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Magic Mushrooms
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canada Meets Brazil in Australia!

Tuesday March 31st

Early rise in the morning to a call from Stacey in Canada. Had a talk with her before I had to rush into the shower and get ready for uni. I was kind of in a meh mood during class. It was my two hour tutorial and we were talking about the grieving process with accepting your own death and all the impact it has on the family. That isnt what made me meh, but it certainly did not help.

I came home and Shon and Wooly (Jess' last name), both noticed my mood. I didnt feel like talking about it at that moment. I had an appointment that I was a little nervous for! On the way to my appointment, I started to feel better. The girls and I were dancing to music in the car. Nothing beats dancing to music in the car... well maybe swimming in the skinny beats it, but its a close second! Especially when the song goes " sush girl, close your lips, do the Hellen Keller and dance with your hips..." ahhaha I love it!

We arrived at my appointment which was at 1315. It was 1301. Sign on the door saying they were closed for lunch and did not open again until 1315- the time of my appointment. We went for a walk and looked at a gym that we are interested in joining. Apperently it is open 24/7 and its only $10/wk. Also, I would have a ride because Shon and Jess are both considering it. We will see. I workout quite a bit with out paying as it is. We then continued walking and happened upon a book store. We entered. Jess and I both love reading. I thought maybe I was just in a religious section of the store, but I quickly realized it must all be religious. I asked Jess and she seemed to realize it just as I told her. We quickly retreated and started walking back for my appointment even though it was only 1309.

There was an Op Shop right beside where I needed to be. Op Shop is what they call second hand stores here. We were stoked. I have been meaning to charm one for awhile. We entered and immediatly all three of us were finding the best things ever! Shonleigh found a little blue dress that would fit me and it was perfect! It is definitly my fave buy of the day. Cant go wrong for $3!! I also bought some large yellow and teal tea cups! They are the short but fat ones! I love them soo much! I was wanting big tea cups for awhile. I even cleared a nice spot for them to sit out and look pretty!! We also bought a pair of tongs- the ghost stole ours and still has not returned them. Grr! Shonleigh bought heaps of sweaters. Not jsut any sweaters, but the kind you would buy for an ugly sweater party!! hahahaha She loves them soo much! She bought them because she is going to New Zealand for Easter break. Its apparently cold there at a wopping 10 degrees! BABY!!

AHHH time for my appointment! Too much fun Op Shopping! I ran over to the next shop!! I told the lady my name. hmmm no Kristin found sorry. Oh sorry, what about an Arby..? hahah ahh yes here you are!! teehee oops! Its tough having two names! We walked into a room where she asked me to strip from the bottom down and lay on the padded table. She didnt leave the room and was preparing things. So I listened and undressed right there. I layed down on the table and told her I was nervous as it was my first time! She got right down to business. This all happened within two minutes. She applied the hot wax. YES, that is right! I had my very first brazilian! ( I have to note here that it was not fun growing it out for the last week as I frequent a bikini! )

She told me to relax. Right, relax. What does that mean again?? OWCH!!! HOLY MOTHER TRUCKER!!! It hurt so much it made me laugh. Not just a little giggle as I am often heard doing, but a deep throat cackle laugh! Laughing at the insanity of my choice in having this done and actually paying for it!!! ( Also, I would not get it done, but it only costs $30 bucks for a student! RIGHT ON... I think... oi!! )

RIP! She pulls another off! And another and another. The deep cackle never leaving. She even asked me to try not to tense up because it hurts more. She also asked me to try and stay a little more still. Im sure I came close to kicking her and she was just worried for her safety!! ( I dont think she makes any friends at work... and I thought she was really nice at first ha... ha : ) As she applied wax to the ... lower portions, it seemed to be hotter in temperature. Almost unbearable, but when given the choice of the hair ripping- cackle provoking, I definitly choose the burning of the wax!! I thought she was ripping the lips right off my poor little lady bits!!

It was over!!!!!!!! She sprayed me with .... something. Then applied a lotion! Why is it still stinging? I wondered. I walked out after a total of 6 minutes! She meant business and was not a force to be reckoned with! The girls smiled and looked at me. I asked them if they heard me and thye both immitaded my cackle and my OH MY GOD- OH MY GOD- OH MY GOD!!!! I was proud that I didnt swear! A little shocked actually..!

We returned to the Op Shop where we resumed our shopping, and I secretly and tenderly massaged my pubis to assure it that I still loved it. We then headed back home where Jess made us pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup! yum.

I bikinied up and grabbed my ipod, towel, text book, and a rockstar energy drink and walked over to the pool. I was feeling swollen, used, and red, but these are things you could not see with my bikini. I was tanning, listening to music, studying, and energizing with my Rockstar to keep focused. I am a multi-tasker. Oh yes I was also stretching!! I am wonder woman! I love being productive! lol

As I was studying, I kept hearing splashes in the pool. I thought someone was throwing rocks at me. I looked over to find a couple of birds, ( not at all sure what kind..), diving in and getting wet, then swooping back up. They would do it every 30 seconds or so. Silly little birds do bathe! Multi-task resume!

After the sun went down, I returned home. I then talked on the phone to Canada and Shon and I ordered pizza. Its cheap night. We picked it up and came home. Shonleigh heard some bad news. A friend of hers passed on. She was only in her 50's. She was upset about it. Jess came home and we all went for a long walk- then a jog- then Jess and I sprinted back. I thought my legs were going to give way, but I made it, huffing and puffing! I then stretched in the house and did a bit of yoga. Followed by some abdominal toning! Woooh! What a work out! Cleansed and turned on some music in my room. Jess came over after a while and braided my hair.

What a crazy day!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Forgot to mention that when we woke up on Sunday morning, Amanda informed us that someones camera had made it home with her some how. Not only this, but it had a rated R video on it. A very enthusiastic girl with a very ... excited guy. She was apparently a nusre, although she wasnt wearing much. I could tell she was a nurse by her stockings and the red cross symbol on her ... clothing, or what was there for clothing. HAHAHA I watched it twice, as did many of us! haha We returned it.

Beer Pong, Noosa, and the Move Out

Saturday march 28th

Woke up and tried to organize a plan. Jason was on his way at some point. We werent sure what we were going to do. When he arrived, Amanda, Rachel, him and I looked at a map and found that there was a hidden little destination not 5 minutes away! It was a giant maze! Yes way cool! We entered the maze with a little scavenger hunt. We made teams. Rachel and Amanda, vs Jason and I. We had to locate all the dwarfs and Snow White. It was really fun and tricky. We dound out that it had a trick in the question. We finished a good 15 min before the other two. While we were waiting for them, we walked over to the bird sanctuary. It wasnt much. Im not into birds all that much as it is. We came back and met up with the others. When we asked if they had foun all of the items, they looked at eachother. They didnt figure it out, they kind of gave up. Jason and I had figured out the trick and knew that one item wasnt in there at all. We even solved the word at the end. It was pretty fun.

After the Maze, we decided to go see a water fall. Mapleton Falls. Cute little town of Mapleton. Jason bought some exotic flowers from here and we picked up a snack. They had some cute little trinkets that I wouldnt mind going back to see. When we got to the falls, it was just a look out point to see the falls below. It was really nice, but we were un able to hike down to the falls. Im not even sure if it was possible to do on the great walk that was suppose to take about 3-4 hours. Rachel and Amanda had to be back to finish an assignment, so we did the Wompoo trail that was only about 45minutes. It was a jungle! There are some of the neatest trees I have ever seen. They start off as independant trees and all grow into one big bony piece of art! Sometimes they can even be hollow in the centre. There are vines hanging and yes we did the Tarzan and swung from vine to vine!! Ok, we didnt, but we certainly did try! Not as easy as Tarzan makes it look!!

We continued our walk and made it back to the car. When we got home, it was already about 5pm. Jason and I had a game of tennis and then we all got ready for the night activities. We beautified and left for Mooloolaba for dinner. I think this was the first time we have actually spent out for dinner. Rachel had to work and therefore could not make it. Amanda and I shared a gourmet pizza and some calamari while Jason bought wine for all of us girls! YUM!! Lucky us for having him, and lucky him for being the only guy with all of us!! hahaha

We headed to a pub and had some drinks and dancing. More of our friends, including Raging Roger who is now back and has apologized to mostly everyone, had arrived. Shortly after, we all went to Emma Mays house. She had a whole load of ppl over. We taught these Aussies how to play beer pong on the ping pong table. Also kicked there behinds with flippy cup. Lots of the ppl here at the party were actually kiwi's. It was a very good group of ppl. Amanda and I had some fun with photos on Emma May's bright red porno sheets on her bed. I still havent seen the pictures of this!! Everyone else hopped in the hot tub. Jason and I didnt feel like it so we sat just outside of it.

When we got home, the party continued outside by Erin, Bell, and Bellas place. yes I am aware they are named Bell and Bella! haha I soon after retired for the night. It was late.

Sunday March 29th

When i awoke, Jason had already been for a swim. I readied myself and we went for a bite to eat. We didnt want to fight the traffic in Mooloolaba, there was a triathalon and it was incredibly busy! There must have been thousands of bikes sitting out last night! We decided to drive and see where it takes us. It took us as far as Noosa. Noosa is suppose to be a tourist destination and now I know why. The shops there are so nice, similar to whyte ave, but newer. It has a more modern feel to it, where as Whyte Av wears an older, retro-ish look and feel. There are also soo many really neat places to eat. How to choose!

We walked down the beach part way and entered the town. We found a place to eat and placed our orders. I love how there is no tipping required here in Australia, however, I am sure there would be better service were it the norm to tip good service. I ordered a wrap with carrots, onions, avacodo, chicken and lamb taboli from the middle east. It was sooo delicious! Jason had a club sandwhich and fries.

We walked down the beach after breakfast-lunnch-dinner. It is a really long beach and both of us are interested in surfing. This was an obvious place for the surfer. The sore was littered with them. Some individuals were as good to go for 5 minutes or more. It was an ideal place. There was even a wedding comencing on the beach. We found a spot and sat for a long while watching the surfers. The sun and the ocean were just amazing. The surfers were making it look too easy!

