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Magic Mushrooms
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Diarrhea from the Sky's!

Monday May 25th

Slept in! yay. It has been nice to be able to do this latley!

I did some homework and facebooking for a long while. Found some good sites for school. Then Shon and I went to Kawana to do some running around. I bought some stuff that needs to go to Canada for some special little people! * COUGHELSEY- COUGHULIE!!* While we were in the Optus mobile store waiting for service, we almost died! It was so gross. It was actually our econd attempt in being in there and getting done what was needed. The first time we entered the store, the smell almost knocked us right over! It was litterally like hitting a brick wall! I didnt know where it was coming from- I was too delirious to percieve direction. Shon located the source rather and impressively quick! She was stealth! Immediatly we left the store and went into Big W. A store that looks like Walmarts Australian cousin, but are in fact not related!

After finishing in Big W, we attempted once again to pay Shon's phone bill. OH NO! He was still in there. This time I got a good look. He was a very large man. Wearing a sleeve- less shirt with some shorts. He also had teds on. Teds are tensor type bandages that you wear on your legs to help return blood to the heart. He obviously has heart problems. I didnt need to look at his Ted stockings to figure that one out. He was an easy cracker to read. An even easier one to smell! Im sure the smell was coming from the skin between his skin folds and possible from down below. When someone is that big, they usually have trouble wiping up after using the washroom. One would know from experience in the health care industry. I know you dont want to hear it, but often people will come in with massive infections in these dark moist folded areas because they are unable to care for them and keep them clean and dry. I am sure this man was full of infection. Unfortunaltly I know the smell!

To make things worse, we noticed he had a wife!!! She was large as well, but not so like him. What really horrified me was that in her shopping cart was the cutest little blonde girl! She had sweet little curls and did not seem to notice the smell that was he, the smell that was eating away at my lungs! She seemed to be a happy little girl. Its too bad she wont be able to really know her dad. I am sure he wont survive. His heart is working triple over time and the smell- oh the smell! Thank god they left the store shortly after!

After clearing our noses in the fresh aussie air, we headed home. We stopped off at woolies to pick up milk and cheese since we go through both items like we were starved beings! Its almost like we eat cheese cereal or something.. hmm actually, doesnt sound half bad.. might need to try it out... GROSS! So was kidding!

When we arrived home, we made some delicious wraps. It was extra yummy today. I had added south west sauce to my clever concoction! We watched - in her shoes for a while, and then Shon went to Uni. I came upstairs to do some quick reveiw before class. I also painted my finger nails pink! Pretty and pink! :)

Class was good. Always interesting. Its funny to think that I only have one more class left of this one after today. It total I have 9 classes left! That is two weeks. Then a week off for studying and then two exams- then holiday time!! Woot Woot! 27 days and counting!

Ate an apple and a musli bar and Amanda and I went to the gym. Good work out as always. I was in a slightly bad mood and ran 25 mintues rather then my usual 20! Who ever said negitive energy was bad for you!?!? ahahhaha No but seriously I wasnt in a very bad mood at all. Into the sauna we went. Had a nice shower and walked home. It was a nice night. We could have gotten a ride home, but we kind of felt like walking.

On our way home- we almost died! Yes I am aware that is twice in one day! Australia is dangerous! haha We were walking and gossiping about our international men when all the sudden, the tree in front of us that hangs over the side walk started to shake- something was in there! We stopped just before walking under it to see what was going on. Thank god we stopped! Just then- a huge crow flew out of the tree and away from us going over the road. Not a big deal really.... EXCEPT FOR THE AMOUNT OF POO AND PEE EXCRETING FROM ITS GIANT BIRD BUTT!!! You really should have seen the amount of waste leaking from this things behind! If we hadnt stopped to see what the noise was- we would have been painted white by big birds defecation!!! Yugh! We went to keep walking after a brief freak out. Amanda went to walk under the tree and I believe she felt a drip. I would have been right there with her, but there was no way I was going to risk walking under that tree! That thing had diarrhea! It came out like a fire hose, beginning from the tree! I walked on the road to get around the tree, and was thankful I did when Adog felt the drip! Eww!!

Got home to find that Miss Kim had made me dinner. She made me some pasta. It was sooooo good. I talked to Justin on the phone while eating and drinking Mint tea. ( Stacey- you totally have me hooked on mint tea now!! ) I was about to go to bed when Shon came home early from work. I find that I do usually wait up for her to come home. She usually is home around 1230 at night. At this time of day is when her and I have some of our best conversations. Shonleigh is a very smart girl. She is extremely mature for her age and I often find myself asking for her advise. We swap tid bits of advise frequently. It makes me sad to think that In two years time, I will be going home and we will forever live in different countries. She has become such a good friend to me. I will have to convince her to move to America! :) ( This is different then friends I left in Canada, because I always know they will be there when I get back, whereas Shonleigh will be In Aus still. )

Shonleigh walked in and I ran downstairs screaming-quietly since Miss Kim is in bed- yay She is home early!! When I got down stairs, Shonleigh said that I had to find the present she brought me! Chocolate!!! I dont like chocolate, but somehow became addicted to these lindor chocolates! Even the white ones which I usually cannot stand! I found four of these treasures in her pockets! Then we had a 45 min talk while she made food and ate it. She is turning 19 on Saturday! Its going to be a good time! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Skim Boarding and Pavlova!

Wednesday May 20th

There is nothing better then sleeping with the rain pounding hard on the roof! Lovin it! What I didnt know, was that there is a cyclone somewhere around the east coast here! ahhah I was wondering why it was so thick and harsh!

I was up and headed over to Adogs place to escourt her to lecture. We joined Rachel in lecture- turns out I didnt gain any knowledge! Just did not have an attention span! Really wish I could concentrate! I try to- and then somehow I start daydreaming. About the most random things. For example, I will look down at my shoe and think about how I need white shoe polish! Its amazing how much I can think about white shoe polish, and then I realize that Im not listening again! UGH!!! I think I may have been a gold fish in my past life as I heard they have an attention span of 7 seconds- however, I would like to know how they tested this. What exactly did they have the fish paying attention to?? Were they trying to teach it tricks, and then realized no trick could be taught in 7 seconds??

I met up with my patho group after class. We headed to the library and began to work it out. This group is much more organized then my last one. This is a good thing, but I also think they are taking it too seriously. They are forgetting that it is a presentation and not an essay. They are going to be reading paragraphs. I would rather just have key points and dumb it down so the class understands. In all actuality, we are giving a lesson to the class and our main goal is for them to understand. I believe that is where we will get our marks. Im glad that I will be in charge of the main Pathological process part. Yay! * Arby is secretly happy she was put through the horror of public speaking as a child now*

By time we were done working on it, it was about 230pm. Justin was in bed as it was late back home. Didnt get to talk with him. Boo. Oh well. He will call me later, when he wakes up. I headed home and made some lunch. I was eating in my room and Wolley came over and fell asleep on my bed. We both had lecture at 4, for different classes. When it was time to go, I woke the reluctant Woolley up and we both walked to Uni.

When I got to class, no body I knew was there. Amy and my lab girls must have ditched out as well as my Canadian comrads! I decided to stay as I was already there. I didnt decide to sleep through it, but had the worse time trying to keep my eyes open. Its a good thing I know alot about pain managment. Near the end of class, I did check my phone and realized I had missed a text from Shonleigh. " You better we home when I get there cuz the boys are going Skim boarding!! ". I wasnt home in time and she took Miss Kim instead. :( I missed out on an extremely fun Aussie past time to do what?? SLEEP IN A BORING LECTURE ABOUT STUFF I ALREADY KNOW!! grr!

Shon and I wanted to make some dinner. So she got showered and we went to woolworths. Once home, we made some wraps. She was done making her boring - ham, cheese wrap when I had finished taking out ingredients for mine! hahaha My food is anything but boring! Lettuce, avacado, tomatos, tobasco sauce, sweet chilli sauce, seasoned turkey meat, cheese, on a spinich wrap! YUM! Im frothing as we speak!

After dinner, Amanda and I went to the gym. Shonleigh was an angel and let me take her car! I froth her as well. Best room mate ever! We drove there and had a quick workout. Once we were done, I went to start the car. Now Shon's car is a little funny. Her dad insists that she has this security feature. What it is, is that when you go to start it, if it for some reason thinks you are stealing the car, it wont start. ( I dont know how exaclty it figure out when to start or not, but- annoying! ) On her key chains, she has these two little rods that are to be rubbed over the ignition. Then you try to start it. When ever I go anywhere with Shon, it never starts! It is only when I am with her that we have problems! The car must think I am a thief or something!

Anyways, I had the car and I had to use the rods when I left the house, but again when I left the gym. It took about 6-7 min to finally get it started. I tried rubbing the rods slow, soft, fast, and hard! i tried probably about 20 times! Adog and I were getting a tad worried- boom it started! Thank god! How annoying is that!??! What if someone was chasing us- like in a horror movie- and we werent able to get away because the car thought we were stealing it! Her car just does not like me. She says she rarely uses the rods when she starts Daisy the Daewoo up!

Once home, I had a quick shower. Then Shon and I went over to Bells to borrow some movies. I talked to Justin briefly at this point. We got home and made some delicious ice cream con coction and then we watched - theres something about Mary.

After the movie, we both slept in my bed, as Shon is steal not settled about the Daniel Morcomb thing. ( I recently learned the correct spelling! ) Had a peaceful sleep once again! Thank you rain!
Thursday May 21st

Slept in til 9 am! Woot woot! I did this and that around the house and eventually, Adog and I went to the gym. Had a really good work out and we were about to hit the sauna like we do when we are not rushed. We never made it to our sweat session due to a text I recieved from Shon. " Be home, we are going skim boarding!" We hurried home to find shon eating some ice cream on the couch. She said we didnt need to rush as the boys werent there yet. I made myself a quick bite to eat and resisted showering. I was sweat drenched and a tad smelly!!

Finally the boys got there. Shon didnt want to come, so Brock drove Adog and I. We met Cammy B and Pom at the field and Yates later showed up. The boys were a bit mean. They had told Yates that they were going to tutorial, when really they were taking us skim boarding. So Yates was in Tute all by himself! poor guy, hopefully he learned something essential in that hour!

