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Magic Mushrooms
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lock Me Up- My Room Is Clean!

Saturday August 15th

Woke up at 0800 to go work out. We wanted to go to the beach and the gym closes early on weekends. Boo! Lately my calf and shin on the left leg has been hurting quite alot. its a dull throbbing sort of pain. It hurts more when I am running and afterwards. I have been usuing A535. No help. im thinking it is a shin splint, but never have I had one bother me soo long and like this. We will see what happens. I was going to do an easy run today. Maybe just 20 min instead of 30. maybe just run at a speed of 9.5 instead of switching between 11.5 and 10 for two minutes each. I was running, approaching 10 minutes, when all the sudden- BOOIIING!!!! My bra had worked its way undone. It is a bra that has a zipper down the front middle, and so you can see- or imagine just what would happen if it came undone! COMPLETLY!! I pulled the stop rope on the tread mill and ran to the washroom. I zipped up concealing the ladies. I lectured them on how it wasnt time for them to come out and play yet, and made my way back to my machine. By time I got there- 3 seconds- my leg was pretty sore. I hopped up anyways and kept on truckin! I only went for another 20 mins. made me a bit sad. :(

I forgot to mention, at 0700 in the morning, I recieved a phone call from Mark. He wanted us to go to Brissy with him to see the Dr. again for this "business" meeting thingy. I wasnt interested and we had our day planned as it was. While walking to the gym, he called again. He was very persistant and kept saying that Jamie- the doc- doesnt invite just anyone out and that we should feel privaledged. Jamie has a good radar on people and thinks we are good people. I spent most of the walk trying to explain to him how we were not interested in the business side of the health seminar. I ended up giving him a verbal rain cheque.

After the gym, we did a quick shop. Its Vegan time! We bought lots of stuff with protein. We are back on meat. We are label reading machines! Oi! Its hard trying to challenge thy diet and be super healthy! Food isnt just good ol' fresh healthy food in this modern world! Things are added- and not for the good- most things your body does not need. The best thing for you is the- right out of the garden, off the romp of the cow- fresh! Then you dont have to worry about salts. Plus, there are a bunch of things found in natural foods that doo wonders for your body- but we dont know what they are and we cannot copy them ... yet. One day I am sure it will all be worked out. There, I just made you, my viewer, smarter!

We went home and showered and ate. The Amanda's met me at mine, and off we were to catch the bus. We finally reached Coloundra. Made our way to King's beach and set up camp- Amanda and my own towels, and Adog brought the surf board- but forgot her towel... hahhaa. I read text books all day just listening to the ocean and the happy sounds of family- and the cinese over sea's students who were playing games by hopping on one foot trying to knock each other down, which took forever because there were 30 of them. I also snacked on strawberry's, cherry tomato's, and nuts. It was a good day. A little breezy, and so I covered up with my light coat. Not really a tanning kind of day. Adog went in for a surf. When she came back, she just lyed in the sand! She is a trooper! :)

Amanda Long went home earlier than us. We wanted to keep on keep oning. After a while, we got hungry and decided to go home. On our journey home, we had to stop at Kawana Waters shopping centre- because the bus went that far. We needed to make a connection. It was going to be a little while and so we ventured into the mall- surf board and all. It was funny- but not different considering its normalcy! We happened upon Jess who worked here. We talked for a bit and I recieved a phone call from my over seas hunk a man! We talked for a bit and he let me go. Sounded like he was having a pretty good Friday night- but missed me! I guess he was out with all his friends for a dinner, and everyone was with their girlfriend and he was the only "single" because I was not present! :( Our bus came, and home we went.

I got home and made some healthy grub, and Adog and I watched a movie. Kirtenne was going to watch with us, but was called in for a night shift. Then my man called me again and we spent a while talking. I eventually went to bed.

Sunday August 16th

We slept in. In our seperate beds if that was a confusing sentence. Hmm sounds like I am starting to write like Adog and I are always together! lol I dont even know what time she woke up. Awesome! Anyways. When I finally dragged my butt out of my flat and stiff bed, I put barley anything on and went out for a tan. ( a bikini- but really, do they leave much for the imagination these days?) While we were by the pool, we tried to study, but it was hot! Sooo hot that there were some people out having a BBQ by the pool. So hot that Adog and I even jumped in the pool. I must be becoming a whimp if I am admitting that I dont jump in the pool during the "winter" in Australia! I know, I am sorry!

The guys having the BBQ began talking to us. Small chit chat. We met the two- Joel and Mat. We began talking and they asked us if we had ever been to Mt. Coolum. We have not. I saw an opportunity. They said that we should all go one of these days. I said " well what are you boys doing today??" hahahaha I want to see Australia, and I want peronal tours from locals! None of this touristy non sense! They were harmless! They agreed and said they would be back in 20 to pick us up.

We drove to Mt. Coolum. It was a pretty good hike. I purposly skipped out on the gym today to rest my leg, but climbed a mountain anyways! Good on me! hahaha It was a non stop hike and we were a bit out of breath, but we kept on going. It was the kind of hike that you thought the top was just right there- but it kept going. Once we got to the top, we went and looked out over the view. We could see Noosa, Double Island, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, and more. It was pretty awesome. We did some chatting and came upon the topic of root beer. One of the guys said that he had had it before and that he thinks it tastes just like this drink called sasperilla. This intrigued us and so we ventured down the mountain in hopes of finding some of this root beer wanna be drink.

We drove into the small town of Coolum I believe it was, and what did I see? A bunch of lonely milk crates- calling my name! The boys werent soo into the idea of "borrowing" the milk crates. We wondered into the IGA - yes they have those here- and search for the sasperilla. ( here is a thought Kelsey- Maybe you can do some kind of work exchange- work at an over seas IGA for some experience... haha). After the wonderful and refreshing purchasing of this fine imitation, we hopped in the car. We poped the top and took a swig. That is surprisingly alot like root beer- but with this weird after taste that is not soo desired by moi! Adog seemed to really like it. I prefer the A&Dub brand!

As we were leaving, Mat stopped the car right in front of the crates. He asked if I was going to do it. Adog helped me. We jumped out and she grabbed ONE!!! A red one to boot. I was right behind her and swiped THREE- black ones. They go with my room decor more. As I was coming towards the car in a mad criminal rush type of dance holding these three crates, my door shut!! my hands were too full to open it, luckily Mat opened it up for me! I threw the crates in and yelled "HIT IT!!" I expected a tire screeching take off, instead I got a blank stare and a haulted vehicle! They were soo overwhlmed with the crates flying every which way, that they needed to sort it out before going. We finally found a spot for all four of them, and then we slowly took off.

On the way home, we stopped in a little town just on the coast. I dont remember what it was called, but the whale island is straight out from the beach. The whale island can be seen from the Mooloolaba beach. The boys informed me that it was not wise to swim near here as it was a hang out spot for sharks! That is certainly good information to retain!

When we got home, we fixed up dinner and ate. Then Kirstenne invited us over for a movie. We went over and Adog left early because she fell asleep. Kirstenne and I eventually gave up on the movie too- lets just say it wasnt Miss Jolie's best work. We talked for a bit and then I went home to hit the hay, but not before googling directions and realizing how far Caboolture reall was!! I did after all have my first day of placement in the morning and was unsure of how to get there.

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