After the sun was down, and storm clouds threatened, we decided to head home. He did have to drive back to Brissy after all! On the way home, I found the sothern cross in the sky. he southern cross is the 5 star formation found on the Australian flag. It gets dark very early here. About 6pm right now is pretty dark. When I got back, I watched a movie and went to bed. I was beat.

Monday March 30th

Woke up 0730, nice and early ready for Uni by 0845. I like to wake up really early to puts around. I sometimes get phone calls this early as well, so I like to give myself time to get ready. If not, I clean up or look at school work. When I was about to leave this morning for my lecture, I rememebered that it was cancelled. I stayed home and cleaned the house and did come laundry.

Shonleigh awoke and had promised Ebony a ride to the train station. I went along for the ride. We we got back, Jess, Amanda, Shon and I went for a run/walk. We speed walk and still work up a sweat. We did this to the photo store where I had printed up some 300 photos. Yikes! I still have more I want printed!! teehee! Then we power walked back. When we were just by our units, we decided to run the rest. This gave us a couple of advantages. 1- its excersize, 2- it makes us look like we ran the whole way with out pouring sweat! hahaha We are sneaky!

I finished some laundry and made some lunch for Jess, Shon and I. Brock was over visiting as well. After lunch I made my way to my room and did some school related activites. After a while, Yates drove me to pick up my photos. We went through them all. They had cut off some of them. :( makes me angry! I then caught up with a phone call from Canada. It was Justin. He is on his way and will be here in just three sleeps! Just in time for my two week Easter Holidays!

After this, I found out that our room mate mat had come to the conclusion that he wants to move out. He has spoken to the office and he will be moving into Rachel and Beca's place. Shonleigh and I both like lively house holds. Our friends walk in and out all day long. Mat also has friends over quite often. I thought we had an understanding of eachother. We have not been drinking and partying here like we did at first. In fact, we have been doing it where ever else we could. Mat is just a very religious boy who doesnt like swearing or drinking at all. He gets along with everyone, but I guess it was just too noisy for him. I was a little saddened by this news. For one thing, he had Shonleigh tell me. Im not sure why he couldnt tell me himself. I thought him and I were pretty open with eachother. Apparently not. It made me feel singled out that he was able to tell Shon and not me. If anything, Rachel parties a little bit more than I. Its just a quieter unit over there as our friend congregate here. It will all turn out for the best. We are trying to get Tess to move into here now. Us three blondes will have a good time!

I went to class. It was a good one. I enjoy this class. Nursing health alterations. I sit with Amy who has become my first friend from school. I have different subjects then the other girls and so I was the lone foriegn girl for a bit. lol

Came home and made a delicious Salad. I had a quick talk with Scotto about the problems we have been having. Scotto is a good person. Just a bit of a scatter brain! Scatter brain Scotto! Makes life difficult. It has been wearing on a few of us. Things are ok now, but not perfect.

Amanda and I went for a jog. Rachel went out for some coffee with a friend and Joel. I did some stretching and sit ups and then did some studying! Nice and productive day!

Beach Birthday Lies and Ghost hauntings!

Friday March 27th

Woke up early. Got ready for the beach. Amanda and I wanted to have some alone time. Her and I have become pretty close on this journey. We were at the bus stop waiting for quite some time when Lewis called. Happy Brithday Lewis. We had planned on going up to Noosa and Fraser Island this weekend with Jason, but Lewis informed us that he was having a big all day BBQ on the beach and then another BBQ later on at the village for his birthday. He even said he would be really disapointed if I didnt show up. I promised we would be there on Saturday and not miss it. We could plan for Fraser another weekend, even though I was looking forward to it. Lewis said that friday was his actual birthday but that we would be celebrating it on the Saturday. Now back to his phone call. He told me how bored he was so I invited him out to the beach. We did want some alone time, but there was no way we were leaving the Birthday boy out of it. We walked back to the village.

We were sitting and talking inside my unit when I saw someone walk into Amandas place looking for her. It was one person her, nor I, wanted to really hang out with this particular day for reasons I will not go into to. We will call this person Scotto! We quickly shut the door, grabbed our sandles and bags and jumped the fence. We ran to the corner store where I called and texted Lewis to pick us up from there. Silly us assumed Lewis had credit on his phone, he doesnt! He was also driving and there is a very strict -no mobile phone operating while driving- law here! I know this because Jason was pulled over for it the first time he met us up on the sunny coast. They give pretty hefty fines. Good thing we can use the ol' - Im Canadian and had no idea- plea! Lucky Jason. ( I rather like the word -Hefty- How fun is it to say! )

So we are waiting for Lewis when I see him drive by. I hell his name and wave my arms!! He keeps on driving. hmm now what?? Meanwhile, I get a drunken phone call from Canada. We text Shonleigh and ask her to tell Lewis to come back. Unfortunatly, Scotto had already talked with Lewis before Shonleigh could. Lewis invited Scotto to accompany us and then talked to Shon. We went back to the unit. Scotto was swimming in the pool with a friend when we returned. He wasnt coming back so we decided to leave anyways.

We got to the beach and the waves were crazy! We went into the water and they flipped us every which way. These waves this day were the most forceful I had ever been in. At one point, it had flipped me so hard, then pushed me hard into the sand. I had a red sand burn mark on my back from it. Amanda and I would be standing a couple meters apart, when a wave would hit us. Under the water we would feel eachother kicking and trying to keep control of ourselves. It some how knocked us together, but when we resurfaced, we would be far apart again. It was the weirdest thing. I dont know how Lewis did it. He seemed to be a fish in the water. We were back on shore watching him, and he litterally had his head above the wave the whole time and kind of looked salmon like!

It was soo peacful and relaxing listening to Lewis play his guitar. He had brought it out to the beach. On the back, it was covered in over a hundred signatures. On the front, it had written on it, " The Doors", and " The Clash". He also had about ten signatures on the front. He said only people who have died could sign the front. I wondered how they could sign their names if they had already deceased. Or did they sign it knowing of their impending death? Did it just work out this way? What a interesting guitar.

While Lewis played his songs, Amanda and I began to build a sand castle. This quickly turned into a hole to which we sat our bottoms in. We then covered our lower mid rumps with sand and decided to make... our own sand castles in you will on our pelvis areas. hahaha Yes there are pictures of our man pieces!! Not sure if they will be posted or not... hmm! It was alot of fun, even if people were walking by and looking!

We headed back fairly soon after another unsuccessful trial of wave dodging! This is when i stole Lewis' wallet and found out it was not in fact his Birthday!!! UGH! We had cancelled plans just fo this! Ihad made up my mind! Fraser it was!

We got back and changed and showered up. Then we attempted some beergaritas! We needed to make these with what we had. We poured fruit and wine and beer and ice- mixed it all up and it actually wasnt that bad. We only made one glass each. It was Amanda and I. We had a bunch of ppl over just chilling. We talked and chilled for a good couple of hours. We were telling eachother ghost stories.

If you remember, I believe I mentioned a girl had died in our unit a couple of years ago. This is why Mat was soo freaked out to be alone. Well, turns out it wasnt our unit, but a unit two doors down. We were discussing how the guys that live in that unit now were complaining about the washing machine turning on in the middle of the night and over flowing. We all have also been noticing small things missing here and there, for instance, our tongs and Jess's towels, and Becs cheese grater. When we were all good and spooked, we decided to hit the hay.

Shonleigh had two girls from Brisbane stay over. Ebony and Tess. They stayed in Shonleighs bed while we stayed in mine. It was about 230am. We were talking and gigling- then we were outside. Everyone was quiet and the two of us thought we would have a bit of fun! Shon suggested we throw stones at Jess' and Joels and Shonleighs windows. Pebbles- may not be a good idea. I suggested- thanks to Jason- tennis balls. We go outside. Wait, I already said we were there, we are still outside. haha Shon throws one at her window where her two friends are sleeping. I throw at Joels and then Jess'. We run and hide in Rachels door way laughing silently as hard as it is possible! Which turned out to be a pretty loud silence.

#%$^*(*&^% @ ^&*^%%$ @ *(# From both Shons window and Jess'. After a minute or two or ten, we go back and do it again. This time exculding Joels. No initial reaction means he's cut from the fun team! Jess is yelling out the window again. Thats when we start yelling things in our deep voices. Shon is yelling first and saying things like " Jessica Wooley, get out here!", and then I start in, " Come fight like a man!", and I threw in a " Cheese grater! ", just to really stir things up. Not really sure why I said it, but I thought it was funny.

Jess calls Shonleigh on her mobile. She is completly freaked out and terrified. Shon said she could hear the fear in her voice. We would have been more sympathetic and given ourselves up hadn't Jess said in the most terrified voice, that they were yelling cheese grater! We were holding back the laughter as much as possible. I threw another ball while Shon was on the phone. haha By this time we had crept to the open again, but under Jess' window so she could not see us. Ebony and Tess saw us at this point but I motioned for them to keep quiet about our stelth mode! They silently agreed. Jess was looking out the window across from them and asking if they could see anyone. They said no. Jess insisted that they could see us because she could see our shadows. We started making funny shadows at this time. Then we ran out and revealed ourselves. It was tooo funny. Jess swore and went to bed.

When we arrived back in my room, we had no blankets. Ebony and Tess hid them on us!! The pranksters become the prankees!! Luckily I found them in a pile in the washroom. Time for bed! What a wonderful room mate I have.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekly Happenings

Sunday March 22nd

Woke up after a nice sleep in again. What a relaxed weekend. I studied. Still working away on the ECG asssignment. The girls went to the library to work on it. I stayed in my room. I was starting to nod off so I went to the store to buy a rockstar! YUM! On my way there, I recieved a call from Canada. This call lasted two hours and forty five minutes. On my mobile. Someone is going to have a very large bill!!!

During this time, Shonleigh had arrived home. I went and talked with her for a while intil she had to go to work. Amanda, Nicko, and I went for another jog. Then I showered and made my delicious salad again.

Really not an exciting day, I really should leave days like this out.