Skim Boarding! There has been flooding and massive amounts of rain here lately. It was a nice day today- sunny but not hot. Juat warm. Perfect skim boarding conditions. When there is soo much rain, it fills up low spots in fields. The shallow water is ideal. You take this flat body board or "skim" board and lay it in the water just at the shallowest bit- the shore. Then you take a running start and jump on it like you are wake boarding. You skim across the water trying to stay on as long as you can. It is quick, but very fun! Most entertaining when someone bifs it hard! hahaha

We took many pictures and some videos! It is soo much fun! I was covered in mud and grass! Everyone was so funny when they wiped out. A prize was awarded to me for the best wipe out ever! I was going at it and was just fine when the front end of my board bit into the grass underneath the shallow water. This shot me forward into the air- I was executing a fine dismount when my body suddenly jerked and my FACE landed hard into the muddy- grassy water! My sinus' filled with water- everyone was silent. I got up and heard the gunshots of laughter spill out of everyone! Cammy B " if that didnt hurt, something is wrong with you!!" I thought to myself - it wasnt so bad... hmmm- is there something wrong with me?? haha I was pleased to learn that Cammy B got it on tape!! I havent seen it yet, but I will track him down and try to get it on facebook! They said it was the bet wipe out ever! Of course it was me who had to be at the top of the list for...... WIPE OUTS!! ahhaah

I got home and showered in a mad rush. I had to shave my legs and everything! I only ha an hour! This was going to be tricky. I was ready right on the dot of 6pm. I am good! Although Shon still gives me crap for taking so long!

Ben drove us in a hurry to his cricket game. It was inside of an arena kind of place. It was an interesting place as well. They had good beer- extra dry- for only $3.50. I had one! Yum! I learned alot about the game. Kind of interesting. In this place, what Adog and I thought was sooo awesome, there were some aussie flags hanging from the roof. Right beside it- an Albertan flag!!! WHAT??? No other flags... just those two! How crazy is that? I wanted to know the story, but couldnt find anyone who knew. I doubt anyone ever really noticed it, or knew what it was. We represented and made sure all our friends knew! haha

Our boys ended up kicking the red shirts butts! yay! So after wards- we were so starving we went to Mackers. We ate. Yates and Girl Yates showed up. Cammy B and I went and played in the childrens play area. We flew some helicopters as well- in the play area. I took his out and then he had a tantrum and we had to go see the others. lol jk! They were not real. Dont be silly!
After Mackers, we were to go to Sands bar. It was Uni night after all. When Yates, Adog, Chakley, Dan, and I hopped into the truck, we all at once agreed that it was more of a movie night then a bar night. Yates was still keen to join the others and so we dropped him off.

We headed to the beach. It was night and we wanted to see the conditions. The beach was barely there. Because of the cyclone, the tide was way up and the sand was carved away, leaving the beach low. There was no way we could walk on the beach- it was water and foam covered. There was soo much foan on shore. But because there was baely any shore, the water kept swallowing most of it up, which looked quite disgusting! Like old baggy skin- a womans saggy breast as she is naked on a amusment park ride! Sorry for the in appropriate visual! :P

After the beach, we went to Dans to pick a movie out. We were going to go to Chakleys but stayed here instead. His Mom- sorry- Mum and sister were up watching movies down stairs. Really nice family. Offered us Tim tams! :) and tea.

We went upstairs and all squished into Dans bed. His family is well off and he has very nice bed and blankets... frothing was initiated! We watched " love actually". Good movie. During the movie, I recieved a text from the lovely Shonleigh. She was in a horrible mood. Before when we decided not to go to Sands Bar, she was going to come with us, but Brock promised her she would be home early. Brock had met with many friends and did not want to leave at this point. They got into many fights- as per usual Brock and Shon. She ended up sitting in the bathroom for 45 min texting me. Our movies was done and so we were going to pick her up.

We hopped into Chakleys land cruiser and drove down the hill when we realized there were no head lights. I told Shon of our difficulties. We went back up the hill and Dan and Mat tried for about an hour to fix the problem via switching three batteries from here to there to there to here! hahah Adog and I had our own fun! The boys werent watching- so I made some fun... body prints on the due forming on the windows! haha Chakley seemed to know what I had done merely from the shapes! He was pleased! teehee!

No luck with the head lights. By this time, Shonleigh had made Brock take her home. They sorted out their conflicts and were good by time she arrived home ten minutes after me. I beat her home only because Dan let Chakley use his truck. Brock had already told Shon that he was driving her home, and so we didnt have to go out of our way to get her.

Shon and I talked for awhile at home while eating milk and cookies. This was the first night since the oiuja -(weegee) board experience. I was sad to sleep alone, as I am a cuddler! :(

Friday May 22nd

Woke up and planned to go to the gym. This did not happen. I had logged on to face book as per addiction- my sister Melissa skyped me and I ended up talking to Ethan as well. He had gotten my letter. He is soo funny. Always soo many questions for me. I like knowing he is learning about traveling and that I am helping him concieve the the idea of cultures and countries. Shonleigh came into my room and I put her on to chat with Ethan. She began talking with him, but he stopped to think. He then asked Melissa, " mom, I cant understand her." haha Melissa then tried to teach him that she talks in an accent because she is in a different country. " so she speaks another language because she is in a different country??" haha soo cute. I came back on the line, and he asked me question after question about how Shonleigh says this and that. By the time we were done talking, he was set on writing me a letter with a list of words in it that he wants my friends to translate for him!! hahahha SOo friggin cute!

I quickly showered and packed my bags.

Hopped in Shon's car. Off to Brissy. We sang and talked all the way to her parents place. Such a good time. I briefly talked to Justin. It is getting quite rediculous when we talk. I hate rogers! All of his calls are dropped! We can barely talk as we sounds like robots! he can hear me fine, nothing wrong with my reception. My phone sucks though. It never turns off when I am talking on it, but if I am texting or not doing anything, or if I open or close it too hard- it will shut down! It is soo annoying! I need a new one! Donations accepted, please make cheques out to Kristin Campbell! Anyways, the talking on the phone is driving me nuts, and making a long distance relationship.... robotic!! :

Once we arrived in Parkinson- southern Brissy, we said hello and gave kisses. We caught up and Shon and I offered to make dinner. We ran to IGA for some supplies. We were making chilli con carne. yum Yum. While in IGA, we were running around and the shelf stocker boys helped us. Its funny being in Brissy. There are a few sublte differences. We have grown used to the Aussie accents, as they have grown accustomed to ours. Here in IGA, when I asked where something was, the one guy looked at me funny. He didnt seem to understand and kept asking me to repeat. He kept saying" I cannot understand you, what are you trying to say???" haha I had no idea what he was talking about. I just kept slowly repeating myself. Then I realized, he was making fun of the foriegn girls accent!! They seemed to get a kick out of us! Even back at Shon's place, her brother, who I have met a couple of times, came out to the kitchen while we were cooking. he kept repeating everything I was saying. We thought he was being a brat. Then I
realized, he too was making fun! I pointed it out and both Shon and I were like " Oh right!!"

While making dinner, Brendan, Shon's dad was in his office. Normally I would not inform you of such minicule details- however, this is worth mentioning! Jenny was soo embarrassed, eventually she closed the door on him! He had on a pair of head phones and was singing his heart out. He began with some of the Kings greatest hits and moved on to some modern R&B hits. Where he didnt know the words, he moaned and said, "YEAAHHH!!" It was soo funny. Shon and I even snuk over to get a peak- his face was soo involved and passionate. His eyes and whole being was working so hard to perfect each syllable! What a good time!

Dinner was a hit. Shon has only cooked for her rents a couple of times and so I made her look good since it was my idea! her mom Jenny, heard that I had never had Pavlova before. Its a common aussie dessert. It consists of this special fine- but not icing sugar fine- sugar, vanilla extract, a little bit of flower, some vinegar stuff. I cannot remember it all exactly. I will have to make it for my family. You cook it for 1.5 hours. Its a big white blob. When it cools, the centre sinks and the tops shell cracks. You put whipped cream on top with some fruit. It was soo delicious. I was not sure if I would like it, I am picky about my sweets. I expected it to be heavy, but was pleased to find it light. The crust melts in your mouth- as sugar would- and the inside is a merang- moist, soft, filling kind of texture. Almost like warm ice cream that doesnt melt. Make sense? Hmmm not really. haha It was good. So light that I was able to eat two slices!

Shon's friend Kurtis was also over for dinner. Jenny, Kurtis, Shon and I watched -the holiday. Very good movie. Jude Law- just as fabulous as pavlova! I would take two slices of him any day! Shon was on Facebook the whole time and wrote as her status " Shonleigh is jealous that Arby is cuddling with Mum!!" hahah I was indeed snuggled up under a blanket with Jenny. Shon says they froth me! I like being frothed!

After the movie, We all went to bed. Kurtis went home of course. Nighty night!

Saturday May 23rd

Up and bathed. Once clean, I exited the bathroom in my towel to find Shon and her friend Stacey talking. Always good to meet people when in the nude! Stacey was around for a while and went home. I readied myself for the day.

Food Time! Picked up Tess and went to Sushi Train in an asian part of town. Yum! It was very busy- parking was a night mare- full of bad drivers- no stereotype intended! After eating, we drove around singing pink very loudly. Jenny made us copies of three pink cds. We dropped Tess off eventually after catching up. We stopped by the grocery store and back home.

We watched the Pink concert on tv and played on the internet. Got all pretty and drove to Erins house. Erin is a good mate of Shon's, also her ex bf's ( of 5 yrs) older sister. Erin and Shon also worked together at woolworths. She was having a party of all the old friends of Woolies. I was the tag along pal. Foriegn girl is always welcome! haha We helped make some party food and punch. Ppl slowly began coming over. There was about 10 of us by the end of it. Some people were 26, and some 17. We drank until the punch was out- which didnt take long as it was one bowl vs. 10 people! And then everyone continued to drink. We laughed and talked. Mostly, it was them reminising.

Justin called me when he was on his way to work. We talked for a couple of minutes and I went back to the party. He called and again and I was confused as to why. He was laughing soo hard! Apparently, on his way to work, he saw this truck full of ladders on the HWY. He was wondering why a work truck needed so many ladders. When he looked at the driver, he nearly drove himselft off the road in laughter! There in the drivers seat was a midget!! Bahahahha! I came back to the party and everyone seemed to have a good laugh!

Shon and I had planned on stumbling home, but realized by 1am, that niether of us were drunk. I was sober. I drove us home. We crawled into bed. I was almost alseep when we heard- varrrooooooom- then complete silence. It sounded like a drill and we were home alone! After much worying, we discovered the noisy dvd player, turned it off, and fell alseep.

