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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anaphalaxis- Gaping Wound- Sh*t Show of a Day!

Friday April 24th

I had my usual wake up call from my international man. I hurried myself off to Uni to hand in my assignment. I also had to hand in a document to my leading lady up on the fifth floor in the international department- Deb!

I got home and was on the computer, blogging most likely. Its been my goal this week to catch up! I went downstairs to fix a bite to eat. When I came back up, I checked my phone as per usual as Justin and I are texting all day! Yay a text from him! I open it and immediatly am in disbelief and panic! " I ate something with nuts" is what I saw written! Justin is allergic to nuts. ( Not peanuts or almonds, but very much so to every other nut including sesame seeds!!). He had sent the text 10 minutes ago. I quickly sent a text back wondering if everything was ok. 20 minutes gone by- nothing! I didnt want to react and get all upset if he was just pulling my leg or soemthing. Who knows what he was doing. Maybe he took some benadryl and fell asleep. Maybe it wasnt bad. In Vancouver he ate some peanuts and almonds and had a reaction because we think they may have been mixed with something else. I made him take benadryl and it helped the reaction, but it gave him a back stomach ache. Hopefully he was just sleeping it off. It was pretty late there. I sent another text telling him that he better be ok and that he better get an epi pen like the many times I had told him to!

I distracted myself with a movie, that I paid no attention to. I couldnt really think about much else. Time was going by and I heard nothing at all! I was really starting to worry. I was home alone and coldnt even talk to anyone! then- riiing! riiing!! I answer quickly. " I Kristin, this is Wendy", Justins mom. OMG!! Why is she calling me!!! She then asked if I knew what had happened. I explained to her the text I recieved and that was all. She then said that he was admitted to the hospital and was breathing on his own now. She said they had given him adrenaline and that he couldnt talk yet but that he wanted her to call me right away to tell me that he was ok. What I heard was- hospital, breathing on own NOW, adrenaline, cannot talk!! She asked me if I was ok and I was speechless. Only able to give answers like " uh well... uh ya, uh..." She let me go and I cried on the stair case- where I was standing when she called- like a little baby! ugh!

Ten minutes later still feeling like a baby, I recieved a text from Justin himself! " That was an adventure! I hope my hair is still good! haha." I was soo not impressed! Then another, "Just at the hospital. You should have told me this was gonna happen. Youre in the future!! " : And another, " You better get here before I die!" He sent me many funny texts, even joking about our unborn son that doesnt exist and how he wants me to make sure he drives a Chev!!! I explained to him that I was upset with him but glad he was ok and that if this ever happened again, I dont want to know until he is better or dead! He was at Stony Plain Hospital. He sent a text that said, " I was at home dying! Funny story! I will tell you when I get home! I thought I was dead! hah Stupid eh? We know I cant die! haha".

After him texting me for a bit, Yates showed up. I told him the story and he was sorry to hear it. However, when I started repeating the post reaction texts, Yates was laughing pretty hard and reguarding Justin even higher in his books! Yates asked me if I wanted to go to the beach- Hell Yes! Off we went. On the way, we stopped at Subway for I handed in a resume. I was going to do more, but I didnt want poor Yates to wait for me. This whole time I am still texting back and forth with my nearly dead boyfriend!

We got to the beach and had such a good time in the killer waves. They were raping me! Thank god I was with Yates who is native to this fine part of the country. Not native as in aboriginal, but native as in he grew up here on the Sunny Coast and in the water! After passing the shore line where the waves break, it is actually quite calm. He taught me when you have to dive through a wave and when you catch it to body surf- I need practice with this. There were a couple of times I ended up in the break and the water slammed me down hard on my butt! The first time hurt my right cheek- had I been a normal bruiser, there would have been a large black area consuming most of the cheek. Another time, I sand scraped my left cheek! It is quite scary being caught in the break. It flips you around and you have no control. You just wait to feel how it is going to smash you into the sand. Even being far out is scary, you never know if it will pull you in further or if a shark is creeping close by!! (:[] That is suppose to look like a worried face..hahha

I still couldnt get Justin off my mind! I was still not over it and so I headed back into shore. There were a couple more texts from him. We talked via texting for a bit. They were keeping him in a little longer. Also, they seemed to be busy with a drunk patient in the bed next to him. Justin was telling me how they had to restrain him. He said he would call me when he got home.

Yates and I left the beach. When I got home, I quickly showered. When I was taking my togs off, I noticed soemthing sitting in an odd place! There placed stratigically over my left nipple was a sea shell!! ahhaahha So funny! A perfect fit! I felt like a slutty Little Mermaid! lol ( my shell was no where near as proper as hers!!)

I quickly showered and made a dinner. Hmm a yummy salad with Calmari on top. I didnt have too much time to get ready. Ron was having a surprise birthday party for Bell who was turning 24. Yay Im not the only Gma around here anymore! Amanda, Rachel and I made cupcakes too. I invited Brenda to come along. A funny story about Brenda. Remember that day we had her write Tight Vag, Moose Knuckle, and Big Cock on our stomachs in Korean? Well we knew she didnt know what she was writing at all. I never thought anything of it. We were talking while I was making salad and she was talking about things she learned in her studies. She is here to learn english and in class they were talking about knuckles- body parts. She kept saying Moose Knuckle toher teacher, who kept ignoring her. Brenda didnt understand why her teacher was ignoring her! When she told me this, I nearly died laughing! I felt soo bad! I told Brenda why her teacher was ignoring her and she was sooo embarrassed. I told her I would teach her all the bad words for now on so that she wouldnt make an ass of herself ever again! ahhahahahh

For those of you who are not familiar with a Moose Knuckle, let me explain. We all know what a camel toe is. If you dont, you are too old or too young to read this! A camel toe is found on a girl- but a moose knuckle is found on a boy! hahahah Its larger!! ahhaahahha SOOO FUNNY!!! Bhaha

As we were going to the party, Justin had finally called me. I finally got to hear the story. I still had soo much anxiety about it all. What had happened was, Justin was at his friend Jeffs house. Jeffs mom had given Justin a chocolate. He ate it. Like a dummy! Anyways, I guess it all happened instantly. I guess his throat started closing right away. Before he did anything, he picked up his cell phone and texted me!! Next he called his sister, Kelti who is also a nurse. She could not understand a thing he was saying because he was unable to talk at this point! She called 911 and so did Jeff. The lady on the phone was telling Justin to calm down and sit down. Two ambulances showed up and Justin ran straight out there. They inserted an IV in his arm onthe way to the hospital. The medics had said that if it had been any longer, they would have had to give him an emergency trachea. ( I think trachea, because I dont think they would have been able to intubate him with his throat being closed up!!! ) They got him into the hospital and pumped him full with two shots of adrenaline.

I was soo relieved to have finally talked with him. This was such a horrible experience. I told him I was going to stab him with an epi pen for scaring me soo much! I still cannot believe that he texted me right away when his life was in danger. What am I going to do when I am on the other side of the world!!! The medics told him afterwards to call them first if ever this happens again. The doctors also reminded him that with every reation, it gets worse and worse. GREAT!! :(

He let me go to enjoy the party and I let him go rest. Although he had a lot of adrenaline, so I think he was too tired. I joined the party.

There must have been about 30-40 of us at the party. We all waited patiently for Bell to show up. She had no idea we were all here. It was a total surprise! We had a smoke machine, laser light show, music and loud stereo, and much much more. It was here in the village two doors down from my place. Again I remained sober for the night. I am beginning to like this!

Finally we got the call that she was coming. I was on lights duty. So when she walked in, I flicked the lights and we all yelled "SURPRISE!!" and blew our noise makers and threw our confetti like ribbon thrower kind of things. She was soo surprised! It was by far the best surprise party that I have ever been to, simply based on the amount of surprise and effort was made for it!

The party was fun. Lots of good ppl showed up. Lewis had to leave early because he is in the army and the next day was Anzack day. This is like rememberance day, but it is only for Australia and New Zealand. He had brought with him a friend who is also in the army with him. He was very shy I thought because he wasnt talking to anyone. So I started talking to him. Mistake! He was sooo... rediculous! He was saying how he was too old for party favors and noise makers and that he hadnt used one for like three years. I asked him how old he was and he said nineteen! 19!! Only freaking 19!! I was shocked and passed him a noise maker! I told him to take a risk and that I wouldnt tell anyone. he hesitated big time! Then when I was finally about to walk away, he gave the smallest little blow and quickly moved it away from his mouth. I think he thought we were all very immature and got the impression the he thought he was above us all. My snob radar was going out of control. I slowly started to talk to others and forgot him. Not worth my precious time! Im only here for two years! hahah

So at one point I was looking for Adog. Ron told me she was upstairs. I went up to find her and she was in Joels room with him and Adam. She was trying on some of Joels army stuff. A bullet proof vest and gun/ tool belt thing. It was all pretty sweet. When I had gone in there, Joel showed me two marks. One was on his abdomen above his navel and the other on his right butt cheek. Adam shot him in the stomach and Amanda shot him in the ass with Joels BB gun!! WTF!?!?? " Hey Arby. you want to shoot me too??" " Hell Yes!!! " ahhahahaha So I tried on teh vest and got some sweet pictures and then I had some target practice on a water bottle in the closet. I did a good job and so he let me shoot him in the stomach as well. BOUGH!!! ( I have no idea how to make a gun noise- that is as good as I can make it! hahaha) We all thought I had gotten him in the nut sack at first. Then he revealed to show that I got him below the navel just above his pant line! teehee! He said that one hurt the most! It was really fun, but really scary too. I dont know why anyone would let us shoot them! hahaha He must be crazy. This is before any of them were drunk! Besides Ford that is. He was a wreck. He had even dropped his phone in the toilet. You could barley understand him.