Monday March 23rd

Went to Uni. Lecture was boring as per usual. Health, Society, and Culture. I dont mind it though. Came home and hung out. I have to admitt, there is some excitment going on here. Not a good kind, but not really bad either. Just childish drama. Females. No I am not involved, but I cannot get into it. lets just say that one person is driving alot of us insane. There is a boy involved, but its not a triangle. The person is driving us crazy for reasons that do and do not involve the boy. That is all I can say. haha

Between classes, Amanda and I walked to the grocery store and the bank. I had to figure some stuff out with internet banking and such. Then we went into Flight Centre to look at flights for Thailand. We had been planning a trip for about 10 days during the Easter holidays. My dad is going to be there as well and I would get to meet his Wife and her kids. After looking at flights and seeing our options, we decided that we wouldnt go due to lack of planning. Justin is flying out here on the 2nd for two and a half weeks. He would have to jump back on a plane to fly to Thailand again. Plus he is allergic to nuts and sesame seeds and probably wouldnt live after being exposed to Thai food. Also, flights were not as cheap as we thought they were. I am sure if we had planned long ago, we could have found better deals. We decided to call it off. We have only been here for 5 weeks, there is lots to see here is Aus. Thailand can wait. It would have been nice to see my dad though. Maybe it he is still there in September or something. Went grocery shopping and came home.

Went to my after noon tutorials. I really like my Nursing Alterations class. My tutor is soo cute. She is a small blonde woman. She is a Kiwi too! ( that is what they call ppl from New Zealand- I never knew this. I always thought it was derogatory, but its not! ) She makes class more fun. Rachel and Amanda had missed their Patho class, so they joined me for mine.

When I came home, Shonleigh had gone to work. I made myself some grub and watched a bit of tv. Jess came over and I was craving cookies so badly. All the stores close so early here too. We decided to go visit Shonleigh at her work. She works in a coffee shop called Gloria Jeans Coffee. I got a Tim Tam milk shake- to die for! They are just sooo good. I am hooked. Good thing they are all the way in Mooloolaba!

Amanda joined us for the ride. We had a good talk and then walked on the beach for a bit. Amanda and I are getting along really well. I am glad that she is here with me. We went home and Shon was home shortly after me. We talked on my bed for a bit and both went to bed. ( its hard to say what days I stay up late on the phone. my late nights work out to your early mornings, and I get alot of phone calls. Lucky me! )

Tuesday March 24th

Class in the morning. The tutorial for Health, Society, and Culture. Came home. Ate a yummy sandwhich and then hopped in with Jess. She was going to the Plaza and I round up my Canadian posse and off we went. I needed to go and talk with the bank because I had forgotten my pin at the grocery store the day before andhad to use my Canadian Visa becuase they lock you out after three tries. UGH! So Did my banking, and visited Jess. She was having major phone issues! Rachel and I decided to bus it to Fridays, the bar. Rachel has a job here and is trying to get me one. I had totally forgotten that Jono worked here. He is one of the guys I went camping with the first time.

He gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek when he saw me. He started setting Rachel up with her job and informed me that he didnt have any position available right now but that he had me on the top of the list. Jono is a super nice guy. We hung out for a bit and he made us a drink and had the chef make us hot dogs. ( they were actual hot dogs!! How good were they!! Mouth watering!! ) Jono gave me another big hug and kiss and off we were.

Rachel and I had a good chat and went for a walk on the warf while waiting for Xanthy and Jess to pick us up. We hopped in and headed home. Once home, I just hung out and did the things that one does at home. I talked on the phone for a while as well. When Shon got home from work, I had finsihed the dishes, and Jess was over as well. We had a really good chat well I looked for snack food. I recieved a phone call from Miss Stacey Hewitt and we had a blast on the phone until 2 am! I really dont get much sleep here. Its weird. I always tell myself I will nap, but it just never happens and I dont feel tired all that much! Nice!!

Wednesday March 25th

Got up early and readied myself for the day. I went for a walk/ jog with Jess and Shon. I quickly ate some wheatbix when I got home and off I went to Uni. Amanda and Rachel joined me. Today was Respiratory problems. Woot woo... cough hack hack hack... oot! hahah JK ! Im soo funny!

After class, I went to get a new student ID card. I had thought mine was stolen when I left my wallet at the bar on St. Patties day. ( someone turned it in before I knew it was lost. I didnt even have to freak out about losing it!! ) After this I had a meeting with a lady to see about giving me credit for my course. She said she would see what she could do.

I came home, Shonleigh and I went out to buy USB keys. We wanted to get some pictures printed up. This took the rest of the afternoon. ( going through photos and picking what I wanted printed.)

I then checked my email and found out that I did get credit for that course. This made me sooo happy. Now I do not have to do clinical placement in July. I am thinking about going to Thailand then. Dad will still be there I think and then we have more time to be there. It works our perfectly. I now have every second friday free which gives me a extra long weekend because I dont have classes on thursdays!! haha SAAAWEET!

Went for a walk with Lewis and his girlfriend Erin and Amanda. We went to the little lake over here to take some photos. Lewis said he would teach me a bit about photography. It was really fun. On the way back, there were some kangaroos and he took pics of them with us two in the back ground!! I cannot wait to see these pictures!

Thursday March 26th

Went to bed late so I didnt wake up early enough to do the walk with Shon and Jess. They went at 0700 and I thought they were insane, especially because I didnt have class. I got ready and went to Uni. I met up with Amy and her friend to go over our assignment. Amy had asked for my help so I offered to go over it with her. Gary, another fellow in my classes also asked for my help with it and i agreed to meet up with him. I had us all meet together and we had a study group of 4. It was prefect. We spent a couple hours going over ECG's and determining what they were asking of us. Then we went our seperate ways. I headed to the library to write my assignment up on the comps and print them. I then handed it in even though it wasnt due until the following day. I headed up to see my Love Deb Hardy who has been a goddess in helping us Canadians with course credits and all that. I just had some stuff to sign for the course I recieved credit for. I handed in my assignment and headed home.

It was thursday and I did not have class Friday!! Wicked cool! The girls wanted to go out. So, naturally we convinced the guys to come out with us. Luckily, Brock wasnt drinking, and I think he has a thing for Amanda, so he didnt mind driving at all! Got all dolled up and headed to Buderim Tavern. It was pretty dead in there. However, it was my favorite part of the night. We were drinking beer with orange juice. The price was right. It was karokee night. YAY!! There must have only been 7 other ppl there that night. I think I am counting the staff and the ppl hosting the kareokee. There was a group of 8 of us I believe. Us Canadian girls decided to get up on stage and sing "Just Dance" by Lady Ga Ga. Turns out we dont really know the words after all. ahhaha It was pretty bad. Fun, but bad! When we finished I thanked the crowd for coming to the gong show! :P

Rachel and I thought it would be a good idea to get up on stage and sing "Baby got Back " by Sir Mix Alot. haha turned out we did know all the words! Since we were well practiced at the vocals, we gave it all we had! We were shakin our butts and puting on quite the show! If you dont know the song, you should listen to it. Then imagine what we looked like on stage! I will try to post some pics! I wish we had a video! It was probably the best show of the night.

We all got into it singing songs here and there. Time to switch it up and go to Woombye. Brock had to make two different car loads. Rachel, JJ, and I went first. We got in within 10 minutes and found our other friends. By the time the others came, they were not letting anyone else in. So Brock took them into Mooloolaba to 240V. He came and got us and we arrived shortly after. I dont know why everyone goes to Woombye. Its all soo sweaty and not my scene. 240V is a bit of an older crowd. I like it. They also serve slushy low alcohol content drinks for cheap. They have free uni shuttle buses leaving frequently and its no cover charge.

We danced up a storm here. Brock eventually took a load of ppl home. It was Amanda, JJ, Cam, and I left. As we walked out of the club, we saw a huge cat fight on the street. One girl was covered in blood. She seemed alright, just drunk. Amanda and I decided to get kebebs, which are the same as donairs. I like the ones at home better, but maybe I need to find a better venue. We came home and I went to bed. What a fun night.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Noisy Cars, Ghosts, and Mimes!

Thursday 19th

Every morning I wake up to the sound of a very loud red beetle starting up- running for a minute- then driving away!! NICKO YOUR CAR IS SOOO LOUD!! This is why I am awake at 0730 most days! Even on Thursday, my no school day! He lives two suites away from me , and the parking spot is usually just outside my window! GRR!! :P

Today we were suppose to have breakfast out by the pool. Suppose to use the rest of the meat from camping. I was told to be out there at 0830. When I went out there, no one was there. I didnt wait around. I just came back in. I started to do some studying while waiting for someone to tell me what was going on with breakfast! An hour and some passed and I decided to just make myself some food instead.

I finished writing my resemes and actually got alot of stuff done just in my room. It was about noon thirty and I looked out my window and there was Lewis and Nicko. Lewis?? He was one of the organizers of breakfast! I yelled out to him and asked why no one was there. He told me it was cancelled and he didnt have my number. They were on there way to the Plaza and to do some running around. I decided to go with them as I had a couple of things to do as well.

I hopped in and asked why breakfast was cancelled. Lewis told me that only 5 people were going to make it. I asked him if that was because Rachel and Amanda had class earlier then they thought and that they couldnt make it. He said " Ok, well, there was only going to be three of us..." haha Then I went on to tell him that out of the three only one showed up because nobody told her!! haha It was kind of funny. Good thing it was here in the village and I didnt have to go anywhere far!

We happened to get lost in Kawana when we were looking for the voting building. Nicko and Lewis both had to work on the weekend and so they were going to vote eary. Its a federal election and it is mandatory to vote is Aus. After driving in circles and cirlces for what seemed like an hour, we finally found it. ( after asking a couple for directions. The guy had no clue but his wfie knew exaclty where to direct us!! lol) We went in so the boys could vote. They didnt ask for ID or anything. They kept asking me if I was ready to vote. I thought about it. Wasnt in the mood and I really didnt know any of the platforms. haha Besides, Im not really Australian. ( that would be the main reason....) Lewis used to live here in my unit a couple of years ago. He is now in the army and living with his mom when he is not away with the army. He still gets mail here. He gets more mail then I do!! ( this means you guys are not sending me enough letters!!) When they were voting, he used my address because it was still in the system! lol

We did some more running around. While Nicko was getting a hair cut, Lewis and I had a very interesting conversation. It was funny to compare thoughts on the perspectives of males and females and relationships.