Sunday May 24th

Woke up at 10. Wow what a sleep in!

Up and showered.

Watched the rest of the pink concert. By noon time, no one was home yet. We wrote the Ryan parents a note and left it on the counter. I thank Brendan for the concert and Jenny for the Pavlova!

We danced our way into the car and off we were. We talked and sang all the way home as well. Only stopping once for a bite to eat on the way. This is where we saw Xanthys friend Erin. She had also been in Brissy for the weekend. I guess she had just recieved her P plates for driving and immediatly went for a trip to Brissy. On the way home, she was behind a paint truck. One of the buckets flew off. She was scared it was going to break through the windsheild! Luckily, it went staight to the ground where she had no time to swerved out of the way. She ran over it. When we met up with her, she had her brother there looking at the tire. She was ok, just a little startled as this was her first trip ever! haha poor girl!

I got home and did some reading. Caught up on facebook. Julie my niece has been sending me some cute messages! She says that she would be really sad if I forgot her and she forgot me- so she needs to know every detail of my life!!! haha What a cute Banana!

I watched a movie and Miss Kim made some delicious rice curry. Shon was at work. We drank tea and watched the movie. Amanda came over and we watched Master Chef. Its a pretty good aussie show. Lots of chefs competing. Woolley was over briefly to use our oven and milk as her over was not working. She is always baking htings, but never has all the supplies. She is always using other peoples stuff. Oh well. She gave us some muffins after and I was happy. It was just Adog and I catching up on the happenings of the weekend. Rachel came over all dressed to the nines before Allegra picked her up. She is working out at Fridays and so she never gets to go out. I guess she and her work friends go out on sundays becuase they never get to on the weekend.

Everyone left and I went up stairs to work on some stuff. I ended up being on Face book way too long as always. I waited up for Shon to get home. We sat downstairs for a bit and talked. Eventually going to bed.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daniel Morcombe- Group Work Mayhem!!!

Friday May 15th

Up early for a quick revision of my notes before lab. I am lucky because Amanda and Rachel have lab a week before I do and they always warn me of unexpected quizes and such. I got to lab and met up with Amy and the girls. We walked around to all the stations labeling parts of the eye and ear. I am pretty familiar with teh eye and the ear by now. I feel like I have learned about all there is to know about a million times! It was Kirstenne and I walking around for the most part. We did tests such as the old Fork test that you bang on your knee and listen to the ringing in your ear. I spun around 5 times and had to walk a straight line. We did the snellen eye exam. That is the letters starting with the big "E". It only went up to 20/20 vision, but I know I have at least 20/15- because Im extra cool!

By the time we were finished, it was time for our quiz. It was pretty easy. Straight from the notes I revised in the morning. Im sure I got a 100%. I also was handed back my urinalysis assignment. 22/25! Yay! I sure know my urine! ... and many other peoples urine as well.. :S
Just as I was leaving to go home, Justin called me. We talked for a while. He often " walks" me home! hahah When I got home, Shon was watching a movie. The Notebook. I snuggled up on the couch and joined her. Yates joined us for the movie. He had lost his liscense the other day. He was driving people home and was sober, but the other were not. Everyone was wearing thier seatbelts and they technichially were not doing anything wrong. The problem was that Yates has his "P" plates on. This is like our GDL system. P = probation. He is not allowed to drive more then one person under the age of 21 after 1130pm unless they are family. Unfortunatly for him, they were not family and all were under 21. Cops are soo strict here. Poor Yates. I sure hope the others in the car are going to help him pay the fine as he was helping them out!

After the movie, Shon and I went grocery shopping. I was soo low on food that I was eating bread and peanut butter with honey for two days. Then I ran out of peanut butter and it was butter and jam!! Then I ran out of bread! I dont think I would have lasted any longer! yay for food.

Chakley called and said he would pick me up to hang out at Yates place. I went over to chat with Jess as I waited. He soon found me. As he was chatting with Jess, Myspace called her, but she was busy unloading groceries, so I picked up his call and talked with him for a while. Little did I know that Pom, Dan, and Yates, were in the car waiting for us!! haha off to the car we went. We stopped briefly in Mooloolaba for the boys to pick up their Mexican food from Montezumas. ( Its no Julios!!) Then off to yates.

Poor Dan has been having stomach problems. He has been seeing the doctor for it and is waiting on some results. I didnt recommend the Mexican food, but he said it was worth it! :)

At the Yates place, there was a whole bunch of people. We sat around talking for a while and I taught some people- Max and Graham, how to do that 3D eye picture puzzle thing. There was a book on the coffee table. Then my phone rang and I yelled out "Canada" and ran to answer it in the bedroom.

I talked to Justin for a couple minutes and when I shut my phone, I could hear the boys talking in the living room. Some one had asked where I went. Somebody else informed them that I ran to the room after yelling Canada when my phone rang. They quickly learned I had a boy friend. Someone said " that sucks". Chakley then went on to tell them all, that Justin was a legend. Then someone said that they would just have to work harder since I have a bf. haha It was pretty funny. I walked back into the room as if nothing happened. haha Ploped myself down between JJ and Brock!

We watched a couple of movies and then JJ dropped me off home.

Saturday, May 16th

Woke up early and went to the gym with Adog. Rachel and Becca showed up a little later. We
had a really good work out and then hit the sauna for a bit to sweat out all the toxins. Headed over to woolies. Adog needed some food. I guess she is having problems with Jess eating all her food. Jess' sister who she hasnt seen in about 10 years flew here to spend some time. They share the same father but not mother.

Walked home and had a shower. I then made myself a little gourmet Pizza on a wrap! Soo yummy! I can be soo creative sometime. Shonleigh is always telling me how inventive I am! I joined Adog by the pool for a little sun. I painted my toe nails while soaking up the warm- not hot because its winter- Australian heat. The boys were over playing Tennis, as they do frequently. Shon also had her friend over for the night- Alessia.

I went in and prepared myself for the night. I borrowed one of Shonleighs dresses. Just a casual kind of singlet dress. ( singlet= tank top) I went down stairs and the girls were over. We had some fun dancing and such. We even placed Xanthys long brunette hair over my head and made it look like I was a brunette. It looked really good. Makes me miss it again! Especially since her hair is soo think and long! Who am I kidding- blondes have more fun! haha We took the free Bud Tav bus to the Bud Tav for Lauras going away party. I met some of her close friends- her best friend is named Ariel and she is Canadian.

Through out the night, we all just mingled and did some dancing. I was teaching JJ how to two step and he wasnt half bad! I noticed he had his ears both pierced but was only wearing one earing. My earings were kind of unisex and so I decided a trade was in oder! He actually suited my little black earings with the silver trim quite well. I however, did not so much suit the one earing look- but I rocked it anyways!

There was a guy wearing a touque! I went up to him and asked him if I could borrow his "beanie"- touques are unknown! He agreed and I went around telling all my friends that this is the usual head woredrobe in Canada! hahah Im quite random! It was only for about two minutes and because I had been talking about touques earlier.

Shonleigh cried. She is such a silly girl! Christopher had called Jess and told her that he was coming for a spontaneous visit to see her and that he would be there in the morning. Shon learns news of surprise visit + the amount of ETOH ( alcohol) comsumed= Shone crying, " he ( deep rapid breath), is ( deep rapid breath), such ( deep rapid breath), a ( deep rapid breath), good Boyfre- eh- ehnnnd!!!" Funny funny girl!

The bus finally came to pick us up and took us home. Yates crashed at our place as well. Pom tried to walk home, but Graham found him sitting at the bottom of the hill in the opposite direction from his house. Pom thought he was going to be bashed until he realized he had a ride home. hahaha Silly 19 yr olds!

Sunday May 17th

I slept a long while. Actually only until 1130am. By this time, I already missed my yoga session at the gym and declined Marks offer to take me out on the boat. I needed to do some assignments today anyways and was very tired. Rachel and Adog joined him. I wish I had joined them, but priorities right??

Myspace came over early with Jess of course. It was good to see him. He is a pretty cool guy. I think Jess is young and a bit too controling with him, and I think that he is rushing things too much as this is his first seious realtionship, but I hope they can make it work.

I talked to Justin and we had a really good conversation while I made myself a Fish taco! Yum!! Just like in the Baja!! I eventually had a shower and donned my sweats again. I hit the books- internet and later watched a movie.

By dinner time, Chakley, and Laura came over. Xanthy and her friend Erin were over as well. Then Adog too. We all came to the conclusion that Gelatissamo was a must. We drove to Gloria jeans in Mooloolaba and said hi to Shon while she was working. She has recently been promoted to manager. Always good to see my girl! As for the Gelato, I got one scoop coconut and one scoop macadamia nut and some thing else. Sooo very delicious and 90% fat free! How can you go wrong! lol

I dont know if I blogged this, but about a month ago, Shon was telling me about this guy who came in to order Green tea. They had a "moment" she had said. She wrote him a letter and wanted to drop it off at his work that was close to her work. So one day I had dropped it off for her while she waited in the car around the corner. I had asked if there was a Ben who worked there at Raw Energy foods who had blonde hair. A couple of guys said yes and then this Ben character stepped forward. I passed him the note and started to walk away. He then caught me and informed me that there were two blonde Bens who worked there. I wanted the one who worked on Saturday night. He was kind enough to pass on the letter for me- for Shonleigh!!
So to continue my story in the present, he was actually sitting outside of Gloria Jeans on that particualr night. Shonleigh had served him. he knew something was going on when all of us started staring at him and his friends. On our way home, I almost walked up to him and asked him if he had recieved any random letters at work recently. I chickened out, Chakely and Laura talked me out of it. I knew Shon was watching as well, on the security camera!

I was feeling like a failure and a chicken when we hopped in the car. Then, I realized we were driving by them. I quickly unrolled my window and yelled out " CALL HER!!" I later on learned that Shon had noticed all their heads turn dramatically and she wasnt sure why! hahaha
She found him later on that night on My Space and added him as a friend. She is pretty stealth with her stalking skills! Gotta give the girl some credit! haha

We watched a movie once home. Smoking aces. It was Chakley, Laura, Adog, Yates, and later on Max, and Graham.