While I was up talking with Joel and getting to know his friend Adam, Someone came up and told us that Ford had cut himself somehow. We ran down there and found Ford lying down outside on the bench. Nurse Adog was wrapping a shirt around his calf. I had briefly seen the cut, and I would have to describe it more as a gaping wound. Amanda seemed to have it under control and she had someone dial 911- ops I mean 000. Its different here. I also learned that in England, it is 999. (There is a little fact you can impress all your friends with!) I went to inspect to see what had happened. There was blood all over the floor by the stereo. I cleaned it up since there was some idiot who must have been high on something dancing in it. He also was trying to play music. He didnt seem to think Ford's injury was a party stopping incident. Dumbass! We screamed at him and he sat down. *Arby rolls her eyes*. I cleaned up the blood and could find nothing that would ahve cut Ford this badly. There was no blood trail or anything.

The ambulance arrived and gave Ford some pain killer. I was unfamiliar with the drug, but it came in a green container that he inhaled. He was being a baby about it since he was soo drunk. Apparently it tasted awful! With lots of the girls encouraging him, he breathed it all in. The medics removed the t-shirt and revealed the wound. This is the part where I was a spectator and not a professional! lol when I saw the wound was accessible, I hinted to everyone that they should snap a picture! hahah So everyone and their dog had their cameras and phones in there snapping pictures. This rightfully so made the medics a little annoyed, although I did see one of them laugh a little at first. I think they found it all a little amusing, not the fact that our friend was hurt, but the fact that some of us, me included, were making jokes about it all. Not that I am a mean person and like that he is in pain, but because of the randomness of it all and how he was acting and how we had discovered it. They bandaged him and put this stablizing air pumped leg wrap around his leg and off he went to the hospital. Drunk Joel and drunk Adam accompanied him, who I later learned were kicked out for being roudy in the hospital. I think they were pretending to lick his wound and I have no idea what else. Would have been funny.

So how we found Ford's hurt leg!! I guess he approched Amanda and asked her how she was going. ( Here they often ask " how're you going" instead of doing. Odd I know. ) She replied that she was good and asked him the same. He replied, " oh , you know, not soo good", "whys that Ford??", " well, my leg hurts. Ya actually it really really hurts. " When she looked down at it she saw blood everywhere. She lifted his pant leg and told someone to call and ambulance. She got him to lay down and after he did and he saw the blood and cut, this is when he started to freak out. Before this, he had been calm and had no idea! This is what we were kind of joking about. lol Poor guy ended up with 21 stitches. He may even need a skin graft depending if the tissue heals or not. It was looking pretty blackened in some places. He still has no idea what happened!

After he left, the party continued where it had left off. people joked about it here and there. The guy who had been dancing in the blood was going crazy dancing. He also had somehow lost his shirt. WTF?!?!? * Arby rolls her eyes at the same loser yet again!!*

Amanda and I didnt stay too much longer. We had plans to go boating the next day. In bed for us by 2am!! What a sh*t show of a day!

Ketchup Today and Relish Tomorrow!

Tuesday April 21st

Wake up call from Justin. Then I was up and cleaned my house so the bi-weekly cleaners could come and to the surface wash. They dont do a very good job anyways, but we have to be ready for them. There is this whole yellow and red card system! My place has been soo clean since Mat has moved out. ( And Shonleigh hasnt been home either.) Its mostly Brenda and I and we do the dishes all the time and keep our belongings in our rooms. Its a good system!

I went to class and when I came back, Shon's car was in the garage. She wasnt in the house so I immediatly went over to Jess's knowing she would be there. I ran upstairs and yelled Jess's name. I got up there and didnt see Shon anywhere, so I whipped the door closed to find her hinding from me!! hahahah She thought she was sneaky! We had a good time talking about her trip and my holiday. She showed me her tattoo that is in french. It is suppose to mean "rely on yourself" and it is a quote written by a famous french guy so she had it written in french. However, there are not many french people here and she got the translation off of the internet. I asked Gilles what it meant, and he said " do it yourself". hahaha Basically the same thing!

Went back home and had a little workout. A little nap. Connected myself with the world on FB after a very dry 2.5 weeks! I had a shower and some of the boys were over to visit us after the break. They had to leave to play cricket. While they were here, they joked about Yates. I forgot to mention this story. On Saturday at the Warf, Yates was sooo drunk. I was taking a picture of the two of us and he squeezed my bum right as I snapped the photo! I looked at with total shock and he said, " you have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that for!!" I was completly speechless! He did it right in frontof Justin too! Then he did a shot and ran upstairs and we didnt see him for the rest of the night! hahaha So the boys had a good time making Yates blush about that!

I recieved another call from Canada and Shon and I headed over to the pizza place for cheap day. Came back home after a quick grocery shop. Brenda and Adog joined us. Xanthy and Jess were over afterwards. Shon and Jess are a little rude to Brenda. I dont think they know that she understands most of what they are saying. They wouldnt be soo rude if they knew she understood. They call her Miss Kim- her last name- even though she has told them not to call her that. ( luckily I think Brenda likes it now). They also try to get her to say bad words all the time just because it is funny. They always tell her that this is the way something is done, even though its not. Im always telling Brenda they are lying when they dont look. She sometimes says she knows they are. Its not too bad.

On this particular night, Brenda was telling us about her boyfriend back home. He wants to marry her, but she is not sure. He ha cheated on her before and this is her first boyfriend. She tells me that she is curious about other boys too. I dont know how it is in Korea, but I dont want to give her too much advise where her culture will be shamed. So I just tell her what I would do instead. Sometime she tells me about the fights they have too and her eyes puff up very big. ( more then Stacey's when I was dropped at the airport). Look at that, Im off topic... so on this night, she was talking about her boyfriend. I dont know how we got onto the topic, but she was telling us how her man calls her lady parts her butterfly and she calls his man parts his flower! He asks her " how is your butterfly??" and vise versa!! ahhahaha The girls had quite the riot with this and now we all say it! :)

I looked at some school stuff and hit the hay!

Wednesday April 22nd

Wake up call again, Im a lucky lady! I noticed it was getting more breezy on the way to Uni today. I am going to start bringing a coat with me. They are doing a bunch of construction by my house. I think this caused the side walk to flood copius amounts when it rains. The water is always kind of orange. I just brushed it off as the heat turning it orange. Today, I noticed they had dug a ditch along side the path. As I look at it, and smell it, I am pretty sure it was sewage!! GROSS!!! I have been walking ankle deep in this many times! Im soo sure it is. It looks like poo! Brown poo! It looks like a slightly lighter shade of poo that was stuck in my toilet way back when I first arrived and Mat lived here! Eww Yugh disgusting! At least now I dont have to walk in it. I just have to smell it.... :S

Today was a day to catch up on alot of stuff. I did alot of school work and blogging! haha I also talked to Justin alot, shocker I know! I wrote some letters to home and Yates came over to visit. We talked about his sister who is a year younger than I. She is moving to Scottland for two years for work. Yates said that her and I are very similar. We were talking about past relationships and uprooting and moving away. He said that our nature is similar as well. I have never met her, but all the other guys give Yates a hard time becuase she is The Hot Sisiter! ahhahaha

I later walked to school with Woolly. Things are going well with her and My Space. He is moving down here as soon as he can. He is hooked on this girl. Its really sweet really. We are all getting long distance lovers! lol we are retarded! What can you do though! Class was alright. Wednesday afternoon is my worst time to concentrate! We got shushed by an old cow! I hadnt even realized we were being disruptive. If I had known I would have shut up on my own. She could have just let me know in a nice way instead of being an old cow! hahhahaha ... or I could just pay attention I suppose!

Justin posted pics from our trip today. He is feeling better. I was soo happy to see the pics! I wish that I had a copy of all of them!! After class, Adog, Rachel and I went to the computer labs to look at them! How fun!

We went for a jog, and I made some yummy dinner. Woolley, Shon, and Brenda were around and we were talking about Ghosting. This is Australian I guess and its when someone walks behind someone else unoticed. It is really funny. There are all kinds of ways to Ghost someone. There is double ghosting, where you have someone on your shoulders while you ghost. usually you do it to some random stranger. When they realize you are there, you turn around like nothing happened and keep walking! I cannot wait to bring this fun trick into Canada! ! !

I spent a long time going through all my USC emails. I didnt realize how many I had. It took up alot of my mega bytes and I was not impressed. Now I check it everyday. This was the first time I had ever logged on, not knowing how to before, and I had probably over 100 messages! ugh!

I talked to Justin on the computer- he is still on Arby time! I went to bed.

Thursday April 23rd

How did I wake up, yes you are correct! I did have a wake up call! There is no better way to wake up! The plan for today was to start and finish my respiratory assignment. I have had three weeks to do it, and was clearly distracted.

I dont have classes on thursdays, so I took my time. I did the dishes and cleaned up a bit. I talked to Justin on the phone quite a bit as well. When I finally went to do my assignment, Black Board wasnt working! This is my school web site that I needed information on to complete my assignment. I waited for it to begin working again! I waited and waited and was really starting to get nervous! I began blogging while waiting for it! I had alot to catch up on that as well! you all shold be happy Black Board was out, other wise, I would still be extremely behind!! lol)

Finally, at about 4pm it began working again. I finished my assignment by 1930. I quickly got ready for dancing at Woombye. Shon wanted to go out because it had been soo long since we have all gotten together. We had a bunch of people over at our place and we convinced Brenda to chill and come out with us.