We came back to town and Nicko, Rachel, Amanda, and I played some tennis. Rachel met up with Bec. While The other three of us were out for an hour jog/ workout, a guy came to the door to see Rachel. It was the guy who drove her and Amanda home from the bar on tuesday. He happened to work at that bar as well. Rachel had to practically kick him out that night. Anyways, when she answered the door, he passed her a small box. She opened it to find a mobile phone and charger. ( wrapped in tissue paper!) He had given her a phone with $20 worth of credit. He said the ball was in her court and the next move was hers. Then he walked away. WHAT!?!?!? We couldnt believe she got a phone randomly like that.

When I got home, Matt, ( my roomy) was sitting in the living room. He went on to tell me that he has never been so scared in his life. I guess the other day he was walking to the bathroom and when he passed Shonleighs door it opened up. She was sleeping but woke up when the dorr opened. She saw Matt standing there and they were both a bit freaked out. He explained to her that it just opened. He closed the door and she went back to sleep. Later I had knocked on the door and she told me to come in. I went to open it but it was locked. She opened it for me and told me about how it opened when Matt walked by and that she was sure she had locked it the night before. She was now confused how it was locked after all of that. We brushed it off. Then Lewis informed Shonleigh that one of these units burned down a couple of years ago and a girl had died in here. He thought it might have been our unit. Shon came home and told poor Matt this. ( She told me too, but it didnt scare me in any way. I know not to believe this Lewis character! haha ) Shonleigh went to Brissy on Thurs and it was just Matt and I. This is why when I came back from jogging he was soo scared. He says he doesnt believe in ghosts but that scary things have been happening. He doesnt like to be home alone now and he freaks himself out continuously. haha I just thought it was funny. Poor guy!!

This was the first night I made my calamari salad. Yum Yum! It is soo good. I had it the last three nights in a row for dinner and I will most likly again tonight. ( plus we dont have much for food) haha

Friday 20th

Woke up early and went to my two lab classes. We were doing ECG's. I still feel like my one class is a waste of time... oh well. I learned that one of my assignments were due at 5pm today. I hadnt even touched it. It is a CD that we take home and install. It has alot of practice math questions. When we feel ready we can take the test. We have three chances to get %100. I hadnt started or looked at anything because last week they extended the date saying that there was a problem with it. I was waiting for them to give me the green light and to say they were now working. Oh well. I got home from class at 2 pm and began to practice. Fractions, decimals, percentages... all the things in math that you forget but were tricky! UGH!! I was having a tough time and Matt was helping me. He was even getting alot wrong too! He had to leave to go to Brissy. I was left alone and not doing well on the pracitce questions at all! ( I was even on the easy setting...) There wasnt much time and it had to be in by 5pm. I decided I will just try it. I had three chances right??

I opened it up and began! ... Wait a minute... this is what I have been learning and using for the last 4-5 years. This is really easy. Its just medication calculations. Theres only 30 questions. Oh wow! Im done! Its 410pm and I am already done! That was too easy. That took me 15 min only! PHeeeoof!

Amanda and I went for a jog. It was a very rainy day and we went in a time when there happened to be no rain. It was an extremly wet jogging trail and we felt like we were in a video game. Dodging toads left, right, and centre! There must have been at least 50 on this one short span of trail! No, I know what you are thinking, but I just cant get enough courage to try to lick a toad! lol Im no Homer Simpson! haha

After our jog, I showered and made my special salad again. Then the other Canadian Amanda Long, cam over and the four of us nursing students started to work out our assignment for patho. Theirs is due on monday where as mine is due on Friday. We worked on that for a couple of hours. After that, Bec and Amanda were over and we watched Centre Stage. Good movie that I havent seen in years. I really miss dance!

I went upstairs to go to bed. It was pretty late, but I still went to check facebook, because like you, I am an addict! To my pleasure, my sister and her two kiddies were online. ( and Mark, but hes not nearly as exciting as Ethan and Ryleigh!!) I was able to have a video conversation with them. It made me cry!! It was soo nice to see them. They are and were the thing that made me consider not coming to Aus in the first place!! They are so young and I didnt want to miss out! It was soo nice to see them. They were both happy to see me too, it looked like it anyways. Ethan was asking me to send more pictures through the computer. haha I told him I couldnt do that and that he would have to wait for the mail man to come in a couple of weeks!! haha Ryleigh was blowing me little kisses. What a little angel!

Saturday 21st

Woke up at noon! I was soo tired and I didnt seem to hear Nicko's car for once!

Rachel, Amanda, and I went to go play tennis. Jesse ( a guy, not to be confused with Jess)was out and he played with us. Another guy joined in. His name is Grahm. Really nice guy. Him and I continued to play while the others played basketball. Then the girls went in and I went by the pool and chatted about the up coming weeks with Jess. She was studying by the pool!

I went inside and made myself a plate of tuna melts. Jess made us all a cookie. It was more like a cake, but yummy all the same! It was Rachel, Amanda, Jess, Jessica, Bec, and I all sitting around. We were talking about Kids, boys, and all that good stuff. We watched americas funniest home videos and then I came home. I started to do some ECG homework when Amanda came over. She was a bit grumpy because she is confused about her homework. ( theirs is due Monday and so they are much more stressed than I am) We went for a jog to clear our minds. Jess joined us. We went for a 20 min jog and a 10 min walk. It was very good.

Rachel was out with the guy who gave her the mobile phone. They were at Fridays, the night club. They actually hired her and she started to work that night. ( she said she hated it though because the guy was telling everyone that she was his girlfriend. She was making it very clear to him and everybody that this was not so. I only learned this the next day. They had given her a bartending position and she had never done anything like this before. She didnt know how to make most drinks not to mention that they are all different here in Aus then in Canada. She's trying to get me a job there as well, and maybe it will be better if there is two of us! )

Amanda, Jess and I met back at my houe all fresh and clean. I made my salad and bec joined us. We started to watch a movie but paused it to apply some face masks. There was only three packets, so we 4 shared. we used all three colours on our faces. Blue, yellow, and pink! We were kind of funny looking, kind of like mimes! This inspired a photo shoot in my living room! haha Pictures are pretty funny! We are silly silly girls! We washed our faces and returned to the movie. ( Taken) then is was down to Amanda, and I and we began to watch Momento. What a good movie! Amanda fell asleep and went home. I went to bed soon after the movie as well.

It was a good de-tox weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Forgotten Unforgettables!

So a couple things I forgot to mention. tehee... oops!

When we were camping, Saturday night, I was holding the light up for Chef Alex when we heard screaming. I rushed over to find Beca freaking out! She was going to the lou and walked through a huge HUGE spider web. She said she had even felt the spider on her but that it fell off with all the limb flinging! I went to help and had to try and pick off all the web fro her hair. It was hard to do. Her hair was coated in web. Not just web, but web covered in tiny little green flys. About the size of fruit flys. This spider was probably pissed because it lost out on soo much food! Thank god nothing else happened to her. She was pretty shaken after this incident!! As I would also be!!

On a happier note, St. Patties day, while we were out buying Amanda's present, I spontaneously walked into a shop and paid $35 for someone to put a needle through my tummy! I GOT MY NAVEL PIERCED!!! At home this would cost at least $80! The amount I paid included the jewelery! ( Kelsey, if you come here, I will take you to get yours done... but dont tell your parents!! lol) I promise I wont Mandy... * As Arby looks from side to side in a shady manner...*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amanda's Green Birthday

March 17th

Happy St. Patricks Day! Not nearly as big here as it is in Canada. I did not hear one Aussie say anything about green beer!

Happy Birthday Amanda! Amanda turned 23. For her Birthday, Jess, Rachel, and I went to buy a swim suit that Amanda has been eyeing for some time now. We even got her two, it was a two for one dealski! They have the Aussie Flag on them. I love them and I cannot wait til I can get one too!

Of course I went to class first! I thought I would mention this so you guys know I am actually concentrating on my studies and not just partying all the time! :)

When I came home, I prepared my potato bake. Then I helped Rachel and Amanda make home made perogies since they do not have any here! After wards, I rushed around trying to get ready. Shonleigh curled my hair with the streightner and I put together an out fit making sure I was wearing some green! I also braided shonleighs hair.

We had a potluck at my place. Aussies never use the term potluck and they seemed to really like it. Brock even stated " what a good idea!! We should do this more often!!" The boys were really cute about it. Brock and Ben brought a cake that they made themselves! Although we didnt actually get to eat the cake and it seemed to disappear! hmmm... Some of the Pom's made a jelly bean cake... it was questionable, but sweet all the more! Shon and Jess made extremely Green cupcakes with a dark green icing. I over heard some of the girls talking the next day about how their poo's were the same green colour! haha Good thing I dont like sweets that much!

We had a pretty good turn out. Even Jason the Canadian came up for the night from Brisbane, He came bearing gifts! I now have on my wall down stairs, and Alberta, and a Saskatchewan flag. Woot woot. He also brought a Canadian frisbee, and Kraft Dinner! The real kind. They dont have that here either. Just mac n cheese. YUGH! I am really glad he came because if it werent for him, I would have cooked the perogies and potato bake all alone, and done dishes alone as well! i am truly the mom around here.

Jason saw that I had some plastic cups and he got a bunch of us together and we played flippy cup! Soo much fun. I think my team only lost twice! So we drank and we were marry. We headed to the Warf. It was a really good time. I think I spent most of the time with Jason. We called Stacey again! I think she really enjoyed it! I always enjoy calling my Rockstar and it feels nice to know someone who knows stacey or someone close to me. Brings me back to home!

We cabbed it home and went to bed.

Wed March 18th

Drank lots and lots of water and headed to Uni. It wasnt an early class. All three of us Canadians made it though. Good thing they were just lectures. Definitly would not have gone out if it wasnt Amanda's Brithday! hahah

Nothing special happened. I did alot of reading in my room and wrote a letter to my Auntie.

