- nothing to do with us. He is such a retard. Its more like a good ridden party then a going away! Have fun in the Navy!

We got to the spit and everyone ordered food. Adog and I met up with Brock and went for a walk to the light house. I collected shells alone while Brock and Adog talked and walked ahead. Finally I met up with them and we sat for some minutes. While sitting here, we had the pleasure of seeing a dolphin jump out of the water just a few metres in front of us. I named him Delphinium! Like the flower! Lol

We walked back to the group who was sitting on the grass and eating their prawns and fries. We sat for a bit talking, and then I got everyone to go to the plaza. Adog and I went with Chakley. He had forgotten his flip flops at my house and so we stopped so he could buy a new pair. Haha How someone forgets there foot wear is beyond me! Something that only happens to Aussies I am certain! We stopped at a store and Adog bought a dress, and Mat some flippy floppy’s.

We met with everyone else at the plaza where I began the hunt for black pants, a name tage, and black shoes. I have the worse time finding black pants in Canada! It was not much better here. I went in store after store trying on dress pants. Too short or too expensive! Even the pricey ones were borderline too short! I eventually found some dance pants that were a very good price- cheapest I had seen all day! They were comfortable and made me feel good because they were a SMALL! That’s my usual! This means they will still fit when I lose this excess in the rear and fit all my old clothes! haha After this I found some cheap black shoes- not per standard, but the best I could find, and a name tag.

Mat drove us home and we quickly all got ready. The plan was to go to Noosa for a friends 21st party. I wasn’t planning on going, but was feeling a tad better after finding pants! Kurtis wanted to use my computer and so I let him. I walked into the room a bit later when he told he that he liked my ipod! I looked over to see, and there was my black ipod. It was a fake who shocked ppl when they pressed the button! Hahaha I love it! He was the first person I really got, and I wasn’t even in the room to see it. I then grabbed it to see if Chakley could “fix” it for me too. Chakley, being the handy man that he is, grabbed it because he would never say no to a girl who needed a mans help! He pressed the button and fell to the ground! Hahahaha Always too funny! It looks pretty fake and so I had unscrewed the back and put rocks in it. It stil looks and feels a bit fake, but its better then it was. Soo fun!

We all loaded into Chakleys Land Cruiser. It was Tessa, Chakley, And Shonleigh in the back. Kurtis, Adog and I in the front. Adog and I grabbed some Goon sac wine to drink- its cheap! Yum Yum fruity Lexia! On the way down, Kurtis pulled over suddenly onto the side of the road. We looked around expecting to see a copper or something. We all gave him our blank stares, and in exchange he announced, “ did somebody ring the bell, this is your stop!” hahahahha Kurty the bus driver!! Ahha

We got to our hotel room and it was super nice! It was a mini apartment. I could easily live in a place like that! We all started drinking and talking. Ordered pizza- good bye diet for tonight- like I said, it’s a slow easing process! Afterwards, we all walked to the bar. We were only there for about 15 minutes when we left. We went back and went to bed. I don’t think anyone was in the mood to be at the bar. It was pretty late when we got there too. In the morning, I discovered that I had lost my phone and drivers license. ( Chakley eventually found my phone two days later in his car, this is still a mystery to me as I had it after being in the car, and did not go back in til the morning- when I had already discovered it missing!! The license I got about a week and a half later when Adog was looking for something in her purse and found it in the side pocket! Crazy! I don’t know why my stuff likes to run away from me soo much!

Sunday August 9th

I woke up and was in immense pain! I got my period and the cramps were not delicate! Sorry boys- but man up, it’s a natural part of life! We quickly went to see if my phone was at the bar. They let me out so I could go ask. The bar wasn’t open, so I bought a kebab. No phone! Haha I went home and I slept after popping some ibuprofen! I watched some movies and got a message from Justin on the computer.

I stayed up late listening to the party next door. Rons party. I heard him give a speech and it was all too familiar! I half expected him to start throwing bottles and steel a boat- Raging Roger if you do remember the camping trip from Boramba damn! The party did not end til about 8 am!!!!! Adog even called security when she heard a bottle being smashed in the common area! I also heard this. Crazy! Finally went to sleep!