It felt good to be sober while everyone else drank. So far, I am being quite successful at this detox thing. I am definitly taking it easy! Justin says he is doing the same at home. We danced our butts off at Woombye. Brenda was a good sport. It was her first time being out to a club in Australia. She took a bnch of pictures and showed us a "heart" dance. It is cute having an asian around! hahaha She even showed us a sexy dance with a chair! We were all soo surprised! Jess said " this is how we dance here" and she did that - grab your ankle and your head and thrust your knee into your body- dance. This is when brenda grabbed the chair and said " this is a sexy dance in Korea". It was classic!

Brock was a waste case on this night. I have never seen him soo drunk. I didnt even think he would make it out to Woombye. He was that guy who is sitting and can barley hold his head up. He is that guy who has trouble holding his hand up as he points to from across the room and says " I love you Arby"!! ahhhahaha And then says it to everyone! hahaha

After being done at the bar, ( I could have left heaps long before we did, but Shon was a bit drunkand soo keen to have a good time), we went to Mackers. I hadnt had time for dinner and it was soo good.

I got home and talked to Justin, as per usual, and went to bed.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Sunday April 19th

We had to wake up pretty early. Justin had not packed at all. It didnt take too long. He had lost his wallet the other night when he packed all his stuff up in the heat of the moment. We still had not found it. He didnt really need it as we had put his passport away when he got here. He also could not find his intinerary. Luckily I had written down his departure time on my calender when he first booked his ticket.

Joel drove us to the airport in Brisbane. We both sat in the back of the car. We were pretty quiet talking here and there. ( I think he was slightly hung over as well). When we arrived, the line to check in was pretty long. Joel waited with us for a bit and then went for a bite to eat. It was good to have him alone so we could really say good bye. ( I didnt have a very good bye when I left Edmonton. Justin was really upset that day and kind of ran off when I didnt need anymore help with my bags!!!). We met up with Joel again and found some couches to sit on for about 10 minutes before he had to go. We said good bye and he was gone! :(

Joel and I went back home talking about relationship and the complications. I went straight to the pool after getting home. Adog joined me a bit later. I went to my room and had a nap. I was soo tired. I spent the rest of the day doing my assignment and tracking the time and where I thought Justin would be.


I went to school and handed in my assignment. Justin finally got home around 11am my time. This would be about 5pm his time. He called me and I was happy to hear from him. It brightened my mood quite a bit! He was telling me about this guy he met on the plane. I guess he is a guy from Brissy who owns a golf course and had invited the two of us to stay there and golf anytime! That should be pretty sweet. Sounds like he had an alright trip home!

Unfortunatly, my computer could not read his memroy card, so I didnt have any pictures from the trip! I will have to wait til I can get a cd of them or something as not all of them are FB friendly!

I went to class and on my way I saw Jess sitting and talking to her man on the phone. I went up to her and scared her while singing " peanut butter jelly time" over and over! We had a quick chat and both went to our classes.

Class was alright. We just went over how to give an oral presentation. Easy peasy pumpkin pie! Justin called me after class and we talked again. Turns out he was really sick for awhile getting back. He was vommitting lots! Poor guy caught something while on the plane.... swine virus?? hah No he is fine now. :)

Later on after my last class, I was at Amanda's and a couple of us girls were there. We all joked about our holidays. We were pretending that Jess and I were knocked up after being with our men! Of course we arent, but it ws funny joking about it!

I went home to bed.

Beach Heaven!!

Thursday April 16th

Things were much better in the morning. Justin had even convinced me in the midst of our fight the previous night, that he had called and changed his flight to an earlier one! As we lie in bed in the morning, I had confronted him on it- hoping he had, but missed it! This way he would stay longer then Sunday. He admitted he had not really changed his flight! What a good little actor! JERK! lol

It was tattoo day!! They had called me early to confirm my appointment, but we were still sleeping and missed it. Justin had changed his mind and was not going to get one. This is probably a good idea since we made the decision impaired! I still had no idea what I wanted and so I also was a no show! Amanda went ahead by her self anyways.

We slept in a bit, not feeling 100%, but maybe 85%! Yesterday was quite the day! We were both a little darker as well. Justin refuses to wear sunscreen, so when he is not looking, I spray some on his neck to prevent him from getting old man turkey neck! Eww!

We finally got up and headed to teh beach a little later then ideal. Bought another bottle of wine, but niether of us were that interested in drinking it. We spent the day in the sun on the beach playing cards and listening to music again. He was actually beating me at cards today. I think we played two sets of rummy500. I must have been having an off day!!

The sun was slowly creeping away and we got up to move to a sunnier spot, not really having any particular plan. As we were walking, we ran into Yates, who was body boarding. He was just on his way home and offered us a lift! Yes Sir!

On the way home, we exchanged Easter break stories. He told us of a loose weekend he had and how he was invited back with two girls after being out all night at the bar. Of course he went. I wont go into detials about the story, but he sure was proud to tell his dad about the nights happenings. He was especially proud to tell Justin! hahaha Yates is a shy guy. He is really tall and a good looking bloke, but shy and very sweet. Alot of the other guys give him heat for not playing girls more. I like Yates! One of my favorite friends here! I always tell him, " if you were older..."! hahahaha he blushes!

When we got back to my place, we ate dinner- stirfry that I made which Justin just loved! yates and all the other guys were going to go to Buderim Tavern for kareokee. Amanda was going to join us as well. We all got ready. Once we were ready, none of us felt like doing anything. Amanda went home and Justin and I walked to Woolies to get some icecream or something. When we got there, we realized it wasnt open. We walked back, put a movie on, and hit the sack.

Friday April 17th

We woke up earlier then yesterday. It was beginning to be a routine now. We would pack a set of clothes for just in case and later, a bottle of wine, and our beach stuff- towles, music, and cards. We set up camp on the beach and did our usual. These beach days were sooo hot and Justin and I were having the greatest time just the two of us! At about lunch time, we went to the Warf to meet Mark for lunch. He is the guy we met in the spa at Airlie Beach. He is an architect and is 28yrs old. We had a good lunch with him and we were able to use our free voucher that we had won the other day!

After lunch, we made a few more wine purchases at the bottle-O and stuffed three wine bottles in our bags. As we were walking back to our spot on the beach, a bright orange Lambergini passed! Just as this was happening, a woman and her three children were walking passed. Justin got sooo excited and sped up to take a picture. As he did so, he pointed to the car and said " LOOK KIDS!!!". BOOOOOSSSHH!!! A whole wine bottle fell out of his bag and smashed on the ground at his feet. The mother grabbed her children and told them to walk faster and to not look or touch anything! hahah She was treating the situation as if they had been exposed to a hooker! Justin barely noticed the bottle or the kids and was able to snap a decent picture of the car. Meanwhile, I was laughing my ass off and picking up the broken pieces of glass and crying for the lost goodness that was our wine! This is one of the stories in which we now call wine bottles hookers! LOL

We got back to the beach and didnt leave until the sun was setting. We bused it home and and I made a stirfry again. Justin was a fan and wanted more! Mark had invited us to his place later on for a small gathering of people. He gave us the address and we bused it back to Mooloolaba.

We had spent some time walking around on the phone trying to find this address. We were also still drinking wine! ( we hadnt really stopped! lol) Justin's bladder was at full capacity and there was no toilet tobe found! What is a guy to do. Their anatomy is made so conveintly to just pull it out and go. At least Justin had the decency to go in an alley way. Im on the phone with Mark, trying to find out where to go, when a cop pulls up. A female and male cop approach us and ask Justin what he was doing. "taking a piss!" he replies. They inform him that it is illeagal here to pee in public. Justin states that he is from Canada and doesnt know. The male cop asks him if it is legal in Canada to pee in public..."NO!!" says Justin!! hahaha The cop goes into this big rant about what we could do and this and that when Justin interrupts him and asks, " so are you just going to give me a warning or what??" The cop thinks for a second and says yes, but that blah blah blah... this is where I come in and interrupt the cop... " do you know where this address is??" hahah They both look at it and send us on our way. Honestly dont know how we got out of that one. We were both soo rude and really didnt care about anything they had to say. We all knew it was wrong, and we clearly were busted! haha Lucky night for us I suppose. If only the cop was that nice to us when I was driving at 119km/hr!!

We eventually met up with Mark and then continued to walk about 20 min to his house. Uphill! Ugh! We entered his home and were pretty impressed. He had done lots of renos, but it was all modern and very nice collection of stuff. Big flat screen tv and this and that. We had brought him a bottle of wine, and Mark poured us some glasses. We then sat on the couch after having a small tour. We were watching rugby- or footy as they call it here. I was between the boys and was pretty bored. Justin and Mark seemed to be non stop talking about the sport. I had spent all day in the sun and drinking wine slowly. It had caught up to me and I fell asleep for about 20 min! I woke up and Mark had offered to let me lay in a bed. I realized I was being rude and tried to snap out of it. With some effort I was able to and I directed the boys to talk about something more stimulating for a silly girl like me! Thank god!!

We eventually left after learning that no one else was coming over. We walked to the strip and ordered a late night pizza. Then we cabbed it home. Put a movie on and- SLEEP!! Sigh!

Saturday April 18th

We had left over stirfry and pizza for brekky. The pizza I let Justin have as it tasted fishy to me. I love seafood, but I dont like that fishy taste. Justin doesnt either, so I dont know how he ate it. We set off to the beach!