I texted my group to remind them that we were meeting at 10 am to work on our presentation as it was to be given on Tuesday. Both Mia and Naomi sent back agreeing messages. I then sent another to Mia asking if should would really be there at 10 am as I didnt have time to wait and it needed to be done. She responded " I said I would be there, if you dont want to then we can meet before the presentation on Tuesday!" This was unacceptable. I replied saying I just didnt have the time to wait and that was all. A little while later, Naomi texted me saying Mia told her she was not going to meet with me as I was being rude. I called Mia twice and no answer. I texted her saying " I knew you havent been getting much sleep lately, but we really need to get this done and I do not have much time. I did not mean to come across as rude, I just need to know you will be there. " She said she would see me in the moring. I hate having to be nice to people who have attitude problems. I really cannot stand this girl!

Justin phoned and so I left to talk to him. When I went back down stairs, everyone was gone. I then went to bed.

Monday May 18th

Up early to work on group project material before meeting at Uni. When I got to Uni, I found Niomi. We began to work on contents and about 10 min later, we saw Mia on another computer. Naomi went over and talked to her. Im not sure what was said, but Mia looked hesitant but eventually headed over to us. We were friendly and began to work on our project. By the end of it, Mia still did not want to speak during the presentation. I told her I would be ok with speaking for her if she would put her information in point form- so I dont have to read paragraphs. I also asked her to have it by the end of the day so that I would have time to learn the contents and prepare. She said she would have it.

Justin walked me home from Uni! haha When I got home, Shonleigh informed that her Ben had messaged her back on Myspace and they talked and were going to set up a date! I made another delicous fish taco. Im hooked! Then I did some more homework. I had class again at 2-4 and then 5-7.

During my patho tutorial, the first groups did their presentations. Mine will not be until week 13. We are currently on week 11. They did alright. Its good to see theirs, and then we can make ours better by seeing where they went wrong. ahah Sneaky! After class, my patho group- which I love- tried to find a computer. We just ended up talking about this and that for half an hour. I then went home.

When I was sitting in class, I recieved a text from Mia saying her stomach really hurt. She said she would have her notes done and give them to me later that night. I was still ok with this.
I made something to eat. Shonleigh was at work. Not much time for anything really. Back to school. My last class was good. I miss talking with Amy in it though. Grr! Walked home and straight to Adogs place. I quickly got ready for the gym and we walked. While we were walking, I recieved yet another text from Mia. This time saying to meet her at the library right away. Then one right after saying that she would meet me at the Uni at 7 am!!! I wrote back saying that I would not meet that early in the morning as I needed time to prepare and wouldnt feel comfortable reading on her behalf if I didnt have the time. She then said she would email it to me instead. I gave her my e mail address yet again and huffed and puffed my way to the gym!
We had a really good work out. We are getting into a nice routine. We enjoyed the sauna for a good 20 minutes, and then hit the showers. The gym closes at 9pm, and we were exactly done at 9pm. We felt a bit bad because I think they were waiting for us to leave. We started walking out when the secretary asked us if we wanted a ride home. I told her we didnt want to put her out of her way, but she insisted.

In her car we hopped. Her name is Kiri and she is pretty cool. Young, taking photography and computer design. Sawweeet! She told us not to hesitate for rides whenever she is working. Also
had a cute lil car.

When I got home, I started to work on my notes for the presentation the next day. No email from Mia. I texted her saying that I assumed she changed her mind and was now going to speak as I did not recieve anything from her. No reply! I was getting alot done and took a break to chat with Justin. Shonleigh came home from work and came into my room. We started chatting about this and that, mostly Ben and Justin. Branda came in as well and the three of us stayed up until 1am painting our nails and having girl talk. It was really fun. I like it when it is the three of us.

They went to bed and I returned to my school work. I wasnt going to go into as much depth as I did, but I ended up staying up until 3 am. I also sent my professor an e mail reguarding the lack of effort and attitude we experienced from Mia. Hopped into bed and BAM asleep! Although I was nervous about Mia and her not reading!

Tuesday May 19th

Work up early to revise my late night work. I was going to wake up even earlier to go out and buy condoms, I thought it would be a nice touch since we are nurses and have to help aid in the prevention of STD's. I ended up sleeping in as I was tired. No condoms. I headed to Uni after making myself look professional. I was the first out of my group to arrive. Then the other two showed up at the same time. I never like it when they show up together. It makes me think of petty little school girls plotting against me. Naomi has never given my grief though, so I ignore these feelings. When Mia came close, I asked her if she was going to read. She said NO! " what are we going to do then?" " Leave it out- I cant read it!" Naomi and I looked at her and I said " you have to read it. You dont have a choice. We dont know what to say for you. " She finally gave in. I was so mad. By this time I just wanted it to be all over and not have to deal with her ever again.

We did our presentation. I presented it and also said my part last which was also the longest and had the most information. It did bother me a bit that the teacher liked Mia's part the most. That is originally the part I wanted to research, but I let them chose what they wanted. Grr! Oh well. We all get the same mark. This also bothers me though since Mia was such a bother! Ugh! Soo happy its over.

Later when I checked my E mail, my teacher did reply saying that she thought we did very well, however, marks cannot be changed to differentiate between group members, but that she was glad to hear about such problems as it will reflect in our papers we write. Good!

After our presentation, I walked home. When I got home, I was soo exhausted- and soaked. Its sooo rainy here. Not the normal Canadian trickle. I could have take my razor and shower gel out with me and bathed while walking! Would have gotten some good sized suds! Thick thick rain!
I jumped into some dry coziness and crawled into bed. Talked to Justin for a bit and then had the most comfiest sleep ever! I was soo completly cozy and listening to the sound of the pouring rain was my version of the Sand Man singing me to sleep. I slept for a couple of hours at least.
I woke up when my phone rang. It was Adog. Becca and Rachel were going to the gym and we caught a ride with them. Becca did not stay long. Rachels friend from work was there. The four of us took the body jam class. Its the dance one. Pretty hard when you dont know all the steps and when you mess up, it messes you for the next move- until you need to stop completly and start over from where they are! When you stop so frequently, your work out becomes slow and not as satisfactory. Adog actually left early to do her regular routine. Im just happy I did the eliptical before hand.

After the class, Rachel and her friend Allegra ran out quickly without even offereing us a ride. It was only pouring rain and we had come together. I dont know why Rachel wouldnt ask!! Allagra was already driving Rachel home, it would not have been any more effort to drive us as well. Luckily, I make friends quite easily. There was another girl who I have become friends with and she had offered. We would have walked home in the rain, but its soo terential!

Once home, the girls were at my house making Chilli con carne. Its a beefy- chilli mixture on rice. Yum. They also had apple pie and ice cream too. I ate and then danced myself into the shower! The girls went to Chakleys house to play poker. I was a little envious, as I am a poker lover! I didnt have time. They were leaving just as I was getting out of the shower, and it was pretty late. I still have to prepare for my group meeting for my other group presentation. I decided to stay.


I did some preparing and talked to my international man.

Shon came home with quite the story. We were down in the kitchen eating Milk and cookies- which I still think is my moms favorite- not popcorn! pfft! And no- pffft <-- not being used as a fart noise!! Anyways, before I go into the story, here is some history. About 6 or so years ago, a little 13 yr old boy was abducted. His name was Daniel Mokum. To this day he has not been found. He is the most wanted and famous boy in Australia. Everyone knows who he is. He was supposedly seen last in a blue car. The whereabouts of the blue car is unknown. His family continues to have a $1million reward for whoever finds him or his body. He was a boy who lived in queensland locally around here where I live. I have heard many things about Daniel. He would be the age of my friends now- about 18- 19yrs old.

Shonleighs story- They were at Chakleys house playing poker. I believe Pom had won that evening. After playing a bit of poker, they decided to have some good ol' family fun with the ouigi board. ( wee- gee). Everyone held on as they tried to contact a spirit. They kept asking questions. It kept spelling P-O-P and it stayed in front of Pom and Chakley. They were trying to figure out what the spirit was trying to tell them. They asked- is it Mat? - NO. Is it Pom? -... Maybe.... - Is it Daniel? ( Pom's real name is Daniel). When this was asked, it kept going to yes and then no. Back and forth. After this, Chakley asked if the spirit was Daniel Mokum. It jerked everyones arm to yes immediatly. When this happened, Pom, who was not sure if he beilieved or not almost quit. Jess began crying, and they urged to continue.

They questioned Daniel Mokum but were not getting straight answers. It just kept going to the letters Q and R. Finally, Mat asked " are you where the blue car is?" It went to Yes. I guess the day that Daniel went missing, Mat was out and actually saw a blue car pulled to the side of the road by the Queensland Railway. He just brushed it off as nothing. He had always kept it on his consciounse. He had seen a couple of people in the car, but thought nothing of it. Later that day he heard about the blue car that Daniel was last seen in. No one knows the make or model of the car. They figured that when it was going to the Q and R that Daniel meant Queensland Railway- where Mat had seen the blue car.

They were al pretty freaked out and decided to go to the police station. Mat was the only one who went in. The lady looked at him like he was a dumb kid. After all, it was the oiugi board!! lol He basically told them that he would feel better if someone had a look for the blue car in the area he had seen it. He was told an investigator would get a hold of him.

Shonleigh was telling me this intense story, and I was listening intently when, all of the sudden, the door jingles and CRACK!! AHHHHHHH Shonleigh Jess and I alll jump high- Shon almost off her chair, me clutching for dear life onto the light fixture- and scream- not a quick yelp kind of scream- but a 30 second long, OMG I just pee'd myself- kind of scream! Jess had come in through the garage door and scared the crap out of us! It took about 5 minutes to have all the adrenaline wear off! This is where Jess went into full account of the story.

When we readied ourselves for bed, Shon was too scared to sleep alone. She stayed with me in my bed. It was pouring rain, and I slept like a baby!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Marsden Lees

Thursday May 14th

I ended up being very tired the next morning and not wanting to meet with my group. After I had gotten all cozied up in bed, the phonr rang. Stacey called and I couldnt resist catching up with her. We talked for about an hour or so. I was wide awake by 115am, when I let her go, but I had to, otherwise I would not function well the following day!

I went to Uni and was the first out of my group to arrive. Right on time. I waited about ten minutes to get a computer. Its crunch time for uni students and getting a computer at uni is no easy task.

I texted both girls to see if they had forgotten. No answers. Naomi showed next. Only 5 min late. Not an issue. We began working away. We worked at it for an hour and Mia was a no show. We finished as much as we could with out her and Naomi had to leave. I stayed behind to work on some other assignments.

About an hour and a half after the agreed upon meeting time, Mia shows up. She starts asking about where Naomi is. I told her that she was late and that we had already finished the meeting. She went on to complain about how Naomi was not there. I gave it right back to her. I was not impressed. This is the girl who is always late to class by at least 30 min, and she also had the nerve to tell me not to be late! I went over what we needed to do. I went home letting her have my hard earned computer! Grr!