I do want to write a late entry. During the slip n slide, Lewis was hilarious!! We would be standing and talking. All of the sudden something would touch my leg and we would all look down at Lewis is a full out fish/ dolphin impersonation!! Arms at side and flopping around puckering his lips! He would even flop his tail up and down! When I say tail, I of course mean feet in tail shape! hahahaha One of the best moments from camping. I really wish I had a video of that. I will have to get him to re-enact it for me! Funny Funny stuff!

Wind Shield Wipers Apparently Dont Work as Signal Lights!

Monday March 16th

Not too much hapened. Mondays are my busiest day at school. Also the day I usually udate my blog. I did talk to Stacey on the phone. Im glad to see that her and I can talk with the same enthusiasm now as we did when we saw each other everyday! :)

After my class from 5-7pm, Mat Chakley came over and we made Sangria's. We had to go and get supplies from Woolies. He let me drive his truck there again. Soo much fun! This time I had to take the traffic circles and I nearly killed us! Ok, not nearly, not really at all! But it is a stick shift and I used the wipers to signal. There was just soo much going on and I couldnt shift and signal and turn in the correct lane all at the same time! I dont blame him for not letting me drive back! Even though its soo close! lol

By time we got back to my place, it was pouring! Amanda and Rachel came in soaked! So Yates, Mat and I joined them and we started running around in the rain! We came in soaked after only two minutes!! We began making the sangria! It had to sit in the fridge over night so the fruit could soak in the alcohol of the wine a tequila! Hmm I cant wait!

We watched a bit of Tv after and then I went to bed.

Raging Roger and the C U Next Tuesday's

March 14th

I hope I did not keep you on edge too long. It has been busy here.

Saturday morning, woke up and drank lots of water! Had a delicious breakfast thanks to Alex the chef! YUM YUM! Did some reading from my text. Yes I am a nerd! I brought my text AND actually used it! Im just hoping what I read will be retained in my brain! :)

We spent the day playing in the water on the jet skiis, swimming, and tubing. I even went wake boarding. I was up everytime, but then down quickly! haha Its tough. I need practice and maybe a wake board that stays on my feet. That might help!

Back up for a tasty chicken wing lunch and potatos and onions! We lazed around for a bit around the fire. Then Nicko and Lewis decided to do a yowii impersonation. They went down to the shore and covered themselves in the weeds. Ewww gross! I cannot stand touching weeds in the water. I always strategically go out with someone on the jet skiis or use the tube or something, anything to get over the weeds untouched! These two were covered head to toe in them! They were walking like zombies and were hugging the girls. I was trying to keep my distance, however, Nicko seemed to notice and he grabbed me. Carried me unwillingly into the water where he dunked me and covered me in weeds as well! EWWWW! YUGH!!! He even stuffed some down my shorts! :( It gives me the heeby jeebies!

Obviously went and played in the water more after this! Did lots of fun things on the Jet skiis as well. I kept my shorts on because I figured out that if I didnt, I would slep right off the jet ski. Who knew bums didnt have any grip? We also took the boat out and were playing on it too. It wasnt running or anything. We were just jumping off of it. I pushed Lewis in while he was sticking his butt out and it turned the whole boat! I guess its a -had to be there moment- but I thought I would mention it anyways! haha

The guy who had planned this trip is the one who owns the boat. I am going to change his name because the things I will say are not in any way making him look good. True, but not good. for the sake of blogging, we will call him Raging Roger. Raging Roger planned this trip about a month or so ago. He had all his best pals come from as far as the gold coast. This trip was planned for his birthday. This is info you will need to know for later in the blog.

We had the boat out and were playing. Raging Roger was up at the campsite helping with lunch. We, including Raging Roger, were having a really good time so far. However, Raging Roger started screaming at the top of his lungs when he saw that the boat was out and we were on it. He was getting mad a Nicko, his room mate. He thought that Nicko had taken it out when it was really Joel. ( who also happens to be his room mate). This amount of rage for something so small was a shock. Joel took the boat back and talked to Raging Roger, who apologized.

We were relaxing and I decided to go for a walk. Lewis joined me and we found a little creek behind our campsite. We hiked up this creek and talked about photography and such. Hes an interesting guy. He is in the army and learned how to speak Indonesian in Uni. He is also one of the funniest guys I have met since being here! The guy cracks me up! We found some little pools in the creek. The water and leaves at the bottom were so pristine! So beautiful and calm. I wanted to take some pics, but we didnt have the camera with us. We were going to come back the next day.

We were gone for quite awhile and when we got back, everyone was out swimming. I went to join them. I guess while I was gone, the girls had seen a Goanna right by the campsite. They were feeding it eggs. I was a bit sad I missed it. It was up close. Shucks! I went swimming with Bec, Amanda, and Nicko. All four of us were on the tube. If one of us moved, we would all fall! We kicked our legs and made it all the way to the other side of our small bay. It doesnt sound like much, but it was hard work and it took a long time. Once we got over there, we decided to just jump in and swim back! haha I kept close to the tube so I could make it back to shore with out touching those weeds again! GRR! The water was like glass and the sun was setting. It was gorgeous!

I changed my clothes and 6 more people arrived. We were all around the fire and making jokes and having a good time. Alex, Raging Rogers best friend, brought out a bottle of Champagne. He made a toast to Raging Roger and passed it around. Everyone said something extremely nice about Raging Roger and passed it on. At the end when Raging Roger was passed the bottle, he thanked everyone for coming and said how much this weekend meant to him and that he was soo happy to have us all there. I personally had said during my turn that Raging Roger was one of my favorite people that I had met so far on my trip.

We started socially drinking and made some mustard, cheese and chips sandwhiches for a snack. As the night went on, the music got louder and we decided to have a dance party! We moved the stereo to the tarped area. We had a tarp on the ground and all the tents opening towards it. We also had a tarp up above. Thanks to Nicko and I. I had him on my shoulders tying ropes all around! Good team work! Ford had also brought a laser light just like they have at the bars. It began as dance party and some how changed to a naughty bits party. It was guys against girls, like always. I was wearing my bikini, so I was game. haha I also wasnt going to say anything until someone pointed out that it was my turn. I tried to go unnoticed! lol Like that would happen! Soon we were all wearing bras and panties, or bikini's like me. Amanda wasnt wearing Panties, so Raging Roger borrowed her some of his undies. I wanted a pair too and he gave me a pair of army patterned ones. This was perfect since my bikini was also army patterned. After dancing half naked, someone started pouring dish soap and cooking oil all over everyone and the ground tarp! Then Chef Alex started puoring the water to make it really slippery! It turned from dance party, to half naked dance party, to slip n slide dance party!! haha Fords tent had a big tarp at the top of the slope so we started sliding from there and went down the lenghth of the tarp! IT was sooo much fun, but you could feel every stick twig and rock! The next day we all compared brusies. I dont think I had it as bad as anyone else. I learned quickly to just lay on others that were flinging themselves down the slide! haha Suckers!

We were all soaked with dish soap and cooking oil. It just made sense to run down to the lake to wash off and swim. Up to this point, the night had been sooo fun! Even swimming was alot of fun. It felt like we had done soo much already, however, when Amanda and I looked at the time, we realized it was only midnight. We got changed again and I helped Chef Alex cook some food. We had huge steaks that were bigger than a dinner plate. Chef Alex cut each steak into four normal- large pieces of steak. We also had some Hot dogs, which are like long breakfast sausages. They dont have good hot dogs here. Its sad. We also had hambergers. Here they eat the beef patties plain and they call them something else. Rossers or something. They were my favorite thing though. It was sooo good. The girls and I were wondering were all the veggies were?? We were soo happy to eat some the next day at home! haha

After dinner, everyone was starting to go to their tents and sleep. I joined Bec and Nikco who were on my blanket by the fire. I wanted to sleep under the stars. Bec eventually went to her tent. It was Bella, Bell, Chef Alex, Alex, Nicko, and I who were still out. ( even though I was trying to sleep). Oh and Raging Roger of course. Raging Roger began to ask where his cigarrettes were. he couldnt find his two packs. Then he couldnt seem to find his two bottles of Vodka. People were offering him their smokes and telling him that they would be found in the morning. We are sure he had finished his vodkas over the last two nights, which is crazy too. He started yelling at us and calling us in appropriate names like C U Next Tuesday's. We were all thiefs and he couldnt trust any of us! We all tried calming him down and soothing him, but it just made it worse. He thought we were all against him. He began smashing everything around him and breaking flash lights on the table. He threw a bottle by mine and Nicko's heads. He was out of control. We couldnt do anything about it. People were scared to leave their tents. Raging Roger then packed up his belongings and his tent and was threatening to leave us all here and take his baot. Nicko snuk down to the boat and hid the gas tank. This made Raging Roger rage even more! He was saying things like " this weekend was suppose to be a good bye". His best friend Alex tried talking to him but Raging Roger would just cus and hit things. At about 5 am, Nicko and him almost got into a fight. Ragin Roger took a couple of swings at Nicko but missed. This is when Raging Roger took the boat and paddled away using the oars. We had tried using the oars earlier and knew that they were not easy to use. They have these rubber things on them that yeild them from rowing smoothly. We all went to bed, happy with having him away. I was worried a bit about him because I am sure with the anger he had, that he was severly drunk and maybe he had taken a pill as well. We didnt have any water left and I was scared that Raging Roger would crash or fall in the water or pass out somewhere where we couldnt find him. So many things could have happened. I took it as it was and went to a tent to sleep for a while. There is no way he would make it back to the cars. It would take him too long and he was going in circles at one point. haha

When I woke up, we all packed everything up. The guys had taken the jet skiis and found that he made it around the bay to another shore. He had picked a spot where the trees were hiding him and the boat. Lewis said he was in stealth mode when he recovered the boat. Raging Roger must have been thinking we would come around. He had the rope going under bushes and under his arm. Luckily he was soo passed out that Lewis was able to take the boat. We began making trips of cargo back to the cars. The boat is soo slow that it takes about 20 min to make a trip of stuff to the cars and 15 min back to the campsite with no load. Amanda, Bec, Rachel, and I were the first ones back to the cars. We had seen Raging Rogers body passed out on the shore behind the trees. It was nice that the girls and I were able to leave. We drove to Gympie to see Bec's parents and drop off the tent. We then ate at subway where Bec works. YUM veggies! Then on wards home!