Had our usual routine, but today Justin needed to do some shopping for his boys. This was his very last day here!! :( At about lunch time, after playing cards and listening to music and having a good time with eachother, we went for a walk by the shops. I should just say this now, but Justin had only beaten me three times the whole time he was here. yes I am bragging! Straight out bragging! hahahaha We played many many sets! WOOT WOOT victory dance! Ok Im done!

He ended up buying his boys some sweet towels, some great smelling bubble bath in the shapes of a shark and octopus, and these really cool kangaroo pens that had buttons you pressed to box with eachother! We walked around for awhile, avoiding the resturant from the other night as much as possible. haha

By time the sun was down we were ready to go. We had asked some randoms to take some pictures of the two of us. Off we went. I was a little sad our beach days had come to an end. We were pretty brown by the end of them. I was relieved that Justin wouldnt be going back white!

We went to the Hogs breath for a bite to eat. We had some drinks and our total bill was $45, I later learned they charged me double!! Nothing I could do about it now!! Grr! We had a good time joking around during dinner. We then bought a bottle of wine to drink while waiting the 45 min for the bus.

When we got home, we showered and got ready. Adog caught a cab with us and we headed out to the Warf. Rachel was working the door and let us in for free. We had some drinks and were mingling. Adog was talking to her friend Ash that works there. He seemed like a really cool guy. It was his day off.

I think Justin was pretty much done and he had said he just wanted to spend time with me at home. So we were just leaving when we saw Yates and Chakley in line. Back in we went. They entered the bar soon after and bought Justin some shots. They took him for a walk around the club and after about 30 min, Justin was really ready to go. I didnt realize it until we were in the cab, but he was pretty drunk, but more tired then anything. He passed out on the way home and fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed. I was a little sad he just slept on his last night here, but we had had a very good time the last four days. I was very tired as well.

Naked Beach and Gay Night!

Monday April 13th

Rain again!! Boo! We woke up and were happy to still have the car for one day. We took advantage of it and went grocery shopping. Making a quick stop to pick up some wine! We really didnt do much of anything on this day. We stayed in and watched movies for most of it. I have lots of movies on my hard drive which makes me sooo happy.

Later in the evening, We ate a nice dinner- chicken parmesan yum yum made by me, and then played some cards while drinking wine. It was nice to have just the two of us for a whole day doing nothing. We ran out of our wine and Adog drove us to the bottle-O on her way to Woolleys. It was closed and so we went home and played some more cards and eventually went to bed. I know, really exciting! lol

Tuesday April 14th

We had to return the car at 11am. It was a mess. There were lime seeds in teh back pocket and beer caps everywhere!! Not to mention sand. I trie to clean it as much as, but there was no way I could get it all. We returned the car with no problems. He did give us a lecture about next time cleaning it better because they usually do charge, but... oh well. I tried! A little! hahaha

Justin and I were both craving pizza and it just happened to be cheap day! We bused it home and bought a pizza. Walked home, which sucked now that we were used to having a car! Ate our pizza and watched a movie. It was rainy out today as well. Not as much as usual, it did seem to be a bit nicer. We walked back later and bought some icecream. We also bought some spoons to eat it with on our way home. We later returned to the shopping centre in Chancellor Park to the Bottle-O and bought some wine. Nicko, Bell and Erin happened to be there on our way home and gave us a lift! We must have walked back and forth at least three times that day.

We didnt end up drinking the wine. We watched a movie and went to sleep. I know I know! My days are just getting too exciting to bare!! hhahaa

Wednesday April 15th!!

YAY BEACH DAY?!! I woke up pretty early to see that it was sunny! We didnt have any plans and so I made a decision that it was time Justin worked on his tan! It wa embarrassing being around this skinny white boy for so long! :P We packed up and brought a change of clothes for later. Maybe for dinner or something.

We caught the bus and planted our cute white bums on mooloolaba beach. We had brought wine with us and playing cards andmy ipod. We spent all day on the beach and had a great time! We snuck sips of wine from my water bottle- thank you Mandy, I now know my LuLu Lemon christmas present is 750ml, or the equivalent to a bottle of wine! :D We played cards too. I taught him how to play rummy, my families all time favorite game! I kicked his butt everytime so far, including the night we stayed in and played! I was sooo excited Justin finally got to see the Australia I, and the rest of the world, know!

As the day went on, we seemed to get a bit more ... drunk! haha We had made a run to the bottle-O to buy some more wine during lunch when we went for a quick bite. It was getting darker. People started leaving too. When it was pretty dark, about 630pm, and there werent too many ppl around, Justin and I changed right on the beach! We were having soo much fun too! Ther would be some people walking by, but they didnt seem to notice or care. We got all changed and then started walking towards some resturants. There was a shower on the way there where I wet my hair- along with my wholeback side by accident. woops! At least I fixed my hair!

We went for dinner at a place called Karma Waters. It had a steak special on with a glass of wine. We had such a good time eating and we ordered another bottle of wine to boot! hahaaha We actually had a really nice time together and laughed and laughed and laughed!! We were waiting patiently for the bill for quite some time. We even went up to the front desk and waited for about ten minutes. Nobody was coming. We were getting quite aggitated and then Justin made the plan that we would just walk away! Dine and Dash??? No we couldnt ever do that!! ... and then we walked away!!! hahahahaha We walked a block and then sprinted a block, but Justin has a bad heal, so we started to walk again. We thought we had gotten away with it and started to laugh. I turned to my right while in mid-laugh- and there was our waitress! BUSTED!!! ahhaha She was huffing and puffing and said that we had forgotten to pay. I played the " didnt you pay the bill when I was in the washroom" card, while Justin played the " I dont know how it works here, Im from Canada!! " hahhahaha I was hoping he would of played the same card as me and said he had thought I paid! I have to apologize on his behalf for him misrepresenting Canada! Tsk Tsk I know! Anyways, she said, " no problem" and we all walked back. We paid for dinner and actually tipped her too. (Tipping is not the norm here...)

We kept walking and happened by this bar called 240V. We saw that it was Gay night and naturally wanted to go in!! hahha It was sooo silly! They made me pay cover charge and not Justin! It really was gay night!! We entered the bar and it was pretty empty. We sat at a table and chatted. I think we were going to try to see who could get more drinks bought for them. We both lost. I for sure thought he would win with his belly ring! haha We hit up the dance floor and had such a good time.

We were both pretty drunk and ended up taking a cab home. Some how we had gotten into a fight. It was about nothing at all. I think when I came up from the bathroom, I was upset about something and he must have thought I was upset at him. When we got home, he packed up all his stuff and said he was going to sleep at Joels house. This made me very upset and I started to cry, as drunks do! He was gone! After about 5 minutes, he came back in my room and we started to talk about it. We both decided that we wer fighting over nothing and went to bed.

In the morning, we made up and laughed about the whole thing! It was a pretty adventurous day! Kids, please do not do anything you have read from above! It is wrong to Dine and Dash!! hahaha But soooo friggen funny!! hahaha


Sunday April 12th

Packed up and hit the road pretty early. Stopping once again at subway for some brekky. ( they actually spell brekky like this... Im not completly crazy. ) Joel started us out on the road. Justin, Adog and I in the back. We were going to drive the whole way back in one go! We wanted to save money.

Not too much happened on the way home. It was actually a nice day. This kind of made us all bitter. We were hoping for a rain day to travel since it had rained our whole time in the Whitsundays. We had planned to go scuba diving, snorkeling, really anything adventurus while being here, but the rain turned us to booze! hahaha On Good Friday, we even had a hard time getting that. Lets just say, the Whitsundays were not what we were hoping for. Next time I go, I will make sure it is hot. I was joking with Justin and calling him Eyor from Winnie the Pooh because there is a rain cloud following him! ahha

We stopped for lunch in Rockhampton which is also the beef capital of Aus. Justin did get rather excited for this and all the sitings of cows! He also really liked the road trains- the semi's that can haul huge loads. They dont have these back home. Every time he would get excited about one of these and point them out, I would make fun of him. It was the same when I would point out a hill side or field made of the redest earth I have ever seen- he would make fun of me!

On the way, we stopped at this beach along the coast. There are some houses here and there was a few people unloading boats. We all had our swim suits on and decided since it was nice to have a look. Everyones feet were soo sore but mine from when they went swimmin the other day. Justins were the worst. They had been drunk and were walking on sharp oysters. Their feet all looked really bad and we bagan to call them hooker feet. Anyways, they were all complaining of their hooker feet and the sand getting into them. the beach was pretty nice, but there was too many oysters along the rocks to actually go swimming. Also, before going for the walk along shore, this man had warned me of crocodiles! I dont know if he was serious, but I wasnt about to test it!

We looked around and took some good photos, like the ones of us all jumping up in the air. I found a little fish and, just like a boy, Justin wanted to kill it! I dont get it myself! He nailed it with a rock and we thought it was dead. Until he held it in his mouth for a picture. Just before ADog snapped the shot, the fish flipped in Justins mouth and it went flying! ahhaha We all laughed, but Justin was quite grossed out! ahah Serves him right for wanting to kill it!

Rachel was next to drive. As we pulled out, she had been looking the wrong way and was creping slowly, almost about to rev up and go. Thank god she wasnt going any faster!! Because she was looking the wrong way, a truck passed us and it shook the whole car!! If we had been an inch further, it would have crashed into us hard! We were all really scared after this and all watched the road. Rachel kept driving. She seemed to be pretty scared I think. Joel said he needed to use the washroom at the next gas station, but really, I think he wanted to switch it up. I think Rachel was uncomfortable as well. Justin took over, and I was his first mate again.