Once home, I accompanied Jess to Maroochydore. She had to work out some business with student loans or what not- something to do with the gov't since they pay uni students to go to Uni. Lucky jerks! haha I had to go and pay my speeding ticket! Not fun at all! Waiting in line for Jess's thing took the longest- but only an hour about for the whole time spent. Back at home.

Once home, I grabbed a bag of gym stuff. I was walking to the gym when Ron passed by and offered me a ride. Sweet! I got to the gym a bit early and did some arm training. Then I joined in for the abs class. It was a pretty good one. Feel the burn- love the burn! WOot woOT!! Then I stayed for Body Attack. The instructor is slightly mental. I loved it. She worked us soo hard. it was fun, but I was new and the burn was intense. I cannot wait for my next Body Attack! I think she even yelled at me once and made the whole class hold for an extra 8 count because I fell out of the move! lol Oops! No body glared at me from the angle I was in. tehee!

I went and stretched after class. Im a stretch junkie! Hooked! Hooked on stretching! I will be the next victum on the show "Intervention"! haha I took a nice long shower at the gym. Its such a nice shower! Then I got dressed and started walking home.

Just as I was leaving, RING!! It was Chakely. Wondering if I was coming out tonight. I told him my deal and he came to pick me up as I was walking home. It was him and Dan- the cousins!

They took me home and waited about 20 min for me to get ready. once completly ready, we went to Cammy B's house. I met his parents- Tracey and Paul. Nice folks. Had a glass of wine and we all laughed at how JJ sucked at playing cricket. It was on video. Just imagine an Emo boy, aged 19, in his black skinnys, a borrowed white beater, and a tensor bandage that he was told to wear, with white goves and a hat. hahah It was hilarious. I guess on this particular day, Brock needed a partner to play with him. JJ stepped up and wasnt all that great. Threw at about the same level as I would! hahahah Good laugh!

We finally were on our way to go see Cammy's friends play in a band. Marsden lee's. It was at the Ginning Dog pub. Kind of a funky place. Steak house too. The band wasnt too bad. Shonleigh and a bunch of my friends were there and we had a good time. The bartender seemed to think it was funny when I asked for water on the rocks. haha

After the band finished playing, it was still early. We all went to the Sands bar. It was Uni night. UGH! The floor on the inside was covered in used plastic cups. Met someinteresting people. Mat and Dan both had to work in the morning, so we didnt stay long. I didnt want to stay long anyways.

Dan drove me home and Mat insisted on walking me to my door. Unneccessary, but he insisted as it was how he was raised! Such nice young men!! :P

Went straight to bed once I was home. AHHH sleep!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lets Get Physical!!

Thrusday May 7th

Wake up call.

Maintenance was in to fix my chair. They had been in yesterday, but nothing was doen with the chair. Today they replaced it. The new one is much better! It makes me use good posture where as the last one made me slump and I was getting a sore back. Happy me!

I went to Uni to meet with my group. The girl who warned me not to be late, showed up 45 min after the pre- determined time. We had already discussed everything by then and had no need to wait for her, but we decided to call her anyways. She seemed to be a bit upset that we met up so early, even though she picked the time. She said she was on her way, and so we felt obligated to wait for her. When she did arrive, she complained about us meeting early and wanted to discuss everything again, even though we had briefed her already. She annoys me big time! Ugh!
My back was hurting, I think this was because of the chair. I was suppose to work on my assignment a bit more, but I had already spent aobut three hours on it already this morning. Shon was going to the plaza to get a few things and so I went with her! I was having huge cravings. Shonliegh decided to be a very bad friend and took me to a candy store. Only they call them Lollies! They had imported candies here. I bought some Pop Tarts, OHenrys, and a Butter Finger! Plus some other little candies. I miss the junk from home! Im not into the junk here! Almost a good thing, except that I binge when I do find something I like. I never really use to eat much of it back home... hmmm!

Came back home. Pom was here. I gave him a pop tart since his nick name from me is "pop tart"! We all played some tennis. By this time it was late in the evening. Everyone wanted to go to the Bud Tav, but I stayed home to work on my urinalysis assignment that was due the next day.

As I was finishing up, Justin called. We ended up talking on the phone for about 5-6 hours. When I finally left my room for air, it was about 330 am. Everyone was back from Bud Tav. Shonleigh. Brock, and Yates were downstairs having a very adult conversation. I joined in and soon after went to bed.

Friday May 8th

I was up early in sweat pants printing off my assignment and handing it in. I was soooo sleepy from my late night. I went home and had a nap. When I finally woke up, I showered and got ready for my day. Ate some lunch too. Amanda had signed up and bought a gym membership. It sounded pretty good and she had wrote my name down. They called me and I made an appointment to go meet them.

I went to meet them at 5pm. Bianca was the lady who gave me the tour and told me about the gym. The start up fee was a womping $250.00!!! Ya I dont think so. So she went to go " talk to the manager" to see if she could lower it. She came back with this coupon that was expired... and it was down to $99.00!! Still rediculous. So she went yet again to the "managers" office to reduce it. $60.00. She also got the weekly fee down to $16.50 from $19.00. It is a bit expensive, but I dont have to pay it all at once. It comes out of my account every fort night and I can cancel it at any time. If I go away somewhere, I can put it on hold as well. They also offer alot of classes and have a sauna and it is a pretty nice facility.

I talked to Amanda about it later. They did the whole same skit with her. I swear she just went in on Fb instead of talking to the manager. She probably has this whole thing set up like this so she can see how much she can get out of people. Ugh!

I went to Wooleys and grabbed some groceries. I met up with Amanda Long and some of her friends on the way. When I got home, it was already into the evening. Branda, Amanda and I watched some movies. Chakley, girl and boy yates came over for a bit and chatted. I sent some fun text messages back and fourth with Justin while he was at work, and then I went to bed.

Saturday may 9th

Up early to go to the gym. Amanda and I did the Body Combat work out. Rachel was there as well. It was a really intense work out. At one point, Amanda asked if I was ok because I was really white. Rachel had also commented on how white I was getting. I guess everyone in the class was getting red and I was getting pale!! When they said this to me, I took it down a notch. I think I was working myself too hard. It was alot of fun though. Lots of martial arts kicks and such.

We went home and got ready for the beach. It was Brocks 19th birthday and his family was having a BBQ for him by the beach. Laura picked us up in her mini. She had the top down and I got to wear a scarf around my head with my sunnys on just like in the movies!! I loved it!! I wish we had a picture! Its too bad she is leaving for Scottland and we wont be driving in the mini anymore! :(

Once there, we met Brock family. Really nice people. His dad even made a chocolate cake. I dont usually like chocolate, but it was damn yummy! It looked a little questionable, but there certainly were no questions after I ate it, died and went to heaven!

We played cricket, and then some footy- which is rugby! Shonleigh and I were the captains, but the boys never passed me the ball, even though I was in the right spot. Im not half bad at this kind of stuff. After while of running around trying to play with them, I retired and gave up. Luckily by this time, most of our friends were done as well. We all went for a swim in the ocean. Miss Kim even came out with us but did not have her togs on. Her and Shon stayed on shore. It was only a qick swim as it is getting chillier here.

Later that night, everyone was drinking. I had done my hair all funky with curls. I have never worn it like this before and quite enjoyed it. Everyone was drinking, save me and Jess. There wasnt many people at my place. It was Chakley, Brock, Pom, Shon, Jess, Amanda and I. The night was pretty calm and we watched a movie. Then they turned some music on and the party started a little bit. Jess was showing Miss Kim how to walk and dance like a gangster. It was soo funny. Branda is such a good sport.

Jess and I were DD's. I drove Shonleighs car, and Jess in hers. We went to the Yankee bar. It was this crowed small two room upstairs bar in Mooloolaba. There were three different birthdays going on here including Brocks and JJ's. We didnt stay long. This is a good thing. It wasnt my kind of place. Too many youngsters. Boo. The live band was good though.

I drove us to Mooloolaba pub. Here it was alot more fun. I was on the dance floor for alot of it. I did meet some Canadians here as well. One guy was even from St. Albert. His name is Adam and he is here doing business. He has been here for 1.5 years already. We talked with him for a while. Mostly, we danced.

I even found chakely this hot blonde girl. At first, she had come up to Adog and I and was talking to us. Then she left, and I found Mat and told him he had to meet his dream girl. I introduced them on the dance floor, and BOOM! She was all over him and even singing him the words to the song, " You want a piece of me!!" He soo could have made his move but I think he chickened out because she was a bit too drunk. Fair enough! He is a nice guy! Im just saying, I could have gotten him some action! hahahaha

While we were dancing, we heard that Jess drove Yates home, and on the way, he spewed all in her car on the dash board and everywhere. He even got poor little Jess! When we finally arrived home via me, ( yay I was successfully DD on the oppisite side of the road on a bar night here at home!!!) We heard Jess screaming out to us from her window. She was soo pissed and said she was never going to be DD again. Yates was far too drnk to clean it up, and it had to be cleaned that night. I dont blame her.

I came into my place and had a snack, then off to bed. Chakely and Pom passed out on the couch. pom had been very drunk!

Sunday May 10th

I woke up early to gym it up. Pom thought Adog and I were insane. We attended a yoga- tai chi- and pilates class. It was a really good one. I really enjoyed it. So far soo good about this gym business!

I got home to find that Pom and Chakley had left. The place was pretty messy. I made some food ad began to clean. It didnt take long. It never does. Branda came to help and did the dishes.

I went out with Adog to sun by the pool. We were also reading our text books too. I then had a shower and a nap. Talked to Justin and worked on some home work. I was pretty hungry for some kind of a snack when Jess came over. We decided to make some biscuits. We found a recipe online and collected our ingridients. The only thing missing was flour which we borrowed from Beca. We didnt have very much, so we basically guessed the amounts of all ingridients. Ploped them on a cookie sheet and in they went. When they came out, they looked like large sponge cookies. I called them biscuits, but Jess called them scones. However, they looked like cookies. We named them Scoonkies! hahah

We went to visit Shonleigh down at her work. I got a Tim Tam drink- so delicious! We hung out with Shon for a bit and then went home. I worked a bit more on school work and called it a day!