I guess after we left, Joel was driving the boat when another boat approched him. There was Raging Roger. He had flagged down a boat with a family on it. He had told them that some one had stolen his boat. Now remember, Raging Roger is still in his ginch! lol When Joel saw him, he said " Oh hi Raging Roger, we thought you went home?" The family looked at Raging Roger and knew that something was not right with his story. Raging Roger and Joel returned to the campsite where they continued to load things up. Raging Roger started raging again and throwing things into the water. The boys took control and Ragin Roger realized he didnt have a choice. They were able to get the camp site completly cleaned up and every thing back to the cars. When they came back, Raging Roger packed all his things up and moved out of Joel and Nicko's. He had made the drive home alone. I guess he had lots to think about. He had not at this point apologized to anyone. When he moved out, he had left a note each for Nicko and Joel saying sorry, and that he needed to leave to figure things out. He also admitted that he knew he had a problem and that he knows he needs help for it. He also gave his motor bike to Joel and his TV to Beca. Away he went.

When we got home, we just took it easy. Chef Alex still had all the food and set up a BBQ later that night on the beach at Mooloolaba. It was delicious and we all got caught up on the latest Raging Roger gossip. I came home and watched a movie in my room.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Firday March 13th

Went to class at 1000. It was my lab again. Every friday. This is the class that is also my practical placement. I dont start that in the hospital until July. Which sucks because it is my break. It really sucks because Amanda and Rachel dont have to do it and will be out and about exploring and discovering on their break! :( What makes it even worse, if it wasnt bad already, is the fact that what we learn in this class is all Medication administration! I have been doing this for 3.5 years. I feel like I could teach the class. The only differences is the names of meds and things like Vital Signs, they call Obs. For observations. I can learn those anytime. It wont make a huge difference in my work. After class I sent off an email to see if I can some how gain credit for it. It would save me time, bordom and money.

When I got home before I could send my emial, Nicko, Ford, and Joel were itching to go camping. They were just waiting for me. The other girls had rides with other people. I had half packed already, but found all my clothes stuffed in a bag in my room when I got there. Anoying. I had to take them out and repack! Nicko had ordered Shonleigh to shove my stuff in there. haha Just made them wait a little longer! Geez boys!

To my surprise, when I finally was done rushing, we still had to go to Woolys and the liquor store and a couple of other places! Why could the boys not do this while waiting for me! They had all morning! GRR!! haha The ride down to Boromba Dam was very nice. We stopped at Nicko's dads place to pick up a few things. When we finally got to the dam, it was just the 4 of us and we had the two jet ski's. We didnt camp in the camp ground. We camped out across the lake. Yes we noticed the "no camping" signs... but we are Canadian ( some of us anyways) and we dont know the rules here!! lol We jet skiied around the lake looking for a good camping spot for about 17 ppl. We went to one bank, were Nicko and Joel went onto land. They had scared a baby Crocodile up into a tree! I was on the other Jet Ski with Ford! I was soo excited and freaked out about it! I was screaming about how there was this Croc and then asking if its ok to swim! If only you could imagine the kind of excitment I had! Croc and platipus were the only things really Australian I had left on my list!! Nicko and Joel had to go into the water to clear the weeds to get on their jet ski. This freaked me out a little since there was a croc right there!!

We eventually found a spot and went back to the truck to get a small load so we could start setting up. About a half hour after seeing the croc, I was standing by the car. I still couldnt believe I saw one and so I said, " wow, I cannot believe I saw a Croc!!! " The boys alll started laughing! Turns out it was just a big lizzard called a Goanna! UGH!!! They fooled me! An older guy heard our story and replied, " oh you dont have to worry about any crocs here my dear, all the bull sharks ate them!!" hahahah Obviously joking! At least I will swim now and not worry about being eaten! haha

Nicko and I set up camp while the other two brought stuff over. Jet skiis dont hold alot of cargo, so it was alot of small trips! Finally some other came, Rachel and Beca. Joel and Ford waited on the other side for Ron and the rest. Rachel, Beca, Nicko, and I began to drink and collect fire wood.

Nicko and I had set up a sweet camp! We had hung a large tarp up in the trees and then layed one down to walk on underneath. All the tents were set up like a village around the ground tarp. The fire was in the open far from trees and growth. Not too too far from the tents area.

Finally, Ron and the Rest came with the boat. The baot carried large amounts of cargo, which was needed for the amount of ppl we had. It was Rachel, Beca, Nicko, Joel, Ford ( who is a Kiwi.. cool), Ron, Amanda, Alex the Chef, and Lewis. It was a really good crew of us.

Ron had planned this entire three night weekend. He had been planning for a month. His birthday is Monday and everyone was going to be coming home monday. Plans changed as you will read in my next post. OOOh the suspense! So this trip was a birthday camp out for Ron.

After we made trip after trip lugging cargo up the hill to the campsite, we all drank by the fire. Lewis has a very nice camera, I want one! He was taking the coolest pictures! Him and I were drinking Goons. Its wine from a box. The next morning, my white shirt was.... not soo white. haha It was pink. It was really neat looking though. I was hoping it would stay like that when I washed it. I thought it would, red wine does stain! When I washed it, all the red turned grey. Now it just looks dirty. I told Lewis, we will have to have a re-do! haha Pictures turned out great. I have to wait to get some copies to post. Lewis also had everyone convinced that his name is Lewis Micheal Micheals. hahaha I knew this wasnt the case because I get his mail. He used to live in this unit in Matts room a couple of years ago.

It was a very fun night. Sleeping on the ground was not soo soft, but its managable! It was Saturday night when all the excitment came about! Anticipation! I cannot write about it now. I have spent too much time already and must go for a swim! Its hot!! All the nasty weather from the cyclone is past! We had fabulous weather for camping! :)

Oppistie Isn't Soo Bad

Today I worked on my assignment after class. I handed it in at the Uni and online. Tuesdays are good. Only one class and I spend it working on my assignment for that class. Easy peasy!!

I went to a camping store called Anaconda with Nicko and Bell. Mom and Kev, you would love this store! I bought another converter so I can plug my hard drive it. YAY!! I really just went for the drive. Nicko was preparing for this weekends camping trip. We stopped at Kawana mall afterwards. I found some nice cow boy hats! Woot Woot! I will have to go back and buy one! I miss country! I miss my boots!

Later on, Amanda and Mat Chalkley and I watched Fight Club downstairs in my suite. I had my comp set up. It was a good time. I really like that movie. Makes me want to start a fight club... but I'd wuss out! tehee

On the way back from Woolies, ( grocery store- WoolsWorth), Mat let me drive his truck. Its a stick and its all oppisite from home! It really wasnt so bad. I mean, it was a little weird, but it was night and I had alot of fun! I cannot wait to go at 'er again! :)

By the time Mat left, Jess and Shon came home and we had some apple pie with "custard" not pudding even though it was clearly just pudding! lol They explained to me that pudding was hot and almost like a cake... weird!

Sliced and Diced Fingers Anyone?

Wednesday March 11th

Wednesdays are good days. These are the days I have my patho lectures. Rachel was a little late for class and only sat with us for the last hour of it. She was dropping her Canadian friends off at the airport. Amanda and I were having such a good time learning about Red Blood Cells. Im not being sarcastic even a little bit!

After lecture, I met with my patho group to discuss our assignment. Things are going well there too. My group is three girls including me. We seem to be getting a good head start on our project.

After first class, I came home and was planning on having a nap. I watched a movie. The song " if I had a Million Dollars" by the Bare Naked Ladies came on. I started singing it and became extremly hyperactive. I barged into Shonleighs room where her and Jess were having conversation!! I kept singing and bouncing all over. They looked at me like I was on drugs! They had never heard of the song and thought I was crazy for singing about a monkey! " If I had a million dollars, I'd buy you a monkey, havent you always wanted a monkey??" I would sing the last part of monkey in a high pitch! babahahahha I then was on my way to class where I basically bounced in my seat and drew pictures. I had no attention span at all! Good thing it was only an hour! haha

At home, Shonleigh and I went to the grocery store accompanied by Nicko and Joel. We were getting some grub for a mini BBQ at our place. We made steak and potato bake, with ceasar salad. Shon and Jess like there steaks well done. BLEH! I like mine mooing! hahah No, not really. Just medium rare! Like anyone with taste buds! lol

Afterwards, the girls ( all of us except Bec who was at work... :( ...) and I had a bonding night. We all went in a circle and described our personalities and then everyone put their thoughts on what they thought the person was like in two words. We also spent alot of time picking out little traits or habbits that we do all the time. For me, one person pointed out that I bob my head every time I sing. One person pointed it out, and immediatly they all agreed and we were roaring with laughter! haha I have never noticed before ever! I tried holding my head still while singing after this and it turns out to be impossible! hmmm... We had such a good time pointing out our funny querks and summing us up in two words. It was very interesting especially since we havent known eachother for all that long.

WHile I was making patato bake, ( before the girls talk ), I had sliced my finger nail with the potato piller!! It was my left middle finger. The nail didnt come off but was peeled underneath on the top third. I was going to rip it off, but someone suggested I superglue it. I ran over to Nicko's, he seems to have everything, and he helped me glue it. It seemed to work. I was able to finish cooking without bleeding on everything. ( and no, my blood and finger nail did not get into the food...) I had put the lid on the glue, but didnt realize it was leaking. We threw it away, but not before Emma May got some on her dress. Oops.

During the night, everytime I moved, the nail would catch and pull! It really hurt, so I ended up pulling it off in the morning anyways. Ouch!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy Canadians!!!

Ugh I just wrote a whole post and then deleted it!!! GRR!