We drove all the way to a town 15min or so from home and Joel took over. We got home and didnt bother unpacking everything til the next day. We were all soo exhausted and just went to bed. It was sooo nice to have Justin to myself and not have to share a bed or room with anyone else but him!

One little surprise when I got home was that Shonleighs light was on in her bedroom. She was in New Zealand! I opened the door to find her friend Kurtis wearing nothing but a shirt. While Justin made some KD, I closed the door and told Kurtis to put some pants on. He did and we talked for a bit. Shon had told him he could stay over for the night. I just didnt expect it and wasnt warned! I introduced Justin and Kurtis and everyone went to bed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Content Not For All Audiences!

Thursday April 9th

The morning in Rockhampton! I was keen to be a passenger today. Justin started us off, wanting to get a sober day in. Thank god! lol I was first mate in the passenger seat. Had a quick brekky break at subway and were enroute to McKay. It was not as alive as a drive as last night, but it was still a good time. Its nice to do raod trips here, we get a better perspective of the country. We were playing a car game on our way. What we had to do was say "I went to the store and bought..." then you would have to say something that started with "A". The next person would have to say " I went to the store and bought Apples ( for example if that is what the first person picked for A..) and Bananas. The third would say the same but make a new one for C. Always repeating what was said for A and B and so on!! Anyways, we had a very good time with that. It kept us busy and awake.

We stopped inside the mall quickly in McKay and Justin and I shared a chicken ceasar salad wrap. Yum. Joel took over driving from here and we headed to Airlie beach. We were all pretty excited to be there when we drove over a hill to find traffic at a stand still on the HWY. WTF!?!?! There was a cop talking to each car and pointing to roads in the distance. After talking to each car, the car would make a u-turn and come back the way they came. We couldnt see what happened, but the cop said we wouldnt be able to go through. He gave us detour directions and we followed the flow of the cars.

Eventually we made it to Airlie beach. It was quite dark and a bit late by this time. We drove around looking for a hotel. The boys hopped out to go talk to a few and us girls got out and stretched. After a little while, a man and some people came out. He asked us if we had seen a big snake. NO! We didnt stand around to wait for it. We hopped back into the car and waited for the boys.

They came back and we unloaded the car in our two seperate hotel rooms. Joel wanted to have his own room, but Rachel stayed with him anyways. They seemed to be ok with that. Adog stayed with Justin and I. We were pretty good at making her feel comfortable and she said she didnt feel like a third wheel at all!

It was raining... big shocker! We put our togs on and went to go see if we could use the spa... or hot tub as we know it. Nope. No luck. It was freezinf cold. Back into our rooms we went. The three of us layed on the bed and watched a movie. It was awful. There wasnt anything on. What we watched was a movie with Jessica Love Hewitt called "If Only". Horrible movie. Never watch it. Its suppose to be a romance, but instead, it has every cliche ever made. She sloooowly lights some candles and then - stops to smile at him because she notices he is watching her. Then they bang on the bear rug on the floor with clothing strategically placed over their bodies so we cant see the goods! They dont even show the banging... obviously, but they show the subtle flirting leading up to it and then BAM laying on the floor by the fire. Blah blah blah! BARF! hahah We had a good time making un of it. Thank god scrubs came on. I had only seen it once and Adog and Justin had never. Justin was hesitant because he knew I said it was good. He ended up really liking it. I was drinking hot water with our stolen limes juiced into the water! Sooo yum! We all went to bed after a long day of travel! ( I was ok, but I think the others were a bit hung! haha)

Friday April 10th

We all decided we would get a different hotel for the next night. We wanted something closer to the strip. While the boys checked us into a new hotel, us girls went shopping around. We all met up and Justin and I went to look for a bathroom. After finding a bathroom, we were pleased to find ourselves to be alone for once. We took advantage and went for a drive. There was a park close by that we went for a walk on. It was dry when we started out on our hike. When we came to the 1.2 km marker, Justin said lets turn back. I wanted to keep going. He said we didnt have time, so we turned back! On the way back, it started to pour down hard on us. When we arrived back to the car, we looked like a couple of drowned rats.

The others were easy to find and we went to our hotel. We had a quick bite out on the patio. We had a great view. Some exotic birds decided to join us for our meal. They were cockatus. Spelling? I wish there was a spell check on this! haha They were eating bread from my hand, and ADogs mouth!! We got some awesome pictures. Even of one attacking Justin and Rachel. ( not really, actually it was just flying away, but Justin looks like he is about to die by bird! ) haha

We all hopped in the car and went to look for some alcohol for the night. It was good friday and there were some parties at the night clubs. Since it was a holiday, they didnt open the clubs til midnight! In fact, not much was open. The Bottle-O's were all closed. having signs in Aus like, "closing at 5ish" for their regular hours! haha so slack! After a very unsuccessful hunt, the boys dropped us off and us girls walked around the strip. We all went to the hotel and I tried to put my new earing in. I had to really push it through since the gauge was slightly larger then my piercing. It was a little swollen and so hard to put the ball on the back. ADog tried a bunch of times and then Rachel wanted to try. I love Rachel, but if you know her, she is a scatterbrain! Her very first attempt, not even close to my ear yet, she drops the ball and loses it. haha Now I have a backless stud in my ear. Oh well.

We all get ready and head down to the hot tub. While we are there, we have some drinks. It being a holiday, we were only able to buy drinks if we ordered food. We ordered appys and then relaxed in the spa and pool. We got some pretty good pics from this time.

As the night went on, we thought we should go back and get ready for the night. Got all fancied up and came back down stairs to play pool. Some other guys challenged the winners and we all mingled and had a good time.

I wont go into details, but Justin and I had a fight this night. I ended up leaving the group completly because I was upset. I hid in a boat yard when I heard the girls calling my name. Really nice baots too. After a while and I knew they were gone did I come out. I didnt have anything on me. I went to Mama Africas, a night club I thought they might be at. I didnt have ID but some how convinced them to let me in. I didnt have any problems. They didnt ask me any questions. Sooo weird. Especially since there is a cover charge. I walked in and went to the washroom. Surprisingly, Adog and Rachel happened to be in there! They told me they left the door unlocked at the hotel for me. I left to go back. I didnt want to talk about anything with them.

As I was walking back, I met two girls walking outside. I got talking with them and told them my story and they joined me back at my hotel. I quickly fixed myself back up, as I had grass stuck to my clothes. haha Grabbed my clutch that had a key in it and locked the door- that I found wide open!! I went with the girls to Evolution- not a very fun crowd, but I didnt want to go to Mama Africas at all. Eventually, my two new friends got bored and they convinced me to join them at mamas. When we got it, I spotted my crew. I didnt want to talk to them or have them see me so I kept a low profile. haha I was very stealth. Eventually Joel did see me just as they were leaving. I hid and finally they left. My new friends and I went back to Evolution. I was getting bored. I thought Id better go back and deal with things. So off I went.

I called the girls and turns out they were all swimming in the ocean. I met up with Rachel and Adog and we went back to the hotel. Nobody had a key at all, so the boys had to climb up and break in. This was no easy task. I had a key with me and we just walked in. haha We got ready for bed and I made one for myself on the floor. The girls were still in the bathroom when drunk Justin confronted me again and I just layed still listening. He was still pretty upset. Eventually the girls took me outside and we talked about it. When I came back in I went back to my floor bed. After 5 minutes, Justin came towards me. I thought he was going to lecture me again, but instead he was shockingly sweet and told me that he would sleep on the floor. I learned later in the morning that he didnt want me to have to sleep on the floor because he knew how much I hated ants and they had been crawling there earlier. I didnt argue and I went on the bed.

ADog joined me and we were just about asleep when Melissa my sister called me. I went onto the patio and talked for a good while. It was such a relief to hear someone from home! I even got to talk to my Ryliegh! ( 2 yr old niece). I went back to bed and tossed and turned all night.

Saturday April 11th

Early in the morning, Justin got up and went for a drive. I couldnt sleep either, so I washed and went for a walk as well. I found a place to grab a bite and then went for a stroll to the beach. When I got back to the hotel, everyone was still asleep. I was going to go for a nap when I noticed Justin was back. I asked him if he wanted to go for a drive and talk. He agreed. We drove for a good 20 minutes. No talking. He parked at a park and we talked things out. He was upset for a couple of good reasons. Mostly insecurities. I was really scared to get into a long distance relationship. He needed more then the flaky relationship we had at the moment. We talked it though and decided we would take things a little more serious! He apologized for how he acted and we met up with the others.

Us girls went for a walk down to the market they had set up. The weather was nice, but overcast. Rachel bought me a new ball for my earing. As we were finishing up, it poured down on us. Most of the market wrapped up because the mrechandise was becoming ruined. When I got all changed up in the hotel, We watched tv for a bit and then Justin and I took off going for a drive. It was really the only way we could get alone time.

We returned after a good while and ADog joined us in the hot tub. While in the hot tub, we met a fellow name Mark. Turns out he is from Mooloolaba. We stayed and chatted for sometime and then returned to the room. We readied and went to a resturant reccomended by our new friend.

At the resturant we ordered a meal that had both crocodile and kangaroo. It was big enough for three of us. We shared it and it was sooo good. We all liked the croc alot more. ADog and I loved the sauce alot. After dinner, the entertainment started. We were going to go take it easy in our room, but the entertainer was really good and singing good songs. Out came the wine!