Monday May 11th

Had a wake up text, did some school work and met with my group. It went over much better this time. The one girl was late, by about 30 min, but it didnt matter as we didnt need her for all of it. We worked on what we had. Its coming together. I worked ahile more after they went to their classes and then I went home. I talked with Justin and had a nap.

I went to my last class. Its sad that Amy isnt in this class with me anymore. She had to switch because the hours for her practical placement swithced. :( It was still a good class. We went over material for our patho exam, which will be the most difficult!

I went to the gym with Adog afterwards. No classes were at this time, so we just did some cardio and someother stuff. We did a very good work out and even used the showers after. I love tile floored showers. They just feel soo great. I dont know what it is! We walked home.

I made something to eat and talked to Justin on the phone. I had worked on an assignment today and had it on my computer not saved yet. I wasnt quite doen it as I had to find a reference for it. I was online searching for one when my computer decided to freeze on me!! UGH NO!!!! I had to turn it off manually and I lost my assingment! I tried everything I could to save it, but no luck! It was goners! :(

I went to bed and had a horrible dream all night. Everytime I would wake up and go back to sleep, I would go straight back into the horrible dream. Im not even going to say what it was about, as it has to deal with a fb message I had recieved a week before!

Tuesday May 12th

Wake up call. Feeling better now that I did have to be asleep dreaming that horrible dream!
I went to tutorial. I talked to my instructor about my absence from last class. She said it was no big deal and handed me the roll call sheet from last class to sign my name off of!! This is exactly the kind of things I am talking about. This is why I think Aus is soo slack! lol I also was suppose to have that assignment handed in by now, but my comp froze and so I did not have it submitted. She said as long as I had it in by tonight it would be fine. hahahah Im laughin! ( not in front of her obviously !!)

I came home and the internet was being funny. How annoying. I need to do this assignment!! Grr! So I decided I would catch up on my blogging as I dont necessarily need the internet to type it out. When the internet was finally working, I completed and submitted my assignment.

The boys came over and played tennis. I had an appointment at the gym for 530 for an assessment. When I got there, they took my measurments and blood pressure, height and weight. 118/ 79, pulse 70. I am slowly getting used to the kg instead of pounds. Its funny how we say in Canada that we are metric, but somehow we use imperial for some things. Its like we couldnt make up our minds! The lady- same age as me, so its funny calling her a lady- showed me some exercises that are best suited for my fittness goal. By the time we were done, Amanda had arrived at the gym. We took part in a class. It was called Body Jam. It was alot of fun too. It is a bunch of dance moves. Different kinds of dancing too. Crump, Jazz, hip hop and so on. As much as I really liked it, I didnt get a full work out not knowing all the moves. This is normal since it was my first Body Jam class. It will take many more classes before I get the hang and full benefit of my workout.

Amanda and I stayed awhile longer and did some more cardio, stretches, and a workout. By time we were ready to leave, I had spent three hours at the gym!! OMG!! I am turning into a junkie! I have to admitt, I am being healthy, unlike this lady we always see who we have named Ann. I swear she is anorexic. She was in the ladies work out area before we got there and we noticed that she did 40 min on the eliptical, then went straight to the tread mill afterwards and did another run on there! She had it on the most it could incline as well. By time we left, she was still on it! I have seen her before walking from Uni. She is a stick. She is blonde and you would think she would be pretty, but all you can see is her skeleton. Arms- bones, - legs through clothing- bones, - face- a skull! Pale eyes with deep purple bags! She has a thick layer of hair on her body. This makes up for the lack of body fat and muscle needed to keep her warm. Its really sad to see actually.

I got home and showered. I was just making some food when Justin called. He was just getting up for work. I went to bed. Phone rings again. I thought it would be Justin, but its Brock. Him, yates, Shonleigh, and Jess are all at the Uni trying to finish this 2000 word paper for economics. Its about midnight thirty. He wants to know if I want to go for a ride with him because everyone is soo far behind that they dont have time, but are very hungry. I say- why not? - and jump into some sweats.

I met Brock outside. Yates drove. Apparently, when he heard I was going, he insisted he come along as well. haha We drove to Mackers and back- they dropped me off and I went back to bed.

Wednesday May 13th

Up and readying myself for the day. Really sleepy today. The Mackers run really did me over! Justin called just as I was heading out the door. I picked Amanda up and we headed to uni for lecture. Lecture was sooo boring. I dont think anyone absorbed anything that was said. I think it was the teaching style of the substitute we had. Nearing the end of the two hour lecture, she mentions to us that we should know this one part as it is what our exam subject is based on. We all start to chatter and someone finally raises their hand correcting her by saying our topic is diabetis!!! This shocked appearance takes over her face and she quickly apololgizes after muttering "oh no!" She had given us the entirely wrong lecture!!! We were suppose to go into depth about diabetis!!! UGH!!! There is no way to fix this either! Looks like we will have to do it on our own! What a waste of time!

After lecture, I quickly came home to grab my computer and a snack for lunch. An orange and some granola- musli bars. Amy and some friends were going to be going over the annotated bibliography for a couple of hours in the library. I decided to join them as my referencing technique needed some work!

We got set up which took awhile since we all had our lap tops and there was only a certain amount of plug in's. We finally found enough but had to play musical chairs because mine would only fit in a single outlet, not a double- stupid adaptor!! haha We were settled and I now had to connect to the internet! Ugh bloody hell! That is a whole process in its self! So after a long while of doing this, I was finally connected. I did some reading up on the assignment and went to go check fb. Ok- it wont let me! ugh whatever. Not a big deal. I will just check it later. i go to look at some scientific journals- the internet wont let me. It will only let me do certain things. Grr! Why come to the library at all! its taking me three times the amount of time I would usually take! I cleared up some confusion about referencing and I went home!

Shonleigh was home when I arrived. I made myself a delicious egg sandwhich and talked with her awhile. I then came upstairs and went through some e mails. My sister Melissa decided to send me about 100 the other day! Now I know how people feel when I send them emails! haha Oh well! What goes around comes around. Time for lecture.

On my way to lecture- accompanied by Jess- I saw Rachel. She said none of them were going to lecture, its just about nursing implications for an infection. Very basic, we do this often as a nurse. I was already on my way and decided to go anyways. It ended up being pretty interesting, and I think I had more of an attention span since they were not there.

I came home and made a visit to the boys, who had come over to play tennis. Then I came in and Brock joined me. I taught him how to play speed and whipped his bum several times. He had only beat me once! Time for the gym. Amanda and I got a ride from Ben in his sweet little white truck- or ute as they call them. It smelled of puppy.

We got to the gym and took a step class. It was good. Made us sweat, but the instructor I think was a little bit funny. Almost uncomfortable and lazy like. She also had a bit of a gut. Im wondering whether she just had a baby or something. I always look at instructors to see if the workouts are very beneficial! I dont think hers was working out so well. I dont think step is for me. Im sure I can give myself a better full work out on my own. Oh well. Still fun. I plan on trying out all the classes!

Did some extra ab workout and stretching after and hit the showers. Amanda and I are getting pretty close. We had a good talk on the way home, as we often do. Once home, I made some food and watched House. I think it was the very first time I turned on the tv alone. It was kind of nice. Miss Kim came home and joined me on the couch. I then went upstairs and talked to Justin on the phone. Shonleigh came home from work and we chatted it up for a bit too. Gossip about this and that. Boys and girls! Same ol' same ol'. 9 days george dead. Yes I realize you do not understand that last statment. That is for me to remember only! hahaha

Bed time! Yes I know this last day is written in the future for you in Canada. How crazy is that! My May 12th is just ending and yours is just begining!!! :) Cheers!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Urination Celebration!

Friday May 1st

Woke up and readied myself for lab at noon. Shon was still sleeping in my bed. She dragged herself to her room as mitch was gone. We were both soo tired.

In lab class, we had an unusual task. Unusual for usual people, as a nurse however, we are unusual with our duties, therefore having a usual task. Make sense? HAHA Our duty today was to distiguish between the different odors of urine and know what they mean. We also tested urine to see what pathological problems they held. We had 5 samples that were already provided for us, and then we had one person in our group who was to supply some. There was four of us and three of us had gone before coming to class. Amy was a trooper and pee'd in a cup for us! YAY!! She had very nice clear, pale yellow, FRESH smelling urine just so you all know! :) Some samples smelled like ammonia, some like metal, some fishy :S, some sweet, and some fresh. Thank you Amy! It turned out to be a good lab as the kidneys are one of my favorite parts of the body. Yes, this may be strange to you in you are not in a health care profession! Go team kidneys!

When I arrived home, Xanthy, Kirby, Shonleigh, and Mitch were at my house. They were going to the plaza to meet Xanthys mom, and I tagged along for the ride. I was in one of my hyper moods yet again. I was bouncing in my seat dancing and singing to the music as per usual! When we got to the plaza, we walked around and looked in shops waiting for Xanthy to be done. We lost Kirby at her sisters hair salon where she ws getting her hair done. We lost Xanthy to her mom who was taking her shopping. Shon, Mitch and I headed back home. It was nearing the end of the day, and Amanda called. We were to meet Mark as he had asked us if we wanted to be extras in this movie he was in. This is the movie that is about vampires. We were pretty excited about it.

When I got home, I made some grub and Adog came over. It was already well into the evening and neither of us felt like taking the bus for this movie thing. I dont think its a big movie and we were just going to be extras standing at a bar in the background. Meh. We watched movies at my house instead. Myspace and Jess were in her home town of Gympie. He was meeting her parents for the first time. Mitch was hanging out with us girls. Xanthy was also here. She made a good pillow. The night went on and we all went to bed. Mitch slept onthe mattress on the floor as Shon had gone to bed early and her door was locked.

Saturday May 2nd

Up for breakfast at Jess's house. Her and Myspace had made bacon and eggs. It was yummytastic. Things had gone well with the parents, and Chris had said he had them wrapped around his finger already haha. Cocky young boys these days! ( that last phrase made me feel old.. hmmm ) By time brekky was done, Shons parents were here. They took us out for lunch to Bud Tavern which is a pretty nice place during the day. They have a really good looking menu. I was full from the brekky that was still inhabiting my stomach, so Miss Kim and I each had a handsome slice of cheese cake! It was so delicious! I also got Shons family and herself and Miss Kim all hooked on Beer with Orange juice. We named it the Orange Bomber! It has a fusion taste! Yum. Kurtis, Shons friend, the one I had caught with his pants off in her room upon returning from the Whitsundays, also joined us. Nice guy every time I see him. He likes to tell me how beautiful I am. He's one of those super smooth guys. I get the feeling he flatters all the ladies with this kind of karisma! I certainly dont mind! :)Shon and her mom played the pokies afterwards, and her dad Miss Kim and I sipped tea in the lunge area. Kurtis had gone back to Brissy.

