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Magic Mushrooms
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Health Talk With Adog and Arby

Thursday August 13th

Up and to school. It was group picking day. This was trouble since us Canadians were all in the same class. Nothing against them, but I just did not want to be in a group with them. The three of them were in a group altogether last semester, and I had the opportunity to meet other people. Because they have all been in the same classes, they have not met a whole heap of new people. I have been lucky that I have not had any classes with them, giving me the opportunity to meet many fabulous people. Luckily, I was grouped with some newbies- and they seem pretty good. Thank god for that!

Later on after doing not much, I went to the gym with Adog, Amanda, and Kirstenne. We did body balance- the yoga, tai chi, and pilates class. Afterwards, Adog and I stayed for some cardio. We walked home, I ate some din din, and then talked to Justin via email once again. Bed.

Friday August 14th

Justin called at 230am! This was magnificent! This also means his phone is finally fixed! We only talked for a couple of minutes because he had to get back to work, but I think it was also the first good ( as good as it could have been) sleep I have had yet.

I went to class. Then home. Adog and I went to the gym. We had it all worked out. Mark wanted us to meet him at Chancellor Park Tavern for this health talk seminar. The Tevern was conviently placed next to the gym, and so we packed our stuff up and showered there- at the gym, not the tavern. We even did our makeup and looked a little nice. We got there and were one of the first to show. We met some of Mark's friends and soon were seated for the presentation. The presentation consisted of a Doctor- a retired veternarian who spoke about this deit. Although it was not so much a diet as it was a change in life style. Mostly eating. He reckons that if you eat three days of complete portein and no carbs or fat- you will lose a heap of weight. Ont the forth day, you slowly introduce carbs back in the diet, in the forms of fruit and veggies. He went on and on and on. It was a very good presentation. My nursing background gave me an advantage for understanding the content, which we then deciphered for mark afterwards. The presentation was good, but then after, he had people stand up and explain how it changed theirs lives and how fast they lost weight. It was sounding super corny and almost ruined it for us, and then Mark stood up too. He explained how he lost a bunch of weight and this and that. It didnt sell the system for us, but we were intrigued by it. He even made a comment about vegitarians, and how it doesnt make sense to be one. This is because we have sharp teeth made for cutting meat! ahahah So the seminar didnt get us to buy their products, but it did make us quit our veganism. It lasted about a week and was a good challenge. Fun too.

Mark drove us home. Adog was over after dinner to watch a movie. We watched FUBAR. Justin lent it to me so I can show the Aussie's. I worked on a gift for Justin and went to bed.

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