We were having a good time and thinking about going home, when this crazy guy started talking to us. He was very ADD and full of life. Possibly on something. Turns out he is american and is working in Townsville Aus as a doctor. He sat with us and his gf joined. She is a nurse from Townsville and the 5 of us had such a good time. This guy was Justins twin I swear. Personality- not appearance! Crazy nurse ordered more wine and we headed to a club. It was called Paddys Shananigans. It smelled bad of aussie BO!! We had such a "loose" time as the aussie's say. This, I believe, means crazy time! I think the bouncers even gave us a warning to behave... oops! It may have been because of the naughty pictures we were taking.

We went home eventually and had a good sleep. Much better day and night then the previous!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warning! The Following May Offend Some Viewers! Disgresion is Advised!

Friday April 3rd

I had to go to a lab class! I tried getting Justin a lab coat, but it turns out that Rachel still doesnt have one for some reason. Im not sure how she is getting away with this... hmm. Amanda and I share one since we have labs at different times. Justin would have been unnoticed had he been able to get a coat. The class is very big. Off I went to class from noon to 2pm.

Class went well. I found a group of girls who are pretty cool. Amy is in another one of my classes and we all work well together. We finished the lab a little early and I rushed home to see the boy who was waiting for me!

No body was around or they were all busy, so we decided to go to the plaza to do some shopping. Justin didnt pack too much just for this reason. We bused it over and walked around a good while. We made some purchases and found a place to grab some grub. Justin finally got his steak dinner- for a good price too. I had one as well. It started off with a beer with dinner, but as we got talking, it turned into another then another. We were just having such a good time catching up, (even though we talk all the time- its different when you are in person!!). As the evening went on, Amanda and Woolley joined us. When Wooley is there, you need to assume My Space is on the phone with her! ( I even tagged him on Facebook in the photo of us sitting here! lol Im funny)

Amanda had some drinks too, but not Jess since she was driving. Time to take the party home. We stopped at the Bottlo- liquor store, and picked up some liquid courage. We drank at home for awhile and took some pictures and then proceeded to go to Fridays. ( I dont know how, but while I was getting ready, Amanda and Justin seemed to have drank most of the 2-6 of vodka, I helped them finish it off! ) Just before heading out the door, Justin was a little sick. I think this was because Amanda persuaded him to do some shots of vodka! Not to mention the amount they had drank!! hahha ( I didnt have nearly as much as them, and I was sure feeling it!! )

We went to Fridays and had a good time. Justin seemed to have a good time with Jack and hung out with him alot. I was giving the boys space and hanging out with Amanda mostly. Rachel was working and gave us some shots. I also saw my friend Jono who works there and he snuck us girls upstairs, we thought we were beating the boys, but they somehow got in with out paying the extra $10!! haha It was funny!

When we were ready to leave, we all jumped in a cab. By all I mean Justin, Amanda, and I. Amanda realized she forgot her purse- with my small clutch inside her purse- and ran back in. She never returned and we ended up leaving without her.

Saturday April 4th

In the morning, she came over- thank god she was ok!! She said that when she went into the club to find her purse, a good song had come on and she was distracted. She started dancing and met some friends. One of them later gave her a ride home. She said she had forgotten about us completly! lol It was fun to compare stories in the morning.

We came to the conclusion that we had left our purses at the bar completly. Amanda went in to grab them, but never ended up actually getting them. haha We called my mobile and found out they were at the bar. We slowly took our time getting ready to go. When we were about to catch the bus, Yates and Chakley showed up. They came over to play some tennis. Justin seemed to get along with them really well and they offered to drive us there.

We got there and decided- why not have a drink or two!! So the crew of us spent the afternoon downing some Aussie goodness. It was actually a very hot afternoon, and I was happy for Justin since the rain had finally stopped! We entered into this raffle and won two prizes. One was a case of beer- right on!! The other was a $30 gift voucher for a lunch or dinner at the Warf. Very cool.

After some good drinks and chatter, Yates went home. Mat took us into a tattoo parlour because Amanda was soo keen to get some ink done. After being slightly intoxicated, Justin and I also made appointments. Justin to get a tat of his last name with his sons birthdays, and me... well I had no idea what I was going to get. I had a couple of weeks to figure that out! Amanda wanted some japanese caligraphy that meant- live every moment. Its that famous saying- carpardium?? Really cool design though. Mat didnt want a tat, and so we left.

Chakley was nice enough to take us to the driving range. There was a big old bus you could hit, OR you could aim for the Kangaroos that were eating the grass!!! Ya thats right! Kangaroos as targets! Real live ones! How exciting! Im not very good at golf, I know this comes as a complete surprise, but it is true folks! However, Amanda is the next Tiger Woods! As soon as Justin said "$100 to the person who can nail a Roo", Amanda nailed a Roo!!! ahhaah It was ok. I think they are used to it. It was so crazy though as they were quite far away and we had all been trying for some time.

We then went back home and got ready to go out. Mat, Yates, Jack and a bunch of friends joined us at Fridays/ Warf. Rachel was working again and gave us some drinks. We had quite the rowdy night and Justin and I took a cab home.

Sunday April 5th

Since we did not leave with Amanda once again, she came over in the morning. I was relieved to hear that she again had my purse inside her purse. She had come home via some guys that we know who also live here in the Village. YAY!!

Justin had trouble remembering Amanda's name and kept calling her Amy. I kept on correcting him, which then made him forget it altogether. He started calling her A-Dog. This is now her new nickname. Although she listens to Amanda, Amy, and A-Dog. We like to mix it up a little. :)

We readied ourselves for the day and A-dog was over. We were looking through magazines and brochers about the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef and enjoying some of the free beer and wine we had. A-dog had checked the weather and the next couple of days were suppose to be very rainy up north and here. It was off and on rain during this time, and we didnt want to stay if it was going to rain. We thought it would be best to rent a vehicle and drive somewhere hoping for nice weather. Thank god A-dog was there, Justin and I could not get it together and call places to see what we wanted. It was good that she took over. We were looking at numbers in the phone book and A-dog was calling them. She was on the phone for some time, and when she came back into the room she had said "this lady Janice is a B*tch and we dont want to rent from her!!" So we wrote this in the phone book and drew an arrow pointing to that number. We finally found a place that seemed promising.

Just before going to catch the bus to go, we were in my back yard and there was a big catarpillar. Justin is a male. He likes to kill things like bugs. So he takes a clothes pin and we took a bunch of pictures of him pretending to lick it! I snapped a picture of him doing this, and right after A-dog pushed it into his mouth and made him lick it for real!! hahahahahha It was sooo funny! He was soo grossed out. It was a very good moment! hahaha GO A-Dog!!

We bused it to Maroochydore and walked to the car rental place. It was Budget. We found out that they didnt have what we were looking for. We meaning Justin who was soo keen on renting a Ute. Its this Alcamino looking like truck. He froths them hard. ( to froth is to like. Aussie slang) He wanted so badly to rent something that they didnt have back in Canada. To his dismay, there was nothing we could rent that would be available the next day that was Australian. We walked to the next car rental place and talked to a lady. We asked about renting a car for a road trip and then sahe asked us " up to Airlie beach??" We were shocked she knew where we wanted to go. Then she said we had talked on the phone earlier. A-Dog took one glance at her name tag and her expression changed from one of surprise to recognition to confidence as she turned to us and said " Janice, yeeees, I remember...." This was the lady who was a b*tch! Just how Adog had said it was hilarious! I wish I could put a little voice caption on this. It was stealth. We walked out and decided to just rent from budget the next day.

By this time we were getting kind of hungry. We walked along the beach of the Maroochy river. We even climbed up on this child jungle gym kind of thing. It was off and on rain as I had said, but the weather was not that bad. It is still warm here even when it rains. I was wearing a skirt and while up on this jungle gym, we asked a lady to take pictures of us. While posing for these pictures, I didnt notice the little boy who climbed up below me. Only when I went to go down did I notice the show I was giving him! I quickly got down and we found a place to eat.

It was a nice little resturant. We sat down and Justin was once again happy to have some steak! I myself had Lamb. YUM! We asked for the wine list and learned that this place was new and did not yet have the liquor permitt. This meant they did not sale it. They said it was fine if we wanted to bring our own. Justin quickly got up and ran to the Bottle-O to pick up some wine. He hurried back and the waiter poured it for us as if it were from their own kitchen! Justin bought white wine, which makes me super happy. I have Stacey back home hooked on sweet whites as well as my mom and Mandy, and now Justin and Adog to boot! Look at me go!! Woot Woot!

After our delicious meals, we went to go check out some pubs. We came across some gelato on the way. The man who worked here must have been from themiddle east and was very nice. We asked him if he could take a picture of us. He did more than that. He asked us if we wanted a picture behind the counter of the icecream shop. It was fun! I guess he could tell we were here to have a good time. He just made our night a tad bit more interesting.

We left gelato world and came across a sports pub. Justin was amazed by the urinals. It was peeing on a wall and you pulled a string to have water cover and wash the entire wall. It was so interesting that Justin made us girls go in there and take a picture of him pretending to use it! haha

We stayed her until it closed at 10pm. After this, we decided to find another pub. Right outside the door of this last place just happened to be a father and son walking by for a night stroll. We asked them if they knew where another pub was. Before we knew it, we were all very talkitive and engaged in conversation about this and that. After about 20 min of talking, we asked if they wanted to join us in our search for a pub.

We arrived at The Pig n Whistle and ordered a couple of rounds. With this certain kind of beer, we recieved a scratch card and had a chance to win a prize. We talked the bartender in to giving us a hat each and a sachel-bag. It was a very nice bag too. We had a really good time talking with Robert the father and John his son. They had some very interesting stories and we all had a really good time. It was now closing time here and we parted ways. We were walking to catch a cab and I hopped in a shopping cart. Justin pushed me around in it and ADog snapped some photos.