When we got home, all the boys were at our house. They were happy to meet Shons parents. They are really like people and just like Shonleigh. Full of this attitude, but in a good natured way. We had a hoot. When the Ryan parents left, the boys and I played some tennis for a while. Always a good time.

I later got ready for Zoe's birthday. Zoe is Mat Chakleys sister. It was her 21st birthday. She was having it at the cable wake boarding park. We grabbed some stuff and Adog and I got a ride with Yates, Pom, and Chakley to the Yates place. Laura wanted us to get ready together. Also, their mom was making spagetti for all of us starving uni students. I guess Mats grandma was telling him that those Canadian girls must be poor because they just kept eating at Dan's birthday!! WHAT??? OMG!! We hadnt had dinner that day! lol I didnt think I ate much at all that day! haha oops! Laura is moving to Scottland for 1-2 years. She is setting up a company there. Its too bad though because her and I get along very nicely. Same sizes for shoes and clothes! Woot Woot. I wore one of Lauras dresses and it was soo nice. Although, once at the party, Mats uncle would not stop staring down the top of my dress! GRR! Creep! lol

On our way to the party. It was an alright party. We didnt know many people and it was mostly Zoes friends. We mingled and drank a bit. After the party was coming to an end, we all headed to Chakleys place as his parents were going camping for the long weekend. He has a really nice place. His dad and him are both carpenters and his dad had built his house. Really impressive.

We played pool and took lots of pictures. Had a really good time. By the end of the night, Shon came over and most of us were asleep. She took me and Adog home. I did some silly texting on my way home and had a call from Canada- Justin. Made some noodles and in bed for me!

Sunday May 3rd

Very tired today as last night was a late night! Pom and Chakley and the boys were over early. They had me up and playing tennis with them even though I was soo tired. When we were done, yates went to his house to pick up One Tree Hill- the DVD 4th season or something. I have no idea as I am unfamiliar with this show. When he returned, He had brought with him girl Yates too. Laura, Mat, Yates and I watched One Tree Hill for awhile. It was getting pretty late and it was a Sunday, so they went to get some booze as it was a long weekend. ( labour day weekend here is in May.. weird! ) While they were gone, I had a nap. They had also went to get some stuff to get ready with.

I woke up and began getting ready for the night. Laura came over and she and I readied ourselves together. While we were doing this, I had a phone call from my friend George. This is the guy who I had met on top of the chapters building during the 2006 playoffs. We had lost contact and I randomly saw him talking on fb to one of my other friends. I sent him a message to see what he was up to and he had imformed me that he had just finished a year of teaching english in Poland and is now studying for his masters of business on the Gold Coast!! This was about a month or so ago. ( Im not sure, but I may have blogged that already.. hmm) Anyways, he had called me and said that he was in Noosa, but there wasnt any accomadations there and he wanted to know if I knew anyone who lived close or what not. There was a festival there ( that I was suppose to go to, but declined because it had cost $90 to get in!! ). The hotels and hostels were full up. I told him and his buddy from Canada to hop on a bus and come stay with me. On their way they came!

We all continued getting ready and Mitch brought over some Goon Punch. I thought it tasted funky but everyone loved it. They all tried to get miss Kim to come out with us, but I told her that if she didnt want to, she didnt have to. So she said no, and everyone left her alone. Our game plan was to go to O'Malleys which was a karoekee bar on sundays. I went up to miss Kim and had said we were going to a kareokee bar, and asked her one more time if she wanted to join us. Her eyes lit up bigger than I have ever seen before at the word kareokee. She was eager to come out with us. We helped her get ready and she had a drink with us.

Goerge and Sam arrived and with them a 2-6 of Vodka! They said it was a gift for putting them up for a night. ( Unecessary, but appriciated). George made me do a shot with him. It has been a very long time since we had last met! Miss Kim had a couple shots herself. She didnt even need convincing. She was in full out party mode! IT was great. We were all dancing around my place too.

Time to go. Yates drove us all there in a couple of car loads. Miss Kim, George, Sam, Mitch and I in one load. We walked past O'Malleys. The line up was rediculous! It was going out the mall! We didnt even try to enter, and went straight to 240V. I felt bad for Miss Kim as she was soo looking forward to it, but I know she had a good time. This I know, because she was taking tequila shots and drinking more at the bar. I dont think she has ever had this much to drink before and so I decided to keep an eye out for her. We were all dancing and having a fabulous time. It was a pretty loose night. By the end of it, Miss Kim had had enough. She was ready to pass out. I called Shonleigh who called Brock who came and picked Miss Kim and I up. He took us home while the others stayed. They came home soon after us.

Miss Kim went straight to bed. Poor girl. She was having a great time dancing though. When everyone else got home, they all went to bed. Mat hadnt even made it out to the bar with us as he had passed out in my bed before we even left. He was now awake and ready to go again.

Mitch was around and I guess him and I were doing this "Kangaroo Dance" that we had made. Its a silly little dance that consists of you dancing with your feet shoulder length apart, head looking down at them, with your arms spread wide- then you say " HOP HOP" and do two quick hops to the right. Its more like a shuffle. hahaha I had forgotten all about this kangaroo dance until the next morning when Mat told me! hahhah Probably my favorite part of the night. We had done it for like 15 minutes! It all started from when we picked him up and I thought he said he was a kangaroo! hahaha

I went to bed in Shons bed wearing Chris' Oilers jersey. Sam and George slept in my bed.

Monday May 4th

No classes today. Mat, Laura, Amanda, George, Sam and I drove up to Double Island for the day. It was half sunny half rainy of a day. We took the barge across and then began driving on the beach. Always soo nice to comeup here! George and Sam were soo impressed how well we had been set up on the Sunny Coast. He says its jsut as fun down on the Gold coast too, as he is close to surfers paradise and Byron Bay. Mat let me drive at one point. I was soo excited to drive a stick on the beach! YES! 4 by 4ing always soo good! I stalled 3 times and was about to quit. Then mat put it in a low gear and I was up and running. The spot I was trying to start in was not flat and it is sand I was driving on, give me some slack! When I came to a flat spot, he switched it back. We were having such a good time and George even got a video of me driving! I cannot wait to see it! You guys will like it too because then you will know what it is like to drive on the beach at Double Island! Woot Woot!

After a bit, I let Adog in the drivers seat. She had never driven stick before and Mat said he would teach her. She stalled a couple of time and Mat put it in the lower gear again. She was doing well, but when Mat went to switch it back, she had trouble starting again. It started smoking pretty bad and stunk big time! Ewww! haha So she came and joined me in the back. That was enough for her. Mat took over again. It was raining pretty hard at this one point, ( the rain will be spitting lightly or not at all and then it will be the thickest shower of just heavy rain fall for about two minutes and then nothing again, its the most bizarre thing ever!!) We came to a part that was red earth on one side and beach below us and blue ocean to the other side. Since it was raining soo hard, the red was streaming down and meeting with the blue of the water. It was soo beautiful. I took some pictures with Georges camera. He will be posting soon.

Just then, Mat was driving just as normal, but when he went to drive over this red part, it was like dough! We thought we were going to be stuck in this red slop, but thank god we were able to back out and turn around. We were not able to make it to the point. Probably a good idea. We were headed back when the rain let up. We got out and climbed up a red cliff area. The veiw is just amazing, even on a rainy day. We went for a swim and tried taking some jumping pictures. We also saw a dead puffer fish. Yum...

We headed back and came to Noosa. Went to a view point and then dropped George and Sam off at a hostel. They were thankful for the adventure and place to stay, and I was happy to have them. We promised to go and see George sometime down on the Gold Coast. On our way home we went. S dog and I slept a bit.

When I got home, I discovered that Miss Kim had been sick all night. This I had not known until I talked to her. I felt pretty bad I wasnt there for her. I didnt even hear anyone get up during the night. I was sound asleep. She said she was ok though and that she did have alot of fun. I told her maybe next time not so many shots. To my surprise, she did say she liked the tequila! :) Me too!

Miss Kim made us Bulgogi and Korean sushi with some kim chi. It was sooo delicious! So much better then the bulgogi I have had back in Edmonton. The sushi was different too. It was made with a sweet bean curd wrapping instead of the usual seaweed. Yum Yum Jess, Adog, Branda and I watched Master chef. I had a bath and went to bed.

Tuesday May 5th

I had a wake up call from my man back home. I met up with my group a tad late. It didnt matter though as they spent the entire two hours working on there other group project. Then the one girl had the nerve to tell me not to be late even though she is late for every class and meeting. Its not like my lateness mattered as they were not able to work on our assignment as it was. I was a bit P.O'd!! Im not a fan of my one group member! She is the one who did not want to talk about homosexuality! Moron! I did find out from them that I had missed my tutorial. I was told my an instructor that there was no tutorials this week. As an international student, I am not allowed to miss any tutorials! :(

I talked to Justin on my way home as well. I did some assignments when I got home. After working for most of the day, Mark invited Amanda, Rachel and I over for dinner and a movie. We said sure. We could not get a hold of Rachel and did not know where she was, she was brought Miss Kim instead. Mark picked us up and we made some pizza. It was really good. They often put pumpkin on their pizzas here and I really like it. We watched Transporters and then another movie that we didnt finish, but it ws the day in the life of an outhouse maintenance guy. It was basically crude poo jokes the entire thing. Kind of funny, but not for a whole movies worth. haha Then we watched a Kiwi movie called Stickmen. I really enjoyed this movie but need to watch the end again as Justin had called. It was early in the morning for him and he called me on his way to work.

Mark drove us home and I ran into Shon's room. I jumped on her and we layed like that for a while. Miss Kim came up a little later and I yelled out " dog pile Miss Kim! " and she jumped on us as well! ahah The three of us had a good time and we started talking about farting moments. Shon had some good stories to tell and we laughed for a very long time! :) I eventually went to bed.

Wenesday May 6th

Wake up call. Its a usual thing if you cannot tell. I went to my morning lecture with Amanda and Rachel. Got home and did soem assignments. Pom and Cammy B convinced me to take a break for a quick game of tennis. back to my assignments. I went to class again and was a little late. I sat with Amy and my lab girls, who sat just behind Amanda and Rachel and Adog.

