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Magic Mushrooms
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dinner With The McGill's

Monday August 10th

I was up very early to drive Adog to work. Well, actually it was placement that I was driving her to. It was all the way in Nambour and to take the bus, she would have had to get up extremely early! I forgot that I lost my license and was not suppose to drive. Thank god I never got pulled over! Once I dropped her off, I had to find my way back. I did get lost going the wrong way on the motorway. I could not just turn around as there were no turn offs. I waited until there was one and made my way back. Somehow I managed to find my way home. I think more by luck then skill!

I hopped into bed. I was still pretty gloomy and cramped up. I slept for a while. When I woke up, I read my book, an actual novel. The one that Mark McGill from Airlie beach lent me. Its all about Australia and has taught me quite a bit about this country. I didn’t have placement today, because I am placed at Caboolture. For some reason, there is a public holiday on Monday August 10th. So I will have to make the time missed up. This is ok though. Lots of time. I only need ten days of actual placement. Its weird. On Mondays. But I chose to do some Tuesdays with it as well.

I finally got my ass out of bed and washed up. I then spent the day cleaning my room. It was well needed. I spent some time on the computer as well. Amanda came over and we met up with Adog too. Went to the gym. We had to speed walk to make it in time! I also almost lost $20 on the way and had to retrace my tracks to find it- then sprint to catch up! Oi! Its such a workout to go and workout! We were sweaty by time we arrived!

When I got home, I made a super good stirfry. I am pretty good! Not bragging or anything, but DAMN! I went up to my room to see if I could catch Justin when he was at work. Luckily I was able to. I told him about how I had been blue and everything about Grams. I didn’t know what to do. He pretty much told me that I would be coming back to Canada to see my Grams! As soon as he made my decision, I felt relieved. I felt soo much better knowing that I would see my grams. It doesn’t hurt that I would see my family and Justin in the process! I cried again out of relief! PMS sucks! Or whatever you want to call it when you are menstruating, rather than the Pre menstral time!

I went to bed and slept well!

Tuesday August 11th

I slept in until 1130! I hate sleeping in late like this. Adog and I went out to try and study by the pool. We were both a little emo. Didn’t get much done. We messaged Mark to see if maybe he could cheer us up. He invited us over for dinner later. His parents were going to be over and he said it would be fine. We said we would bring a salad.

This made us get up off our butts and hit the gym early! We hit up Woollys after for supplies and then home to shower and prepare. When I got home, Shonleigh and Jarrah were there studying. We discussed briefly the differences between tampons in Aus compared to what you find in Canada. In Canada, ladies will tell you that there is really only about one brand that does not come with an applicator. We have had it easy being raised with such smoooooth inserting methods! Here in Aus, it’s the opposite. Like everything is, OppOsite! They only have one brand with an applicator, and its Tampax, the cardboard type! Boo! Anyways, to make things clear again, I decided to give the Aussie ones a go. There are soo many different types! They all also come in the cutest little packages and are better for the environment as they do not have soo much garbage- the applicator! I bought some that come in these cute little tins. I may have to bring those for gifts next time! Maybe even for the boys since they come in blue!!! :P Evaluation of product: they work just as well for absorbtion, but the insertion can be messy if you are of heavy flow. I don’t know what a girl would do in a public washroom! I like my smmoooooth upbringing ways!

We quickly made the salad and Shon- best roomie ever, offered to drive us. We got to Marks house and Entered. His parents were really nice. We did some chit chat and then ate. His mom had made some sausage stew on rice. It was good, but we were trying to be vegans. I guess we could start a later day. Better to do that then to be rude. His mom actually critiqued our salad saying that we should have done this rather then this. That was just fine. I agreed, but Adog wanted it that way. Its all good. Taste fabulous anyways!

His dad is quiet and shakes slightly. I had a few conversations with him and he was pleasant. His mom is non stop- typical mom! I guess whenever she comes over to visit, she reorganizes and he cannot find anything. She knows his house inside and out! That would drive me nuts! Haahh Boys! At one point, Mark mentioned that his Fart machines remote was missing. She spent 20 minutes going through his cupboards. She didn’t find it and then next thing I notice was that she was on the floor in a Homer Simpson kind of pose. The one where he is on his side and his feet are walking in air and he is spinning in circles, screaming woop woop woop woop! Hahah that is what she looked like, but the I realized she was looking for the remote under the couch! Hahah

We chit chatted some more over a glass of wine. His mom gave me some very good tips on what I could build a shelf out of in my room. I was very excited to find ways to gain more storage! She had some very good ideas!

Shonleigh came to grab us and we drove home after saying our good byes. I talked to Justin on the computer about RUGS. We actually talked for quite awhile. Finally bed time!

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