We hopped in the cab and made our way home. When we arrived home, I met my new room mate Brenda. She is Korean and very nice. We didnt talk too much as we were all tired. Justin and I went to bed and ADog went home.

Monday April 6th

Justin and I woke up early and spent the day being silly. This is not uncommon for us. We were being goofy trying on clothes and taking pictures. This is where the picture of us in cowboy hats came from. Justin was wearing my shorts, sunnys, lab coat, and Shonleighs pink cowboy hat!! haha Good times!

Justin and I went to the plaza to eat and shop. We had some wine with our meals and went shopping a little. Before we did any shopping, Justin thought it would be funny to get his navel pierced. As we were going up the escalator, Justin saw jack standing there. He was doing some shopping himself and was about to go home. He changed his mind after seeing Justin and hearing what he was about to get done. We walked into the shope and Justin talked to the lady about what he wanted. He made an appointment for 45 min later. While we waited, we found a little cafe/ bar by the river. ( the river runs through the mall) We had some wine and joked about this and that. Jack and Justin were getting along really well. In fact, he was getting along with everyone really well. This made me happy.

When we got back to the piercing parlor, Justin asked the lady " is this Gay?? ". She didnt know what to say. She just said "no" in an un-sure tone. If you dont know Justin, this may all seem really odd to you. Jack and I were not allowed in the room, but Jack was allowed to pick the jewelery for Justin. As Jack and I waited outside, I applied some pink and purple eye shadow to Jacks eyes. When Justin came out, he was soo happy to have actually gone through with this. he said he got one to match mine! haha Thats where the idea came from in the first place. :P It was soo funny! We spent alot of time laughing about this!

Jack drove us home, making a stop at the bottle-O. When we got back to my house, Joel and Rachel and ADog came over. Jack had to go home for a bit. Brenda was home and we all talked about what we wanted for our tattoos. Brenda drew some symbols in korean for us. She had written Arby and other names. It was soo cool. She even had a beer with us. I already liked her more than Mat, our former roomie! I had Brenda write on me with a sharpie to see what it would look like. ADog got Brenda to write "Big Cock" on her stomach. Brenda did not know what she was writing, but we all though it was funny. I then had her write "tight vag" on my stocmach. In korean symbols of course. Then there was Justin! He had Brenda wrtie "moose knuckle" on his tummy! It went well with his new pink belly ring!

We all got ready and moved the party to Jacks house. The boys were playing video games and we made some pizza. We drank some wine and went to my house. Jack and Justin left at some point before us girls were ready. We tried to catch up with them, but it was raining and we missed them. They had taken the bus and we were going to as well. The bus wasnt coming and we were soaked. We came back home and I went to bed after some time. I was disapointed that I didnt get to see Justin too much. Him and Jack seemed to be getting along really well. Maybe he just needed a guys night.

Tuesday April 7th

Joel drove us to the car rental shop for 11am. We successfully rented an Extrail. Before we left for home we happened by this shop called Happy High Herbs. We thought we would see what it was all about. When we went in, it was a very hippie like store. They had alternatives to most illegal drugs. I felt like a criminal looking through all the products in the store. I didnt want to ask many questions either. After a while, the guy asked us if we had any questions. I replied with "many!!" hahaha We talked it over and came to the conclusion that if this stuff was completly leagal, then it must not be any worse then alcohol. We purchased a couple things he recommended.

When we got into the car, I was soo nervous for Justin to drive as everything is opposite! My anxiety left very quickly as Justin did not have any problems. He was pretty confident about it. he has been driving for almost half his life!! The only problem now was me navigating our way home!! ahhahah The roads all look the same to me! I got us as far as Mooloolaba where we had lunch. At this time, Joel called me and met up with us. We followed him on his bike to his mates place where he was leaving it while we all went to the Whitsundays. He drove us back home.

When I got home, Adog had called me and said that it was already too late and that we should just go tomorrow. She made it seem like everyone was keen to leave the next day. I was a bit bummed out by this, but oh well. Everyone came over and we were all just sitting there. We were trying to make a game plan on what we could do. After much discussion, we ended up leaving to Noosa. ( A really gorgeous place on the way to our final destination).

We packed up quickly and all of us hopped into the car. % of us fit snugly. Boys in the front and us girls in the back. ( how did that happen??) On the way there, we stopped by this cable park. What it is is a small dug out lake that has a cable system circling just inside the perameter. A person on a wake board holds one of these ropes attached to the cable and they are taken all around the dug out and can try going on jumps that are built in the water. It is a very cool set up and Joel says he will take us there one day as both ADog and I like to wake board!

After about an hour or so driving, we made it to Noosa! We did some shopping around and found a hotel. We got it for cheaper as the boys said it was for two instead of five. After dropping our stuff off, us girls went to the beach. The boys rented scooters. The rules for the boys were that they were not allowed to take them on the beach and they had to bring them back full of fuel. Apparently they went straight to the beach and were having a blast doing doughnuts in the sand! They had them for two hours and took them to a gas station where they hosed the sand off and did not re-fill the fuel tanks! When they took them back, the lady was suspicious of them. off they went to meet us with no questions asked! They had a good laugh about it all and Justin couldnt stop laughing about all the fun they had! Meanwhile, us girls had been shopping around. When we had first split from the guys, we had the car keys. Adog and Rachel were both keen to take a small drive just for fun and to see the differences. Rachel drove first and parked. Then we did our shopping up the strip. Noosa is one of the best places to shop. They have lots of really cool stores. I had found for half price, an Aussie bikini! Exactly what I was looking for! After some shopping we mozied over to the beach for a quick swim. When we went back to the car to get the boys, we found a parking ticket on the windshield. :( We didnt realize we had to pay. There goes $40 bucks. (split three ways of course). ADog drove on the way back to mee the boys.

We went to the hotel and prepared ourselves to go out for dinner and the local night life. Noosa always has good night life I hear, because it is a backpackers paradise. We were getting ready and drinking a bit when Justin and I decided we would take the products purchased from Happy High Herbs. We drank the small BUZZ juice, that tasted just horrible! It was a very small but very concentrated amount. It tasted like Bee pee or something! If ever you try Bee pee let me know, because this is what I think it would taste like. There was also a pill the guy said to take with this. It was suppose to give you a euphoric feeling. ( I still feel like a criminal for talking about this, but its completly legal!!!) We all were drinking and dancing in the room. It finally started to take effect and it was really cool. My body tingled, and I was very happy about it. I was still in control over everything! It just all felt better. I remember my hair was the coolest feeling ever. Almost like I could feel it growing and it gave my scalp the butterflies non stop. Justin said he was feeling really good too. We stayed and danced and took pictures for awhile.

Eventually we went out for dinner at an irish pub. I didnt order anything. I should know better. I really should not have taken that Bee pee stuff. I am sensitive to tylenol. It makes me light headed. Why would I try something like this?? haha I dont regret it at all. I just know for the future. Now I can say I have tried it though. What happened was, I became very quiet. I just had nothing to say. It was the opposite effect. It was an upper, but now I was in downer mode! I didnt order anything or drink anything. Justin and I went home and layed down. He was fine. Like I said, I am sensitive to any drugs. I thought maybe this would be different and not as potent since it was legal. Silly me! The others joined us later and they were all pretty drunk. They all went out to the clubs and Justin and I stayed and went to bed. It was hard to sleep. We just layed there for a long while. Eventually, we all were in the room and went to sleep.

Wednesday April 8th

In the morning, I felt the after effects of the bee pee. I could taste it all day! I tried chewing gum and drinking lots of water to get it out of my system. It was awful tasting! Just because something is leagal, doesnt mean its good for you girls and boys!!! lol We hit up some brekky and were on our way to the Whitsundays.

Joel drove until we came to a gas station. Here we picked up some fruit and supplies. Joel found an ice cube in the ice freezer that looked like a penis. We had some fun with that for a bit. Adog was next to drive. She drove for about 30 min and pulled over when we passed a sugar cane crop. It is the coolest thing. I just wanted to run through it, but its not Canada, and you have to be careful of snakes and spiders among other things. There was no running through this crop! :( *misses Canada slightly*

After the sugar cane field and Joels little history and teachings behind it, Adog was done driving. I took over. I was a little nervous, but really there was nothing to it. I didnt have any problems. In fact, Justin said I was really good at knowing which side was what and where to turn. He said he kept thinking I was going the wrong way, but really, it was him making the mistake! Teehee!