Friday March 6th

Nothing too exciting happened. I had class, came home and cleaned up Cheese!! Did you know that they dont have any orange cheese here in Aus. It is a dye. The cheddar cheese here is white! Weird...

Firday night I just took it easy. Watched a movie with everyone at my place. Did some readings and to bed early.

Saturday March 7th

Went to Mooloolaba beach with Nicko, Rachel, and Amanda. Had some fun playing in the water, then Nicko went to work. Us girls stayed and met up with Jason, the friend I met up with in Brissy who is from Lloydminster. He had brought his friend Frank who is from Taber, Alberta. It was a nice treat to hang out with Canadians. I can notice our accent more now. I really like it. There are alot of things I like about our culture and there are things I like about the Aussie culture too. We played in the water for awhile. These boys have both been here longer then 10 months. They dont come up to the Sunny coast all that often though. They are not soo close to the beach as we are. It was a treat for them as well.

We decided to go back to my house where the boys treated us to a home made steak dinner with spuds, corn on the cob, and pasta salad. It was sooo delicious and also the first steak I have had in a very long time. ( uni students cannot afford such delicousies) After the BBQ and drinking beer and orange juice, we thought it appropriate to play Century. The rules are, you must drink one shot of beer every minute until consuming 100 shots! Not very smart to play after filling our bellies with food and beer. Rachel had beer that was only 2.5% that she mistakenly bought not looking at the % value. We didnt want to get stupid drunk so it was good that we had this. As we hit 20, Amanda started missing every third shot. By time we were at 30, we all agreed to stop at 50. Thank GOD because our tummies were full and we were all burping- GROSS! If it wasnt for being soo full and burping, Im sure we could have made a full century and not just the half. The alcohol was not the deterrant! Thinking about it makes me burp! lol

After this we played more drinking games. Being my mothers daughter, I talked us Canadians into skinny dipping down to the far, more secluded pool. We all jumped out of our clothes, and when we re- emerged from our rooms, we all had Aussie Flag towels!! AWESOME! We had to jump the fence as the gate was locked at 9pm. We brought beer and cameras and had ourselves a very satisfying swim! Because I love photography, and everyone had some liquid courage, I had us all pose leaning up against the side of the pool so that the camera snaped a shot of all our bums! I love the pic but NO, it will never be posted anywhere! hahaha

We were busted by some Aussie friends while swimming around. OOps! Jess stayed to be photographer. We were out in the middle of the apartments, and I had us all moon the camera with our Flag towels. We did alot of silly pictures and I will post a few when I get them. Only the appropriate ones I assure you! haha. No one needs to see 5 white Canadian bums! We all seemed to go to sleep soon after our late night swim.

March Sun, 8th

I reckon Jason had the worst of it in the morning as he barley ate our eeg special scrambler us girls concocted. I thought it was very tasty! Played some tennis on the court as the boys had brought equipment. SO much fun. I havent played since grade 10, and I was horrible then. I obviously learned some coordination since. YAY!

Went swimming and then the boys were gone by 2pm. I went for a nap and then studied a bit. Later on I watched " The Mighty Boosh" with Nicko and Jessica, ( Amanda and Jess's other room mate)

Monday March 9th

School was busy, but not Canada busy. It is pretty slack here. Weather was raining and windy. It is coming from the "cyclone" that is a couple hours north of us. It was said it might hit us, but now they are grading it a "3" and no longer a "5". They call them cyclones and say that hurricanes are an American term. Matt is happy because the waves are soo big even though there is a warning not to swim. Surfers are out there like crazy! Its nice to be able to wear pants for once. And a t-shirt. It was getting a little repettitive with my outfits! Tanks and shorts, tanks and shorts!!

Had a break between my classes. I talked to my best gal Stacey. It was soo nice to hear from her! Its amazing how much her and I can talk. I love it! Now I feel like the 18 yr old girl with all the gossip! hahaha No we are not as bad as 18 yr olds!

I was feeling a little down today and wasnt sure if it was the weather, or if I was homesick or what. Maybe PMS?? Could be. I would bet on the home sick. I was actually a little bit glad the weather was gloomy, it reflected my mood. Only lightly gloomy though. :) I felt better after talking to Stacey!

Went to my last class and watched a movie on Cancer. It was extremely accurate and sad. I was happy the lights were out as I had tears streaming down my face! It was a good reminder that patients with cancer are humans and not objects or work. I think nurses and Doctors need this reminder every once in awhile.

Came home and talked with the girls a bit. Went grocery shopping. Then read a bit and off to bed for me!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Did you know there is a place in New Zealand that is called "Why kick a moo cow"?

There is a place called Why kick a moo cow. Just spelled differently. Nicko was telling me this when I laughed at the name Didillillalah or something.

Monday March 2nd

Decided to go to Brisbane after class with Shonleigh. It was her dads birthday and she was going for the night. I also didnt have class the next day, what a good opportunity to get out and see a little more of Brissy.

Shonleigh and I had a good talk all the way down. We didnt even listen to music once. When we got there, her mom, Jenny, had made such a delicious meal. It was Lamb chops, yams and taters, corn and peas, and broccoli. Sooo good. It was also really good to have a home cooked meal. ( not that I dont feed myself well, its just always different when a mom does it!!)

Shonleighs parents place is very nice. It is 20 min out of Brissy. Had a few glasses of wine with Shon's mom and talked about bugs and such. Also had a long convo with Shon and her rents about how she wants to live in the US for 6 months to study. It was kind of funny. Her mom is all for it and thinks she should experience life as much as she can, where as her dad is scared and spent an hour trying to tell us why it was such a bad idea. He said it is scary to go to America. Then I told him about how my sister made a FB group of all the reasons why I shouldnt come to Australia. I also told him that my family has to deal with me being gone for two years in a country that is known for its spiders, sharks, jelly fish, boxing kangaroos, crocodiles, and much much more! Lets just say, he didnt really have much to argue with, but still held his ground. lol

March 3rd

Woke up the next day and went to the mall. Shon and I were looking for a second hand store but couldnt find one. I was hoping to find some dresses for cheap, or even some shorts. Maybe next time. I met up with Staceys friend Jason who is also Canadian. He is here working and has been for about a year and a half. He is a really nice guy and lives in Brissy. I will probably be seeing more of him from time to time. He says he knows alot of Canadians and they all seem to group together. I think it just makes them feel like they are not singled out. Being a foriegner can some times alienate a person. I dont find it hard to deal with because Rachel and Amanda are here with me. I also like being in a different culture and experiencing it all the way they do.

We ate at a place called "Sushi Train". It was delicious. You sit in a booth and int he centre is where the chefs make the dishes. They then put it on a revolving track that goes around the entire food preparation area, conviently to all the booths. You get to choose what you want to eat. The prices are according to the colours of the plates. It was soo tasty and I cant wait to go back.

March 4rth

Wednesday wasnt too exciting. Classes. Classes. Just a couple of lectures. Both I had with Amanda and Rachel. On my way home, there was a whole group of Roos!! Two hopped on the road right past us!! Only about a metre and a half away!! It was so awesome! I cant even explain how fascinating they are! Nicko was amazed at how amazed us Canadians get when we see them. They are considered pests here and they eat them too. Shonleigh's dad was telling me that they are the only country that eats there coat of arms.

Just hung out with thr group after and I did some readings too.

March 5th- Woombye night

Gong show! I didnt have class today. I spent the morning reading my text book and taking notes like the good studious girl I am. Then I joined Nicko and Josh for a ride into Brissy. Nicko needed to pick up his car as he had some work done to it. Its an old VW bug. He calls it "Blue" even though it is clearly red. Someone get this guy some glasses! We were going to go to Kangaroo point and climb, ( well they were going to climb and I was going to watch, it was suppose to be really difficult and I wanted to see some Roo's. Later, to my disapointment, I found out there arent any roo's there. Grr!!) We didnt end up going to Kangaroo point due to "peak hours", or as we call it " rush hour". Josh went his own way and Nicko took me to a water fall. It is the same one he took Rachel and Amanda to on Monday when I had class.

It is really nice driving through the country side. It makes me miss home a little bit. Its not too different from our country is, except that they have tropical tree's, tropical bugs and birds, its not flat, and its freaking hot! hahaha ok maybe not so much like ours after all. It does carry the same smell, and they do have little farms and cows and horses. Anyways, we hiked through some farm land, down some bush, across lots of rocks following the creek, and then boom. Water fall. They have all been so nice so far. I cant even pick a favorite. It was getting dark by this time. We went for a little swim, and I even went on the rope. ( It was really scary!! ) By time we left it was pretty dark. The hike back to the car was about 10 min and there were stars out by time we got there.

When we got home, the party was already in full swing in my back yard. Everyone was there. I wasnt going to participate in the Woombye nights anymore, but even Amanda and Rachel were dressed to impress. They all were having so much fun. Next thing I knew, I was showered and dolled up with drink in hand. I was only going to have a few and not stay out late because I had a 1000 class the next day. Matt C also had to work early and promised me a ride home early. That would have been if we had made it out to the bar in the first place!

By this time, the couches were in the back yard. Someone had broke a bottle. Rachel stepped on a piece of glass and there was blood everywhere. The guys were pretty drunk, as 18 yr olds are, and they all wanted to call an ambulance. Luckily, there were three nurses there to talk some sense into these silly little boys. The funny part was, when she first started bleeding everywhere, there was an english guy there and he ripped off his shirt, litterally superman style off with the shirt method!!! he had tried to use it a a tournaque. (spelling? )

Being a country girl, I started playing country music in my room. Next thing we knew, Amanda and I are teaching these boys how to two-step!! Dance party in Arby's room!! The night went on and I believe we were all in bed by midnight. Thank god! When I awoke this morning, there was grated cheese all over my floor! The couches were still outside, and my house was full of beer bottles. I had to go to class so I left Shonleigh a note. To my luck, it was clean when I got home this afternoon! Phe-ooof!

