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Magic Mushrooms
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Noosa Night

Saturday August 8th

I woke up at 1100. I made some breaky and found out that we were going to go to the spit to eat some fish. I made some food before leaving because I was slowly intergrating my new vegan diet. I also had to go to the plaza to buy some stuff for placement.

Also, I received a text from Scotty. He informed me that Ron called him and told him that I Arby Campbell was uninvited to his cartoon character going away party. I wasn’t going anyways- didn’t even think about what I would dress up as if I were to go, but it didn’t feel right that I would be “uninvited”!! I went and talked to Rachel. I guess he had said that Adog and I were speakin gill of him, and that he was upset that we went to the Gold Coast to see HIS friends and didn’t invite him. What a drama queen! When we were in the Gold Coast with Ron the first time, he ditched out, or so he led us to believe. He left us with his friend- who we then became good friends with! This friend- Scotty, was the one who invited us. If Ron were to go, that would be on his own invitation- nothing to do with us. He is such a retard. Its more like a good ridden party then a going away! Have fun in the Navy!

We got to the spit and everyone ordered food. Adog and I met up with Brock and went for a walk to the light house. I collected shells alone while Brock and Adog talked and walked ahead. Finally I met up with them and we sat for some minutes. While sitting here, we had the pleasure of seeing a dolphin jump out of the water just a few metres in front of us. I named him Delphinium! Like the flower! Lol

We walked back to the group who was sitting on the grass and eating their prawns and fries. We sat for a bit talking, and then I got everyone to go to the plaza. Adog and I went with Chakley. He had forgotten his flip flops at my house and so we stopped so he could buy a new pair. Haha How someone forgets there foot wear is beyond me! Something that only happens to Aussies I am certain! We stopped at a store and Adog bought a dress, and Mat some flippy floppy’s.

We met with everyone else at the plaza where I began the hunt for black pants, a name tage, and black shoes. I have the worse time finding black pants in Canada! It was not much better here. I went in store after store trying on dress pants. Too short or too expensive! Even the pricey ones were borderline too short! I eventually found some dance pants that were a very good price- cheapest I had seen all day! They were comfortable and made me feel good because they were a SMALL! That’s my usual! This means they will still fit when I lose this excess in the rear and fit all my old clothes! haha After this I found some cheap black shoes- not per standard, but the best I could find, and a name tag.

Mat drove us home and we quickly all got ready. The plan was to go to Noosa for a friends 21st party. I wasn’t planning on going, but was feeling a tad better after finding pants! Kurtis wanted to use my computer and so I let him. I walked into the room a bit later when he told he that he liked my ipod! I looked over to see, and there was my black ipod. It was a fake who shocked ppl when they pressed the button! Hahaha I love it! He was the first person I really got, and I wasn’t even in the room to see it. I then grabbed it to see if Chakley could “fix” it for me too. Chakley, being the handy man that he is, grabbed it because he would never say no to a girl who needed a mans help! He pressed the button and fell to the ground! Hahahaha Always too funny! It looks pretty fake and so I had unscrewed the back and put rocks in it. It stil looks and feels a bit fake, but its better then it was. Soo fun!

We all loaded into Chakleys Land Cruiser. It was Tessa, Chakley, And Shonleigh in the back. Kurtis, Adog and I in the front. Adog and I grabbed some Goon sac wine to drink- its cheap! Yum Yum fruity Lexia! On the way down, Kurtis pulled over suddenly onto the side of the road. We looked around expecting to see a copper or something. We all gave him our blank stares, and in exchange he announced, “ did somebody ring the bell, this is your stop!” hahahahha Kurty the bus driver!! Ahha

We got to our hotel room and it was super nice! It was a mini apartment. I could easily live in a place like that! We all started drinking and talking. Ordered pizza- good bye diet for tonight- like I said, it’s a slow easing process! Afterwards, we all walked to the bar. We were only there for about 15 minutes when we left. We went back and went to bed. I don’t think anyone was in the mood to be at the bar. It was pretty late when we got there too. In the morning, I discovered that I had lost my phone and drivers license. ( Chakley eventually found my phone two days later in his car, this is still a mystery to me as I had it after being in the car, and did not go back in til the morning- when I had already discovered it missing!! The license I got about a week and a half later when Adog was looking for something in her purse and found it in the side pocket! Crazy! I don’t know why my stuff likes to run away from me soo much!

Sunday August 9th

I woke up and was in immense pain! I got my period and the cramps were not delicate! Sorry boys- but man up, it’s a natural part of life! We quickly went to see if my phone was at the bar. They let me out so I could go ask. The bar wasn’t open, so I bought a kebab. No phone! Haha I went home and I slept after popping some ibuprofen! I watched some movies and got a message from Justin on the computer.

I stayed up late listening to the party next door. Rons party. I heard him give a speech and it was all too familiar! I half expected him to start throwing bottles and steel a boat- Raging Roger if you do remember the camping trip from Boramba damn! The party did not end til about 8 am!!!!! Adog even called security when she heard a bottle being smashed in the common area! I also heard this. Crazy! Finally went to sleep!

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