As I drove, the others started to have some beers. I told them I was ok to drive and that I did not want to drink at all! I didnt really know what I was agreeing to! lol It was all good. I had such a good time. I was the party bus driver! We had our ipods going and ppl dj-ing! Justin was shot gun to me. As we proceeded to Rockhampton ( half way point, where we were to travel to today), we made random pit stops to pick some limes at lime orchards and bananas too. The limes went great for the others beers but the bananas were not even close to being ripe. When we stopped at the banana crop, there was a pasture of cows. It was fairly dark by this point and they were pretty drunk. The cows eyes were creepy to the max in the dark. They were just like in cartoon horrors! This is also where we found a small roo road kill. The girls posed beside it. YUM! lol

On our way again. I was becoming quite used to driving opposite and I was having a good time. I was watching my speed as I knew the cops were more strict here than at home. I was coming down this hill and coasting. I saw my speed go up as the gravity took over. I was letting it naturally slow down as I do back home when I saw police lights in my mirror!! OMG!! I have never been pulled over before! I pulled to the left and unrolled my window. They all hid their beers even though its legal. We just didnt need any more suspicions. He asked if I knew how fast I was going. I didnt. He said "119". He was not nice at all and took my information and my lisence. He came back in a couple of minutes and gave me a ticket. He didnt say anything more but " if you have questions, call this number" and he walked away and SPED off in his black alcamino undercover ute!! The ticket came to an overwhelming $200!!!! There is no way I can afford this! UGH!! I was quite upset after this and wanted to cry. I didnt want to drive either as I was shaky! Unfortunatly, I was the only sober one! :(

As we went on, my mood was better. They all made me feel better too. The party resumed and I learned how to use cruise control which was hard learning from a drunk Justin! hahaha We made many stops for pee breaks and dance parties. It helped keep me awake as well as Justin. He was the first one out. He passed out an hour and a half before Rockhampton. lol

Upon arrival to Rockhampton, we stopped at McDicks. Adog and I ate and Joel talked to a buddy of his. When we left to find a hotel it was late. Most places were closed and I think Joel was eager to get us in one so he could go out with his friend. I think he needed a bit of time away from Rachel. They are kind of an item. He found us this place that is at the back of a dodgy looking pub. It was $100 for four of us for one night. They didnt give a receipt or take a visa or anything. I was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. Actually, I was hyped up on energy drinks and not tired at all. I was just not in the mood to drive anymore! lol

When we got in, Joel left to find his friend. Justin was drunk and when he got in the room asked " how many hookers died in here?? haha" Then we all went to bed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Justin's Arrival!

Wednesday April 1st

It was an average day. I went to morning lecture with Amanda and Rachel. We were sitting through class when I recieved a text from Jason in Brisbane. (from Saskatchewan). He was asking me if the government had contacted any of us. I was unsure why he would ask this because of course they have not. When I enquired, he had told me that they had called him and were saying that due to the recession, they were sending forign workers and students home because they needed to save funds for Aussies to make it through hard times. Immediatly I was worried, thinking they might contact me as well and send me home. This would not be ideal since I have been trying to complete my RN for a long time and am finally doing it! He said they had called him and were allowing him to stay, but that it is a case by case issue. While being the good student I am and giving the instructor my full attention, I showed the other girls my texts. They started freaking out as well. As I sat there... listening to my lecture.... ;) I realized the date!!! HE GOT ME WITH AN APRIL FOOLS DAY GIG!! How could of I fallen for this! I just pulled a gag on the girls!! UGH! I messaged him back giving him crap and thanking him for totally distracting me during class!! The gag I pulled on the girls was alright. It was just on the spot last minute thinking. What I did was, I asked them what they thought of the assignment that was due at 1000 am that morning. They all looked a little confused. I went on- you know, the one due today that was for nursing alterations?? Still confused and started asking questions. I played it up a little bit. When they were good and freaked out, I gave in and hit them with the- Happy April Fools Day Fools!!! ahhhaha I guess you could say, what goes around comes around! :S

I went home and lyed by the pool for awhile, it was a scorching hot day! My tan is coming along nicely!

Mat our room mate is moving out! He cannot take the noise of the busy house any more. Thats just fine, Im tired of cleaning up after him and feeling like an old maid when I ask him if something is his. I was pretty upset though because he did not have the courage to tell me this information himself. He told Shonleigh and asked her not to say anything at all. He was afraid I would get angry, which is odd because he has never seen me angry. I am assuming he takes it as me being angry when I ask him about cleaning the house. He was just going to move out with out me knowing... some how?!?! Shonleigh told him he had to tell me and that I would notice his absence! He asked Shon if she would tell me. We were sitting down stairs and he left. Shon decided to tell me this news. I was ok with him moving out. It really didnt bother me. I was tired of Shon and I having to watch what we say and being cautious with our actions around him. Like I have said, Shon and I like a noisy atmosphere. He does not. We dont have people over nearly as much as we did before and it is alot more calm here now. I was hurt becuase by him not telling me and telling Shon, it singles me out as the problem. I dont know how this happened! Im thinking it is because he is 18 and never has lived on his own before. He is not used to cleaning up after himself. ( also, his beliefs are almost opposite of mine! ) This all made me very frustrated!

A little later, Ben came over. He had made a slide show of all of us. I stayed to watch it with him. It was really cute. He just felt like doing it out of nowhere! While we were watching that, Yates came over. We decided to go and play some tennis. While us four were playing, Brock and Mat Chalkley showed up. Tennis was such a fun time. Probably the best tennis I have played, not based on talent of course. Im thinking I did so well because I was taking my frustration out on the ball. I had some pretty good hits. From my side of the court, I hit the ball and it hit right into the basketball net on the other side! Everyone was cheering as it was such a nice shot!! Then Yates decided to hit a ball over the fence into the private property- Do Not Enter yard. Well no chance getting that ball back. This isnt good since Jason lent me these balls and raquets! Hmmm we may need to go on an adventure in just a little bit! First, we will finish playing Tennis!! :) As we lost more and more balls, we decided it was time to hunt them down and then go for a swim. Just my luck! Someone was in the private property- Do Not Enter yard! I asked them if they could find our ball. They said they couldnt find the one I was looking for, but instead threw over 4 older balls. I suppose it was a good trade in. One new for four older but still good balls! Jason should be reasonably happy with this. All of this made my mood brighten and I decided that I was not the problem, like Shon and everyone had told me, and that Matt will most likely have problems living with anyone here. Hes in Uni, this is the life style you should expect when living in dorm facilities! :) While on the court, Shonleigh informed me that our new room mate would be a girl from Korea.

We went for a swim. I headed into the house for a shower. I made dinner and then readied for Justins arrival.

I couldnt sleep at all! I didnt even try as I had soo much anxiety! Its amazing how much anxiety you can get from someone you talk to all the time! I was just excited! I was busy on the computer doing some assignments when my family came online on skype! It was such a crazy compilation of family! Almost too much. We had Dad visiting Melissa (sister) and her kids (Ethan And Ryliegh) in Red Deer, Amanda ( sister) with Julie (niece) and step dad Kevin in Lamont on the farm, there was Mark ( bro in law) who was at work in Edmonton, and we had his father Dave who was in Scottland! It was really hard to talk as my nephew loves talking on skype, or making loud noises so its hard to hear everyone else. I liked it though! It was good to hear all of them!

I later talked to my dad and decided since it was still April Fools Day there I would play my own joke. I casually mentioned that I missed my period. I thought he had died!! He didnt move at all. The room was suddenly cold and I felt frightened! I quickly and feably said in the smallest voice ever " happy april fools day daddy...?" He moved a little bit- good he didnt actually die!! SIGH!! Maybe not a good joke to play! How on earth did Melissa or Mandy ever have kids??? hahahaha

As the morning neared, I started readying myself for the trip into Brisbane! Justin and I had talked about our meeting at the airport. We both joked that he would come running and I would catch him in my arms! ( for those of you who dont know us, we are weird, and we joke that he is the girl. This information will come in handy when I talk about his visit in later blog entries!!)

Thursday April 2nd

Didnt sleep a wink! When I was ready- well actually, I couldnt decide on what to wear, so I should really say- when it was time to leave, I headed over to Jess's house. We hopped in the car and I payed for petro- they dont call it gas ever. They say that gas is a vapour and that it doesnt make sense, but they dont seem to have anything to say after I offer them "gasoline" as an alternative..! lol

We talked the entire way to Brissy. She is in the same boat as I am. She has a man from up north who is head over heals for her and they are in a long distance relationship. He is from Townsville. I have mentioned him before. His name is Christopher but we call him My Space or Townsville. We were on time, but then I recieved a text from Justin saying he landed!! WHAT!?!?! We were still 20 minutes out! Traffic was slow!! Oh No!

To our luck, Justin didnt get out until 5 min after we arrived. Turns out he had to get his luggage, but then was also searched. This was because when they asked him if he had any food on him, he had said no, forgetting he brought me a bunch of Kraft Dinner. :) Thanks Sugar! haha

He didnt run into my arms like a bride and groom, he was weary from traveling- I remember since it was not too long ago it was me walking through that door! We hopped into the car and were on our way home! I was lucky that I did not have any class that day! Justin was unlucky- it started raining!

We got home and Justin met Shonleigh. It was still very early in the morning- his plane arrived 20 min early- 550am! We went into my room and had a nap. When we woke up, I took Justin for a walk by the Uni. I thought it would be good to show him the kangaroos. We couldnt see any. Well thats not true. I could see them with my super 20/15 laser eye surgery vision, but Justin could not. He refuses to wear glasses! haha

While walking, it started puring on us. we took a long way to Subway. We walked home and ate. We watched some movies on my computer and ended up falling asleep for most of the day. We were both soo tired. I had not slept all night and was content feeling relieved of my temporary anxiety. We only woke up to say farewell to Shonleigh who was headed to Brissy for her friends funeral. She would stay there until the 8th and then Fly to New Zealand for holidays. :( Justin barely got to meet her!

We woke up late and hungry. Justin was non stop talking about STEAK!! We cabbed it to The Hogs Breath. The only place I could think of for steak. Once there, we found out it was closed. It was only about 9pm. How could this be?? Right, we are in Australia where things are not convientent! haha Luckily, Jess and Xanthy were over by the beach talking with some friends over lattes. We met up with them and hitched a ride back hitting up a McD's. ( they call it Mackers here)

We returned home and ate our Mackers and fell asleep watching a movie! Yay he is here!!