Adog had booked her ticket back to Canada for July break. I found out when my exams were and I too began planning my uni break activities. Lots too see. Branda cooked the rest of the bulgogi, and I was happy to eat it! Really such a treat. Mat and Yates were over. They were talking with me about something that I wont post here! haha We watched Master Chef and I talked to Justin again and off to bed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The End of April Finally!

Sunday April 26th

We were offered breakfast at Dan's house, but we declined. We were soo tired as we only had a couple hours sleep and were drained. I was home by 9am and in bed for a nap.

When I got up, I did some school work. Shonleigh came home and had a horrible tooth ache that was bringing her into tears. I nursed her a bit. There was nothing I could really do. She was busy calling dentists all over the place. She lent me her car and I went to go hand out resumes.

While I was out doing so, I did a little grocery shopping. How nice to have a car to do it! It being Sunday and Australia, almost nothing was open. It doesnt matter much though as almost no places are hiring. Its a very quiet time for job hunters! :(

I went home and Shon and I watched a movie. I talked to Justin on the phone and went to bed.

Monday April 27th

Wake up call.

Jumped on the computer. I had a date with my sister. It was Rylieghs birthday party and I wanted to catch them on skype. I had missed mom and Mandy, Gilles, and Kelsey. They had left early on. ( as I expected). By time I logged on, Ethan and Rye were sooo hyped up on sugar. They were runningback and forth like crazy! At one point all I saw of Rye was her feet up in the air kicking as much and as fast as she could! Just her feet! She loves that big fish pillow! I bet she cant wait to see grammas Koi pond!

I watched the kids play on the little piano and drum set that Rye got for her birthday while I talked and caught up with Melissa and Adam. Always nice to hear what is going on with my life back home! :)

After getting ready for my day, I talked to Justin on the phone. Then I had a phone call from Stacey. She has a boyfriend named Jared and they are doing very well. I cannot wait to meet him. I was catching up with everyone today! :)

Later on I walked to school and had class. Good as always. By the time I left Uni at 645 pm, the stars were out and bright! It gets dark here so early ALL year long! Crazy! Thats what I miss about Canadian summers! Long days!

I had a shower and read my text book in bed. I was sooo tired I passed out with it on my lap. I woke up with a dream vivid in my mind. Justin is working for shell right now and they are having a shut down. In my dream, the bad guys were the ones "shutting down" the plant. I was the daughter of one of the good guys, but dating the head leader of the bad guys. Justin! haha It was a funny dream.

Tuesday April 28th

Went to my class. I really do not like this subject. Health Culture and Society. Its a first year class. Blah! It would be ok, but I have a group assignment to do and I really dont like one girl in my group. We were discussing the content of our presentation. We were given a case study to talk about and one of the main points was homosexuality. This is one of the main topics we need to cover. As nurses, we will definitly need to learn about this. One group member said that she did not want to talk about it at all because she was not comfortable talking about it. I said that I would talk about it and that would be fine. She then said she did not want it mentioned at all as then she would have to write about it in her paper that we need to write about our presentation. I thought about it and then replied by saying that I felt it was one of the most important things to cover in our assignment and that I would not be ok with excluding it. Our ideas clash. We are painfully working through it. :

Had an inspection today. We have them always coming in and showing our place for ppl to buy, or cleaning, or fixing things, or other this and that sort of business. Probably once a week someone is in here and it is starting to drive us crazy! We dont know who these people are!!! ugh! Well we had our inspection to see if we are treating the place ok. By the end of it, they said Shonleigh needs to clean her room but the others were ok. Everything else checked out as fine. Poor Shon has such a bad tooth ache, I dont blame her for her messy room. Brenda on the other hand thought it was soo funny that she was told to clean her room hahaha.

I spent most of the day blogging, but as you can tell, I am still behind. I am learning alot about time managment as I am always busy doing soemthing.

I had a really good talk with Shonleigh. Her and I are getting pretty close. It is weird to think that I wont see her all the time in two years!

Later on in the day, I was busy on face book talking to Gilles and Kelsey, when Brenda walked in. Her and I started talking and the next thing I know, I am in this full out s*x conversation with this kroean girl! She was so interested to learn what our habbits were in Australia and Canada. She seemed to like how open we are about things. She said she hopes one day Korea will be as free as Canada. Miss Kim is starting to be more comfortable around us. She is fitting in soo much better than Mat! :) Arby is very happy!

This was another late night spent blogging and uploading photos on fb!! hahah

Wednesday April 29th

Had class. It was lecture day. At the end of lecture, my friend Amy motioned me towards her. When I met up with her, she asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner with her and her friends and her dad. He was up from Melbourne and wanted to meet her friends and he was shouting for it. I did not understand this term "shouting". I looked puzzled and she said it meant he was paying! OOOOhhhh! haha I said I would come along as I was happy I had made friends on my own and always happy to see them outside of school.

I went home and did some readings. Played some tennis with the boys, and then went to Uni. Last lecture of today. It was a different teacher. It was a german man talking about microbiology. He seemed pretty funny and held my attention well which is almost impossible on wednesday afternoons!!

When I got home, I chilled and talked to Adog for awhile. We took a walk over to uni-central which is another student accommadation. Amanda Long lives here. She is the fourth Canadian doing nursing. We visited her a little while. Talking about our plans for the July holiday. She too had a long distance boyfriend back home in Edmonton. After a bit, Adog and I walked back.

The units at uni-central are nice, but I like the Village better. Their units have an ensuite bathroom in each room, but no bath tub. The rooms have more storage for clothes and there are four rooms per suite, but its all on one floor. Our units only have one ensuite bathroom and that is Shonleighs, but Brenda and I have a bathtub in our bathroom. I also like how there is only 3 of us and our bedrooms are upstairs away from our living room and kitchen. Their units are more expensive and crammed all together. I am very happy here and hope to live here for the entire two years!

I did some assignments and then walked over to Jess's while waiting for Amy to pick me up. Always good to catch up with the gossip girls. Amy phoned and I went outside to meet her.

her dad hopped out of the car to let me in and he gave me a kiss on my cheek. This is normal, but it always seems to creep me out as I dont feel natural doing it. I will have to practice! haha We decided on Chancellor park tavern to dine. It looked like a pretty nice place. I had not been in it before. We all ordered some grub and her dad bought some wine. I picked what kind and everyone liked it. I was the main talker as everyone was interested in the foriegn girl!

Her dad is a prison gaurd down in Melbourne. He was very nice and had some stories. At one point he asked me if my mom was single... I said no she is happily married. Then he said that he better get my e-mail details so he could keep in contact with her. This is when Amy nudged him hard in the side. I didnt really answer and was happy that someone else had re-directed the conversation. Lisa and Kirsten were also with us. They are the other girls I have lab with along with Amy.

The food came and we ate. It was really good. Afterwards, Amy wanted to try out the "pokies" or the slot machines as we know them. We all kind of watched her and told her what to do. I didnt want to spend- waste my money. After dinner they dropped me off. I went up to my room and did some readings and went to bed.

Thursday April 30th

I was to meet with my group today. I really did not want to meet with the one girl. I told them I could not make it as I had to go with my room mate as she needed a root canal. This was not a lie. I did go with Shon to the dentist. However, her dad was there with her and while I waited, I went to get a hair cut. By time I found a place that accepted walk-ins, andthe girl bgancutting my hair, Shon was done. I told her to just go home and I wouldnt be much longer.

Lucky me had a free eyelash tint. On certain days, this place does free waxing or lash tinting with a hair cut. I certainly didnt need a waxing done. The tinting is interesting. They remove your makeup and apply vaseline to your surrounding eye. they put wax tissure paper under your bottom lashes. You close your eyes and they apply the die. It takes about 10min to react and she washes it off. Nothing to it.

I looked around the mall not buying anything, but teasing myself with the shopping anyways. I caught the bus home. I found shon and her tooth looked much better. She had some pain killers, but said the pain was substantially better since the hole was filled. The hole had been in her back molar and was the size of the top of my pinky finger!!! Pretty big! I dont know how it developed and worsened without notice! We talked for a bit and I retired to my room for my daily computer routine. This consists of FB, Gmail, Blog, and school- of course not in that order.....

After a while, the boys came over and we played tennis. When we were done with this, we went over to Cammy B's house. Here we watched a funny movie. After the movie, Shon came over feeling much better.

We played scattagories. It was alot of fun too. If you dont know how to play, I am not going to bore the others with the rules. You should go look them up now! What happened was, we had the letter "N". We all wrote our answers down and when it was time we passed them to the left for marking. Pom had left the room to use the potty. When we were reading the answers for Farm Animals, Adog read out Poms answer- "Nigga". We all burst out laughing! After some time, must have been a #2, Pom returned. Brock asked him what a "nigga" had to do with a farm. I blurt out, " what does a 'nigga' have to do with an ANIMAL???" and we all burst out laughing again! Pom then went on to tell us that Adog read it wrong and that it was suppose to be the previous statment, which was street name. We all laughed as there is no such "nigga street"!! He then informed us that he percieved the question to be asking what people call each other on the street. This is where is answer fits! It was alll toooooo funny! HA HA!

We watched some old videos and then it was time for Shon and I to leave. We met up with Jess and went to the airport to pick up My Space and his friend Mitchell.

While waiting for them to walk up, we were playing cards. Jess had taught me a new card game. We sat directly in the middle of the walk way where people were waiting for loved ones. :) This is where we met this strage woman. She was just strange in a awkward way. I talked with her for a bit and found out that her son did a student exchange and was placed in Baulf!! Or is it Bawlf? I really dont know as I was a baby when I lived around there. Crazy!

On the way home we briefly stopped to re-fuel our tummies! Then we continued on. Luck was not on our side as it ended up taking us 3 hours to drive home! There was heaps of road construction. At some points, we were stopped for about 10 minutes! Jess would go in and out of fits fighting with Chris. She is a 19 yr old scorpio. I remember those days all too well. When he would just look at you the wrong way and it would make your hormones go sky high and the reaction - KABOOOOM!! As this was happening, the three of us in the back had a good time. I asked Mitchell what he did up in Townsville. he replied with " ah you know, just keepin' it real", but what I heard was, " ah you know, Im a kangaroo!!" I got soo excited and said, " that is sooo friggin cool!!" He looked at me and kne I had obviously not heard him correctly. He repeated what he said and we all laughed when I told him what I thought it was.

Eventually we did get home. Chris and Jess in one piece too! Mitchell slept in Shon's bed and her with me! Ugh sooo tired! zzzzZZZ!!