March 6th

Went to class feeling like a million ..... pesos! hahaha In other words, I would have loved to sleep a little longer. My first class is painful. Its med a admin lab. I have been doing all of these things for three and a half years. I could teach the class. Repettitive and boring. Especially since all the ppl in the class are soo scared and ask every little detail. Im soo happy I have the experience already. My peers are so nervous about everything. My mood was lightened in the next class. I had a lab and we actually used our own blood and got to count white blood cells under a micro scope. Very interesting. I am learning alot in my patho class and I am loving it. It will be my most difficult class, but I know I will do the best in it because it interests me! Yay for knowledge and stimulation!!

When I got home I did the dishes and went for a nap. Pretty sure it will be an easy night. An easy weekend actually. Im too old for this! haha Just kidding! Off to go and study, or watch a movie.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventure is my Life

Friday 27th

Had class until noon today. Everyone seemed to think I had class until 5 pm. Ppl were freaking out about it because we were to go camping and did not want to leave too late. Mat drove his truck and was accompanied by Shonleigh, Yates, and Pom (English bloke who's name is really Daniel, but everyone calls him Pommey because that is the slang for English people here. lol). Us Canaidians went with Jack in his truck. ( Jack is newly single as of this week. He lives here in the village and is attending Uni as well. He broke up with his gf and is having a hard time with it because he is living with her here in the village!!! Poor guy)

The four of us decided to leave early as we had to pass through Gypmie, yes Gympie, where Jack grew up. We needed to pick up a tent and an eskie (cooloer). It took about an hour to arrive to Jacks home. We did a quick grocery shop and then headed towards his farm house where we discovered there was construction on the bridge. We would have had to go all the way to the other side of town, but Jack decided we should 4 by 4 it through his neighbors cattle pasture! It was soo much fun and it made me remember home a little bit. ( The cows are basically the same here. Not skinny like the ones in Thailand, or was that Mexico... hmm)

After leaving Jacks place, we went onward towards Double Island! It was getting dark quick. We had a text saying the other were already there and that they had taken the other route. We were shocked that they beat us there since we left quite a bit earlier.

Amanda was sitting in the passenger side and all of the sudden a huge bird-owl-bat hit her window. We all screamed and started laughing. WTF was that!!! It was huge and grey-black. It forced the mirror to close into the window completely. Everyone was well awake after that! haha

We then entered a small trail that was about 45min in duration. It was 4 by 4 vehicles only and two way traffic. It was dark and there was only one lane. I felt like an ant who is at the bottom of a moss patch. The trees were so dense it felt like a jungle. Looking up, you could barley make out the sky. The trees were tropical and vine covered! It was wicked cool.

We finally reached the beach. The stars were amazing. The sky was full. It was hard to look ahead when I just wanted to look up the whole time. Driving on the beach like this was different. It was 4 by 4ing for sure. There were other things we had to take into account. All road rules apply. It was dark. We didnt have any cell or mobile reception. We didnt know where the other were camped out. We couldnt camp anywhere without a permit and it was too late now to get one. We had a time limit as the tide was coming in and we would not have been able to drive during high tide. To make matters even worse, we were almost on empty. We spent two hours driving back and forth looking for this campsite. We finally found one but it wasnt the right one. We stopped at the showers to use a pay phone. There was a lady here and we asked her some questions. She offered us to stay with her tonight at her camp site and even said that we could sleep in her tent. She just had to use the shower. I changed my clothes and the girls went into the washrooms with her to use the biffy. When I came into the bathroom, Amanda was soo freaked out she was whispering to me and telling me to go GO GO!! We all left the washroom while Karly ( I think her name is) was showering. We were outside and Amanda was telling me how Karly was saying things like, I hope my guy friend isnt too much for you guys to handle. He can come on a bit too strong sometimes. I guess she was being just weird in general. We didnt really have a choice as were to go and sleep. We went back into the bathroom. ( I had to pee! )

We then followed Karly and her friend back to the beach and to their campsite. We then attempted to set up the tent. Pulling out all the peices, we discovered that Jack had not packed the right supplies. What he had brought was a tent like outhouse with poles, and the tent. No tent poles!!! AHHH!! We were able to some how set our tent up by tying rope from a tree and holding up the top of the tent. karly was helping us alot. She was saying weird things like " I help you now and you can help me later. I will let you know what that is later!" It was freaking us right out. ( maybe we would not have been so freaked out had we not told psycho murder stories the whole ride up on the windy 4 by 4 trail!! ) If that wasnt freaky enough, he friend who was about 45-50 yrs old was non stop talking. He seemed to be quite upset that us Canadians didnt know about American literature, or a specific Cidy Loper song, or the acient ways of some tribe and their knowledge of stars and space ships. He was also going on about how the sunshine coast is the serial killer capital of the world!! He would also talk about how he would get more women if he kept his mouth shut and just used his hands!!! This is all in about 20 min!! Meanwhile, we have our makeshift tent set up and Karly is trying to get us to drink. While she was helping us set up the tent, she was telling us how she had major back surgery and her legs were sore all the time and walking, sitting and all daily things were difficult. She then proceeded to show us her colostomy bag and fistula patch. We were all kind of- extremely freaked out, so we denied the offer to drink by there fire and had a quick snack and retired to the tent! The only light we had was my tinkerbell key chain light, and my solar powered LCD keychain light. The lights that everyone made fun of me for even bringing camping!! ( here they call flashlights torches!)

Thank god we had these lights. It was our only source. In the tent, the four of us were cramped rigth together. There was a pole in Jacks face. ( not too sure why there was a pole there, but it was... haha) We were all freaked out and kept thinking that the guy was going to come over with an axe or something. Rachel was the most scared. Jack got too hot in the tent and went inside the truck to sleep. The rest of us eventually fell asleep. It was about 1030pm. At midnight, we all woke up to Rachel screaming about something with her head out the tent. The neighbors car sped off. At this point, Rachel could not take it anymore and joined Jack on the truck. I slept soo peacfully after this.

We then woke up early and packed up in about 15min. Their car was still gone, but their tent was still there. I still have no idea what had happened to them. We never saw them again!

Feb 28th

We drove to the other side of the island. It didnt take too long, but we did find reception. We contacted Jess, who had gotten texts from Shonleigh who was freaking out that we hadnt shown up. Eventually, (two hours) Mat, Shonleigh, and Dan in his own truck showed up. We went for a swim to the sandy island. We could see dolphins close by. Straight across from us quite aways was Fraser Island. It was a hot hot day. Shonleigh did not join us in the water as she is scared to go into the ocean. Weird I am aware!

We stayed for a couple of hours. Mat was nice enough to bring Jack some deisel. We now went to the campsite that we so badly wanted to see last night!

Our camp site was a good 30min drive on the beach. We then set up our tent. Poles and everything!!! We had found them on the ground that morning!! UGH!!

We went swimming and had a blast. The ranger came by and informed us that this was a national park and that we needed a permit. I was under the impression that we had already had one. However, we didnt. So we then went for a drive to go get one. We went to thr road that the other party had come in on. HIGHWAY!! ahahah I still am happy we were on the windy one! The beach is soo long that if you were to drive the whole length of it, it would take a good hour and forty five min to complete. We obtained our permit and returned.

When we returned, Rachel and Amanda were teaching these Aussies sociables. We all joined in and had a blast. There were even truth and dare cards. One dare being that Yates had to run down to the beach wearing a bikini, that I was more then happy to lend! I do have good photographic evidence! While I was sitting on the ground, I had noticed something move fromt he side of me. SNAKE!! I jumped up immediatly and yelled snake. It was a small black snake. It slithered from behind me to the side and away on its merry little way. He didnt care about us at all, even if we had all jumped up and were screaming. Yes this does include the guys!! Apparently, black snakes are very poisonous. Now all I have left to see is a croc and platypus! I have seen the spiders, kangaroos, koalas, and now a snake!

We played inthe ocean alot. It soo nice! Later, Shon, Mat, Pom and I went to go to the ferry to pick up Brock and Jess who had to work on sat and so they came late. We returned to our campsite and it was late. We started to drink and play other games. Us Canadian girls decided it would be a good idea to go skinny dipping! Some of the others joined in. It was soo refreshing! Not only was it refreshing once, but we did it twice!! After the first time, Amanda thought I was on crack when I was talking about the sparkles or light flashes in the water. In the ocean, there is a bacteria or chemical or something that makes flashes of light when it is splashed around. She certainly believed me the second time and everyone thought it was so cool. When getting out of the water, we discovered someone had taken our clothes! Instead of standing around naked looking for them with the torches around like the others, I snuck behind and grabbed my towel!! ahha It didnt take me long to find my clothes after that. Sneaky Mat!

I ended up sleeping on the beach. I didnt make it back to our tent at all. This may have been a good thing. Sounds like there was about 4 or 5 already in there. I was on a blanket on the sand by the fire under the stars. Dan stayed with me because I was freaked out about a snake. haha There is a picture of us passed out. ahah Im soo happy I slept under those beautiful stars!

Sunday March 1st

Woke up very early, extremely tired and thirsty. Downed gallons of water and we all packed up and made our way to the point. On the way, we stopped at Red Canyon. The earth is so red here, its beautiful. That is how I knew we were over Australia on aour way here. It was all red. Climbing up sand is no easy task. What a work out. I am becoming pretty fit down here. We never stop to rest. Its always go go go!

Jack ended up leaving early. This is a good thing since he was almost out of fuel again. We hopped into Dans truck. Arrived at the point and had alot of fun. The water is actually warm but refreshing. Tastes gross like you wouldnt believe, but worth it. Is not even stinging my eyes like it used to. I must be getting used to it. We had chicken fights in the water, and played in the waves. We climbed up the rocks too. These ones are more jagged than Flin Flon rocks. The rocks in the water were very sharp and Jess, Rachel and I all were cut. Nothing too serious though. There are two funny videos. I will try to post them on FB soon. I will also post my own pics that I have fixed up from the other girls cameras. That way you can see them from my FB page. We played pass and then went on our way home.

We did not take the windy road this time. We took the way with the highway, and the ferry across. Very short ferry ride. It was one of the hottest days I have ever had in my life. I love it! Nobody was in a mood to do anything for the rest of the day. It was a very fun weekend. Ended by looking out my window and seeing kangaroos!